May 24, 2024
alpo martinez wife

When someone notorious for a crime like Alpo Martinez or famous someone dies, there is usually laser focus on such person’s family. This is why news about who Alpo Martinez wife is, is all over the place. People are curious as to how she was comfortable with the drugs crimes of her husband. Could she be an accomplice? Well, there is no evidence to support that claim. However, for years, Alpo Martinez became one of the most fearsome drug dealers in the history of drug dealing in the United States. So when his death was announced, the drugs enforcement unit must have heaved a sigh of relief.

alpo martinez wife
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In this article, you will get to see everything about the life of Alpo Martinez. Who his family is, the murders he was involved in, and his child or children are some of the information you will receive about the notorious drug dealer. Some drug dealers have been able to evade the prying eyes of the authority and somehow have found a way of becoming a lynchpin in the redistribution, not drugs in the country. This is who Alpo Martinez is. What role did Alpo Martinez wife play in all of these? Was she even involved? Did she feel remorseful after the death of her husband? Where is she now? These are questions we provided answers to here in this article.

Who is Alpo Martinez? 

Alpo Martinez was born Alberto Geddis Martinez on June 8, 1966, in the United States of America. Alpo started drugs as early as the late 1970s, and before the mid-1980s, he was a kingpin. This wouldn’t have been possible if he didn’t extend his drug trafficking base to the US capital, Washington DC. His drug business skyrocketed, and he became a wanted criminal. How he got into drug trafficking remains a mystery, but he was initiated into the illegal business when he was only a teenager. 

Martinez grew and expanded his drug empire, and in no time, he became the hottest drug kingpin in the country. For years, he evaded arrest before he was finally caught and charged with 14 counts of murder. Other information about the drug kingpin is not available. Information like who his parents were, education, and whatnots are all hidden from the public.

alpo martinez wife
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Who is Alpo Martinez Wife?

Several reports have confirmed that Alpo was married, but he never showed or revealed his wife. Perhaps, it could be that he was trying to protect her. The thing with drug kingpins is they are always looking over their shoulders. Their atrocities always haunt them, and they are wary and suspicious of anything that does not look like it. Again, this level of suspicion could be the reason why Alpo hasn’t revealed the name or the picture of his wife. In essence, we do not know who Alpo Martinez wife is, and there is no assurance of her revealing herself in the nearest future. Why is this so? Read on to find out. 

Alpo Martinez’s Arrest

Alpo was arrested in 2015 and was charged with 14 counts of murder and drug trafficking. He was then sentenced to 35 years in prison. The notorious drug dealer was evasive to the police, and it finally took strategic planning to arrest him. Interestingly, according to multiple sources, Alpo Martinez’s wife was with him when he was arrested. When he was charged to court, sources say she was with him during all his trials before his imprisonment. 

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Does Alpo Martinez Have Children?

The drug kingpin likely has children since it is no news that he has a wife. However, the thing with people like him is they are very secretive people, and allowing the media’s peering eyes into his family may make him vulnerable to his rivals. For instance, the families of drug warlords are usually kept secret from people because, as a rule, they don’t allow their families to get unnecessary exposure. They know that they are liable to be attacked at any given time; hence, they make it an obligation to protect their families.

Does Alpo Martinez have children? First, there is Randy Harvey, who has been identified as the son of Alpo Martinez. He is an artist and goes by the stage name Popperazzi Po. Harvey also runs a record label, O3GMG. 

Who Killed Alpo Martinez? 

Alpo Martinez was killed on October 31, 2021. Notorious criminals face the possibility of being killed at any time. You may wonder what Alpo Martinez is doing outside after his incarceration. The truth is, Alpo gained limited freedom because he would cooperate with the authority in tracking down his other partners in the drug crime business.

Unfortunately, he was gunned down while driving a Dodge Ram near Frederick Douglass Boulevard on West 147th street. He was shot multiple times in his arm, jaw, chest. The drug dealer didn’t survive the shots. From investigations, it is said that it was a pure assassination scheme. To date, his assailants have not been recognized. Some quarters believe that he was murdered by his rivals, who felt threatened that he might rattle them out to the police. 

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What was Alpo Martinez’s Net Worth?

Sources say that before he died in 2021, Martinez was worth a whopping $1 million. Of course we know where he got all that money from. Drug kings usually have more than enough money to throw around and for Alpo Martinez, the case is not different. Though their money is dirty, they somehow still find a way to launder it and circulate clean money. The net worth of Martinez is concluded from his properties and the assets he had when alive.

alpo martinez wife
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The identity of Alpo Martinez wife remains shrouded in secrecy. Although she intends to show her face as time goes or for her safety, she would rather not reveal herself. Either way, she must be heartbroken by the death of her husband.