July 22, 2024
tom cruise smile

It will take a hard time to process that Tom Cruise is close to being 60 with all the dangerous stunts he still pulls in his movies. With movies like Top Gun: Maverick, the Mission Impossible franchise, and a host of other movies Cruise has featured in, he is undoubtedly one of the highest-paid actors in the world. As a foremost propagator of Scientology, Tom Cruise has seen his fair share of controversies. But these days, it is Tom Cruise’s smile that has caught people’s attention. You may wonder, what is unique about a celebrity’s smile? But the truth is, once you are in public, you are scrutinized even for the most minor details. 

tom cruise smile
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Not only is Tom Cruise usually at the center of controversies, but he is also a respected action thrillers actor who does his stunts, a claim, not many actors can boast of. However, one rumor that doesn’t seem to go away is about Tom Cruise’s smile and why it looks the way it is. Interestingly, never in our wildest imaginations would we have thought we would be talking about a man’s smile.

But it is the world we live in now. A cursory submission by unsigned and unaffiliated investigators reveals that Cruise’ dentition is different from what we were used to. Hold that thought! Let’s look at how Tom Cruise got into acting in the first place. 

Who is Tom Cruise?

Tom Cruise was born in Syracuse, New York, in 1962. However, Cruise spent a significant part of his childhood in Canada. This was because this father was a Canadian Armed Forces member, so they had to live in Canada. While he was in Canada, he began to get involved in acting. He took acting classes at his local school, even signing up for drama lessons and performing in drama festivals. After his graduation, Cruise moved to Los Angeles to fully kick off his acting career.

His talent was evident, and he was already getting roles in movies like Taps and The Outsiders in a few years. However, he didn’t hit it big till 1986, when he starred in Top Gun. He received critical acclaim for his acting and starred in several more action movies like Mission Impossible, Top Gun, and many more. But there was something oddly different from when he burst into the scenes. What was that? Read on to find out. 

tom cruise smile
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Tom Cruise Had Misaligned Teeth

These days, what you know as Tom Cruise smile, yeah, the signature smile wasn’t what it was before. In his first few film appearances, Cruise had visibly misaligned teeth, and they were yellowish, the natural color, we suppose. So, what happened? Well, money! Once Cruise started getting bigger roles, he hired a dentist to fix his teeth. It was an expensive, lengthy procedure to correct the dentition, but it happened anyway. So what really happened to Tom Cruise’ teeth? 

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According to experts, Cruise got braces to help correct and straighten his smile. Then, he would get veneers to remove the yellow appearance of his teeth. But, of course, all of these took a lot of years, and attendees of events with Tom Cruise in attendance would say they saw Tom Cruise with visible braces worn. 

Why is Tom Cruise Front Tooth The Center of His Face?

Now, you probably wouldn’t have noticed if you hadn’t paid attention. The center of Cruise’s face is on the same line as his tooth. So, of course, that means there is a misalignment. Well, there is nothing the man can do about that, so, it means, he will carry that dentition for the rest of his life. Some experts say it might have taken a severe deconstruction of his jaw that made his face like that.

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Nonetheless, a Tom Cruise smile is still as bright as a day can be. By the way, Tom hasn’t said anything about his dentition, so all of these might be speculations. However, the Jerry Maguire actor has never hesitated to show off his perfect smile. To cap it off, he has been tagged the Sexiest man Alive a couple of times and also one of the hottest men in the world in his prime. 

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tom cruise smile
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Tom Cruise smile has become even more beautiful as the days go by. While we can say it resulted from him spending money to fix the dental misalignment, it worked out. 

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