July 22, 2024
Susanna Baumann

With no specific date of when she was born, Susanna Baumann is an American makeup artist and works with ESPN. Information about her birth and background remains a secret. She has decided to keep her family and background a secret.

There are no details about who her parents and siblings are. The only reason she is popular is because of her marriage to Cris Carter. Else, she may not have been known to us and you might not have come across her. 

Quick Facts About Susanna Baumann

  • Name: Susanna Baumann
  • Birthplace: United States of America
  • Nationality: American
  • Ethnicity: White
  • Spouse: Cris Carter
  • Profession: Make-up Artist

As the makeup artist of the NFL showdown, she had the privilege of connections with Mike Dikita, Cris Carter, Tom Jackson, and a host of other NFL superstar anchors.

We will examine 10 facts about her. You will be shocked at some of the revelations that will unfurl. 

#1. Susanna Baumann Worked For NFL Countdown For Five Years

Working directly with one of the biggest sports franchises in the United States of America such as the National Football League(NFL) is a big deal. For Baumann, she was one of the staff of the NFL makeup team. She was a vital part of the team and traveled with the NFL to events like the Super Bowl. She worked with NFL Showdown for five years. 

#2. Susanna Baumann’s First Husband

Before she met Cris Carter, Baumann was the wife of Dave Baumann. The duo dated for some years before they finally tied the knot. After some years of wedlock, the couple just couldn’t agree to some things, and this resulted in a divorce. The couple divorced with no children. 

#3. Susanna Baumann Current Husband Also Had a Divorce

Cris Carter, who is now married to Susanna Baumann, previously had a divorce. His now ex-wife, Melanie Carter, had two kids for him; Monterae Carter and Duron Carter. The reason for their separation is infidelity from Cris Carter. Even though Carter has come to deny the reports, we know this must have been the case. 

#4. Susanna Baumann and Cris Carter Had a Private Wedding

After getting hooked on each other, the couple dated each other for a few years before deciding to get married. Oh, they met each other while they were both working for ESPN. While Carter was an anchor, Baumann was a contracted professional makeup artist. After getting to see each other more than once as a result of the nature of their jobs, the duo fell in love. They would later settle to marry in a private ceremony on March 5, 2018. So far, there hasn’t been any news about a separation or a divorce. This means they are happily married. 

#5. Susanna Baumann’s Husband Was a Wide Receiver in the NFL

Cris Carter is a role model in the NFL. Before he turned to an NFL pundit, he was a professional football player. He played for the Minnesota Vikings, Philadelphia Eagles, and Miami Dolphins as a wide receiver. He was drafted by the Eagles in the fourth round of the 1987 NFL supplemental draft after playing college football for the Ohio State Buckeyes. So, while you see him today on your screen as an NFL analyst, know that this man has seen it all as a former professional too. 

#6. Why ESPN Fired Susanna Baumann

For ESPN to fire Susanna Baumann, you would think it was for gross misconduct. Alas, it was for overdressing! That’s correct! When Baumann started working for ESPN, the stars who worked with her said she was overdressed for the job of a makeup artist. According to a report, she dresses like she was going for a high profile club in New York City.

#7. Susanna Baumann’s ex-husband abused Cris Carter

After suspecting that Susanna Baumann was having something to do with her fellow employee in Cris Carter, he rained calls upon Carter and harassed him. It was his way of getting even with Susanna for cheating on him with Cris Carter while they were still married. 

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#8. Susanna Baumann Sexually Abused by Chris Berman.

Sometime in 2015, Baumann came out to claim sexual harassment by Chris Berman. She said Berman sent inappropriate text messages and made lewd comments while they worked together in the makeup room. However, ESPN was able to settle the case amicably considering both were employees of the giant network. 

#9. Susanna Baumann Net Worth

According to authoritative sources, Susanna Baumann’s net worth is around $500,000. This is from her works as a makeup artist. Also her husband Cris Carter is quite wealthy and she surely can flex her husband’s money right?

#10. Susanna Baumann is not Active in Social Media

Some celebrities have felt the need to distance themselves from the social space for reasons best known to them. For Baumann, she would prefer that she remains behind the shadows while she does her thing. She is not on any social media platform. Perhaps sometime in the future, she will reconsider her take. 


Susanna Baumann and her husband Cris Carter are doing fine. They have not had kids together yet, but Carter’s children from his past marriage are currently being “mummied” by Baumann. We do wish them all the best in their endeavours.