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Danny Koker Wife

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Danny Koker is a mutitalented man. He has pitched his tent in almost all the entertainment industry sectors. Koker is a renowned reality television personality, musician, and businessman. He also owns an automobile company known as Count Kustoms. Apart from being a very good auto dealer, he is also the frontman of a rock band, count 77. The Count 77 band is an exotic band that has released some evergreen tracks like Slow ride and Shout it out loud.

Danny Koker
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In addition to all his personal ventures, Koker is also a family man. He has a lovely wife and adorable children who are barely in the spotlight like him. Thus In this article, salient details like Danny Koker’s wife, children, his net worth, health condition, and a lot more will be discussed. So, kindly read till the end. 

Facts About Danny Koker

  • Real/Full name: Danial Nicholas Koker II 
  • Nickname: Danny the count Koker
  • Date Of Birth: 5th January 1964 
  • Zodiac sign: Capricorn 
  • Birthplace: Cleveland, Ohio, USA
  • Age: 58 years as of 2022 
  • Career: TV personality, musician, producer, mechanic, and entrepreneur 
  • Nationality: American Father: Mary  Nicholas Koker I
  • Father: Daniel Nicholas Koker I 
  • Brothers:  Milford, Dotty Marks, and Peter 
  • Sisters: Mary, Becky, and Bess Basa
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight 
  • Marital status: Married 
  • Spouse: Korie Koker 
  • Height: 6 feet 2 inches 
  • Weight: 82 Kilograms 
  • Eye color: Black 
  • Hair color: Black 
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Education: unknown
  • Career: TV personality, musician, producer, mechanic, and entrepreneur
  • Danny Koker Net Worth: $13 million  

The Early Life Of Danny Koker

Danny Koker’s birth name is Daniel Nicholas Koker II. He was born on 5th January 1964 in Cleveland, Ohio, USA. Danny grew up with his parents, Daniel Nicholas Koker I and  Mary Koker. His father, Daniel Nicholas Koker I was a music comper.

He composed songs for some high-profile bands like The Koker Family singers, Weatherford Quartet, Foggy River Boys, and The Rex Humbard Family. In addition to his music composing career, he was also the Cathedral Quartet’s baritone vocalist/pianist. Danny’s father worked at Ford Motors for a while when he was eight years old. During that period, he gifted Danny a car. 

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How Old Is Danny Koker in 2022?

Danny Koker is currently 58 years old in 2022. He celebrated his birthday on the 5th of January. Danny was born on the 5th of January, 1964. 

What Is Danny Koker’s Nationality, Ethnicity, And Religion?  

Danny Koker is an American national, while his ethnicity is white.  Moreso, he is from a Christian background. 

Danny Koker Career Timeline

Koker’s career began when he started appearing on his dad’s Channel 33’s Saturday Fright at the Movies show in 1990. He was the Count Cool Rider but didn’t get enough recognition. It was not until after his appearance on the Rick Harrison family’s Pawn Stars show in 2010 that he came to the spotlight fully. 

Danny Koker
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His appearance on the  History Channel’s show after selling a 1968 Mustang Fastback to Harrison also gave him some level of publicity. Afterward, he kickstarted his acting career. Danny has then featured in some interesting series, like The Eagle. He started the Count’s 77 show and the Count’s Kustom as a hobby in no time.  The Counts ‘77 is one of the best auto customization shops worldwide. They are adept in paint jobs, upholstery, frame build-ups, and the like. 

What Is Danny Koker’s Net Worth?

Danny Koker’s net worth is quite the price.  He has multiple income streams, and he sure puts in the work for every penny.  Some of his income streams include; 

The Count’s Kustoms restoration shop in Las Vegas, an auto repair shop, The Counting Cars tv series, The Rio All-Suite Hotel, The Count’s Vamp’d Rock Bar & Grill, a rock band, a music recording studio, and a tattoo parlor. 

However, a major booster for Danny Koker’s net worth is The Counting Cars TV series.  He makes approximately $100k per episode recorded and a total of $1.6million from the show annually.  So, as of 2022, Danny Koker’s net worth is approximately $13million.

Danny Koker’s House

Danny has a very enviable house. The house is made of five building that looks like an anthill. It has a showroom and merchandise store, the Count’s Kustoms’ restoration shop, a filming studio, and other investments. Though Danny Koker’s house is off-limits, the filming and production of the Counting Cars show are done in its environs.  Moreso, Danny Koker’s house is one of the largest estates in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

Danny Koker’s Cars

Danny Koker car
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koker’s love for cars was greatly influenced by his father. When he was eight years old, his father bought him a white 1966 Mustang GT with blue stripes, which he still drives today. And ever since then, he dived deeper into auto-mobiles which promoted him to take a special liking to luxury cars in the early 1970s.

So, it isn’t even a surprise that he owns a total of 58 cars and over 70 motorcycles.  Although he has a very special liking for the 1972 Lamborghini Miura SV. but is yet to acquire it.  Some of his luxury cars include;  a 1973 Buick Riviera, a 1965 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham, a 1979 Chevrolet Camaro Z28, a 1972 Chevrolet Monte Carlo, 1970 Coronet,  and 1962 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia, amongst others.

Who Is Danny Koker’s Wife?

Danny  Kokers wife is Korie Fera. The duo dated for almost 10 years before they eventually got married at an exotic private wedding ceremony in 2015. Danny Koker’s wife is his co-founder. Together, the couple founded the Count’s Vamp’d Rock Bar & Grill in Las Vegas. Danny Koker’s wife is the business entertainment director. She is in charge of the business’s day-to-day operations, like managing employees, booking, and a lot more.

Danny Koker Wife
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Who Are Danny Kokers Children?

Danny and his wife Korie have been together for 17 years, yet there is no news about their kids. Perhaps they are careful and secretive like most celebrities. Hence the reason for hiding their children’s identities.  Although, some outlets are of the opinion that Danny and Korie have two children together. A boy named Danny Jr Koker and a girl named Kim Koker. 

What Is Danny Kokers Health Condition In 2022

Apart from the rumors that Danny Koker’s wife had died from cancer, there were also rumors about his death. Fortunately, he is alive and well. However, the shared names and uncanny resemblance between him and his late father spiked the rumors. When his father died on 17th February 2008.  Danny’s fans were thrown into a panic until he came out to clear the air. He made it known that his father had passed and not him as he was well and alive. 

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Danny Koker’s Body Statistics

Koker stands at 6feets 2inches with a bodyweight of 82 kilograms. He has black hair and a pair of black eyes. 


Danny Koker’s cars and house are very exotic. As a matter of fact, they are a testament to Danny Koker’s net worth, which is on a never-ending surge.

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