July 22, 2024
who is diego tinoco

Who is Diego Tinoco? If you peradventure saw one of the biggest TV series in the mid-2010s, Teen Wolf, you should remember Mateo, one of the characters in the series. While it wasn’t the show that catapulted him to success, it indeed announced him as a good actor.

Today, Diego Tinoco is one of Netflix’s top-rated series On My Block cast members. A show that portrays him initially as a homeless guy – Oscar. 

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On the show, fantastic chemistry between him and a co-star made fans believe that surely something might be going on behind the camera. So, is Diego Tinoco dating Sierra Capri? Unfortunately, this question has not received clarity yet. But, in this article, we will show you how Tinoco grew to this level that he has now. 

Who is Diego Tinoco?

On November 25, 1997, Tinoco was born in Anaheim, California, USA. He is of multiple descents. He is from Colombian, Mexican, and Ecuadorian lineage. His mother is Colombian. He is also lucky that his parents saw his acting talent at a very young age and gave him their support. Growing up, he had a skin color condition called vitiligo. As a result, he would wear long sleeves to cover the condition’s symptoms. Vitiligo is a skin condition that makes the skin lose its pigmentation, resulting in patches of colors on the body parts. There is usually no cure, but it can be managed. 

The Career of Diego Tinoco

Diego’s first foray into acting came on Teen Wolf in 2016. He starred as Mateo. He also appeared in Welcome to Valhalla in 2017. However, his role as Oscar in On My Block has made people aware of his supreme talent. Interestingly Leonardo DiCaprio was the one who inspired Tinoco to get into acting. He has also has featured in Drizzle of Hope in 2015. 

who is diego tinoco

He is relatively young, and hopefully, he gets to make more movies in the future. It is undeniable that his talent is solid, but he can only showcase his talents when given the opportunity. 

Who is Diego Tinoco Dating Today?

The dilemma with being a celebrity is everyone wants to know all the details about you. For Tinoco, fans have speculated that he has a girlfriend even when he hasn’t come out to state. The actor hides his love life from the public. The rumor flying around is he is in a relationship with Sierra Capri, and while he hasn’t come out to state otherwise, fans will continue to have a field day till he debunks the rumor. 

It was rumored that while on set, Diego Tinoco and Sierra Capri kissed so passionately that the cast had to wait for them to finish making out. Sierra played the character of Monse Ginnie, the girlfriend of Diego Tinoco in On The Block. Although their relationship faced a lot of blocks and challenges outside the movie set, the duo is good friends, and they look to be in a platonic relationship even though they flirt a lot on the timeline. 

Fans of the series are hoping that the new season of the series On The Block will resume as slated in 2022. 

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He Presented Emmy Awards

One of the highlights of Diego Tinoco is presenting the Emmy Awards alongside Jessica Marie Garcia in Los Angeles. 

who is diego tinoco


Who is Diego Tinoco with today? He is currently single, at least according to the information we have of him today. So the rumor that he is dating Sierra Capri is only what it is – a rumor.