July 22, 2024
Youssef Khater

Meet Youssef Khater, a conman on the run. A series of shows on streaming platforms depict humans’ moral decadence. Some of these shows are fictional, but it should not surprise you when you find out that many of these shows typify real-life events. One of these shows that explains how humans spoil in crimes is Netflix’s Worst Roommate Ever. This show shows how people who live together perpetuate evil on the other person for reasons best known to them.

One man that stands out in one of the episodes of this show is Youssef Khater. Where is Youssef Khater now? The man is known for his several crimes, which he committed with utmost dexterity. Let’s dive into the story of one of the smartest con artists. 

Youssef Khater
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While Youssef Khater is a chronic criminal, he is also a murderer. He was willing to go to any length to see that his crimes, including killing, do not see the light of the day. Khater also has a name that goes with him, “Marathon Man.” The best explanation is that he is always on the run. Incredibly, some of his evils and crimes have seen the light of the day, but he has not been arrested yet.

The only reason is that the man is intelligent enough to know when to run after a crime. Seeing that he has enough money from the crimes he has perpetuated, it is easy for him to escape to any country of his choice. 

Why Did Youssef Khater Almost Kill Quinn?

The question was asked of Khater why he wanted to kill Callie Quinn. Let’s put this in context. Quinn is quite close to Khater and was exposed to the crimes of Khater. Left to Callie, she wanted to tell Khater. On finding out the intent of Callie, Khater resorted to hitting, beating, and almost killing her. The simple reason was that Quinn threatened to expose his evils. Youssef was arrested and charged with attempted murder and fraud. He was found guilty and sentenced to 600 days in prison in Chile.

Unknown to him, his crimes were scattered across Europe. After he served his sentence, he was deported to Denmark, which already had a trial waiting for him. Now, you get the reason why he is called the Marathon Man. In Denmark, Youssef Khater was slammed with two months prison sentence for attempted murder and fraud. After serving his sentence, you know this man was a chronic criminal when he moved to Costa Rica to continue his fraudulent lifestyle. 

Was Youssef Khater a Former Military Personnel?

Youssef served with the Danish military. He was born in Denmark but had roots in Lebanon. Details of his family and background are unavailable, but we know that his parents’ dissociation was due to his criminal ways. Khater served in the military for about ten years, but his never-ending fraudulent and con lifestyle was expelled from the military.

You would think that would send him to rethink his choices; well, it didn’t. A leopard cannot change its spot, that proverb goes. Seeing that he must find a way to survive, Youssef found a way to change his identity to a Palestinian runner.

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How Did Youssef Khater Mastermind A Sport Scam?

Youssef Khater masterminded one of the biggest scams the sport has seen. After finally rebranding himself as an athlete, Khater called for donations to fund his trip to the sports city in Dubai. So he was thorough that it took a while for people to discover that he was a fraud. 

Unfortunately, unsuspecting people gave thousands of dollars to his cause out of their goodwill. To keep the scam in progress, Khater told the people who donated to him that he wouldn’t be able to go because his house caught fire, and that was where he kept the money. So he fled before he was caught. 

He left for Chile and tried the same fraud, and again, he was able to raise funds for him to participate in a marathon across Chile. Seeing that he paraded himself as a Palestinian, he could appeal to most Chileans based on the previous history between the two countries. However, Youssef never participated in that marathon. In all of these, he had racked up the debts he owed people. 

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Youssef Khater Almost Murdered Rayner To Avoid Paying Back Debt

Youssef came across a legitimate marathon runner, Dominic Rayner, whom he convinced to lend him money to $50,000. Somehow, he tricked the Briton into hiking with him and almost killed him because he had no intention of paying him back. So today, no one knows where Youssef Khater is. 

Youssef Khater
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Is he on to his next victim? Has he been apprehended? Well, no one knows what it is with Youssef Khater these days. He is regarded as dangerous and one of the smartest pranksters around. 

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