July 22, 2024
sarah ward

Sarah Ward, Tom Hardy’s ex-wife, became famous because of her affiliations with her husband. Though separated now, they were the talk of the town when they were married. But, unfortunately, marriage is more than having the glitz and glamour. While her ex-husband is as out there as possible, Sara Ward is the direct opposite of her former husband. She is reserved and would rather not be on social media than try to appear in front of cameras. This article explains who Sarah Ward is and her relationship with Tom Hardy.

sarah ward
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Who is Sarah Ward?

Sarah Ward was born in the United States of America in 1977 in Los Angeles, California. Unfortunately, there isn’t much information about Sarah’s education, parents, siblings, and upbringing.

What is Sarah Ward and Tom Hardy Relationship Like?

The couple met in 1999 and fell in love with each other. They would later become spouses after exchanging their wedding vows in 1999. Interestingly, they married a month barely after meeting each other. They must have thought that their meeting was divinely orchestrated. Falling in love, getting engaged, and getting a wedding all in a month are some of the scripts of a Hollywood fantasy movie. But, this was the life of Sarah Ward and Tom Hardy. They were married for five years before finally calling it quits. In an interview, later on, Sarah explained that she was the one who filed for divorce because Tom Hardy wasn’t devoting time to his family. One of the reasons was Tom’s drug addiction.

sarah ward
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What Caused Tom Hardy’s Addiction?

In 2002, Tom Hardy invested heavily in a film, Star Trek Nemesis, but unfortunately, the film flopped badly. This affected Hardy badly, and he resorted to drugs to seek solace. Unfortunately, the thing with drugs is that it leads to total dependence, which was the case for Tom. The star became a heroin addict and was so invested that it was possible that if the opportunity came that he should sell his house to get more drugs, he would have. Sadly, that cost him his relationship with Sarah Ward. Ward, who couldn’t accept the realities, decided to move on with her life without Tom.

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Is Tom Hardy in a Relationship?

Tom has had a lot of relationships. After the divorce from Sarah Ward, Tom Hardy has been in relationships with Rachel Speed, his assistant for four years, and other women. He also had his first child with Speed, Louis Thomas Hardy. Unfortunately, that relationship also didn’t work out, and they called it quit in 2009. That same year, he met Charlotte Riley, and today, they are married.

Contrary to many relationships, the relationship between Charlotte Riley and Tom Hardy took a lot of time to cultivate. They married in 2914 after getting to know each other. Tom has also revealed that Charlotte was instrumental in helping him overcome heartbreaks.
Sarah Ward Tom Hardy’s ex-wife barely talks about her relationship with Tom and her life generally.

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What is Sarah Ward’s Net Worth?

Sarah is said to earn around $65,000. So, her net worth should be about that. On the other hand, her ex-husband has a net worth of $30 million. Tom earned this large amount of money from featuring in movies like The Virgin Queen, Cape Wrath, Bedtime Stories, and Taboo, among many other films he has featured in. He is also the winner of multiple awards like the British Film Award, The BAFTA Award, The Critics Choice Movie Award, The London Film Critics’ Circle Award, among many others.

sarah ward
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Sarah Ward Tom Hardy’s ex-wife is currently out of the public space and reach. So we do not know what she is up to. If she has remarried remains to be seen.

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