May 24, 2024
Sunshine Deia Tutt

Sometimes, some news is quite enthralling. Especially among celebrities. Take, for instance, a couple dated for years and it was obvious that they were in love, so, they proceeded to marry only for them to separate after two months. No, it is not Hollywood. It happened in real life. You look at this kind of scenario and you go what the actual hell?

Well, this is the situation between Sunshine Deia Tutt and her comic ex-husband Chris Kattan. As serious as this sounds, it is sometimes quite hard to grasp. But it is the way of the world these days; relationships don’t last anymore and divorce is rampant.

In this article, we will look at the facts surrounding Sunshine Deia Tutt and her failed marriage to Chris Kattan. 

Who is Sunshine Deia Tutt? 

Sunshine Deia Tutt is an American model, interior designer best known as being the ex-wife of actor-cum-comedian Chris Kattan. She was born on September 23, 1976, in Brownsville, Texas, United States of America. Her parents are Steven Tutt and Melissa van Holsbeke. However, her parents are no more together. Her father, Steven was born and brought up in Colorado. He is also a veteran of the US army. He attended Gainesville High School before graduating from the University of North Texas. 

She graduated from St Joseph Academy. We cannot ascertain what year she graduated from high school. Sunshine holds a degree from the Designs and Visual Communication department from the University of Texas. She also holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. 

Sunshine Deia Tutt has a half-sister named Raven Johnson from her mother’s relationship after her divorce from Tutt’s father.

Who is Chris Kattan?

Kattan is fondly remembered for being a cast member of NBC’S long-running comedy show Saturday Night Live. For more than twenty years, Kattan has made a name for himself. Aside from being a comedian, he is also an actor. He has appeared in movies like House on Haunted Hill, A Night at The Roxbury, Undercover Brother, The Ridiculous 6 among many others. Kattan is also a voice artist voicing for hit animations like Hotel Transylvania 2 and Bunnicula. 

Chris Kattan, Sunshine’s Ex-husband is an Author

Kattan published his book, a memoir called Baby Don’t Hurt Me: Stories and Scars From Saturday Night Live. It was published in 2019. 

Chris Kattan Previous Relationships

Funny, good-looking – who wouldn’t want to say yes to Chris. Before he met Sunshine, he had several high profile romances with model and actress Jennifer Gimenez. The relationship didn’t last though. He was in the year they ended the relationship linked to dating fellow cast member on Saturday Night Live, Maya Rudolph. 

How did Chris Kattan and Sunshine Deia Tutt Meet?

How the couple met and fell in love is not known yet. However, we know they met at a mutual’s birthday party in Los Angeles in 2005. From there, they hit it off. Their first date was at the Coachella Music Festival. After seeing that they were compatible, Kattan proposed to Sunshine at her grandparents’ home in Texas on Christmas Eve in 2006. She said yes and the journey to marriage began. 

They dated for two years before deciding on June 28, 2008, to walk down the aisle outside Yosemite National Park near Yosemite Valley, California. It was a dream come true for both her and her parents. For her parents, they didn’t see their daughter marrying a famous personality in Chris Kattan. Their wedding ceremony was filled with personalities like Brooke Shields, Jimmy Fallon, Will Ferrell, and Charlie Sheen amongst others. 

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Chris Kattan Filed For Divorce After Two Months

After just 59 days of marriage to Sunshine Deia Tutt, Kattan filed for divorce on August 10, 2008. What could have led to the sudden divorce is still unknown to this day. To date, none of them has revealed why the divorce came up so fast. However, according to a reliable source, the couple signed a prenuptial agreement that Sunshine receives a six-figure sum in the event of a divorce. 

Has Sunshine Deia Tutt Moved On?

Well, it appears that Sunshine has moved on from the short-lived relationship with Chris Kattan. On her Facebook page, she shared that she was in a relationship with someone. But we do not the identity of this someone. There are no pictures leaked online of her and someone else. 

What is Sunshine Deia Tutt Doing Today? 

Sunshine is a popular model. She has worked and collaborated with several famous modeling agencies. One of those agencies which she has worked with is Next Model Management. 

Aside from being a model, Tutt is also a skilled actress. Maybe not as famous as some of the biggest names in the industry, but she is doing her bit. She has featured in movies like Deal or No Deal (2006), Sunset Tan (2007), Monkeybone (2001). 

Currently, Tutt is the owner of an interior decoration house, Sublime Interior Design LLC. The studio is based in Los Angeles and Dallas. They have created some of the finest designs related to hospitality, residential, and several other projects. 

What is Sunshine Deia Tutt Net Worth?

Today, Sunshine is shining. Her company is doing relatively well. She is worth $300,000 according to reliable sources. Aside from maintaining her company, she also does modeling as a side gig. 


Sunshine has decided to focus on her company and new relationship, even though we do not know who she is with. Anyway, we wish her all the best as her career progresses.