June 20, 2024
Sahith Theegala parents

It is incredible how Sahith Theegala can weather the storms of racial discrimination to get to this position that he is in. It just shows that anyone can intentionally become a star if they want despite discrimination. Sahith, an Indian-American, has a story that is inspiring and motivating. However, his story will not be complete if we do not mention Sahith Theegala parents in the fray.

Sahith Theegala parents
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It is one thing to like a sport; it is another to have a passion for it and excel at the highest level. For Smith, it is the latter that is the reality for him. But if someone had told him when s.he started taking the sports seriously that he would one day become a global star, he probably would have laughed it off. But, when you factor in the racial discrimination, he got because of his skin color. So, Theegala is an Indian, but he has dark skin and can be mistaken for an African if not that he doesn’t have wooly hair. Growing up was difficult, but Sahith Theegala parents stood by him, and the results are visible.

Let’s examine some facts about Sahith Theegala parents and Sahith himself. Who exactly is he? How did we know he was racially discriminated against? Find out here.

1. Sahith’s Father Is From India

It is no news that Sahith Theegala parents are Indians. Smith’s father, Murlidhar Theegala, moved to the United States to further his education in 1987. Both his parents’ migration to the United States was to advance their careers. It is also no news that aside from the idea that they want to advance their careers, they also came to the United States for greener pastures.

2. Sahith Theegala Parents Married in The USA

The idea that Smith’s parents married while they were in India is not valid. We believe people meant that they followed the traditions of their homeland during the marriage. Murlidhar and Karuna Theegala married each other while they were graduate students in the United States. We do not know how they met, but we know they fell in love and dated for a while before tying the knot. They have two children together, Sahith and Sagan Theegala.

3. Sahith Theegala Parents Are Huge Supporters of His Sport

Golf is quite the sport, and it is usually associated with the elites of society. This is why it must have been difficult for Theegala to break through the strangles of elitism to become the established star he is today. It is also noteworthy that not only is Sahith doing pretty good, he is also still young and is capable of becoming one of the best golfers around. This cannot be possible if Sahith Theegala’s parents do not support him as massively as they do. Smith is lucky that he has his parents and his relatives who would travel all the way to watch him play golf, a show of support.

4. Sahith Theegala Parents Exposed Him To Different Sports

If there is anything Sahith is grateful to his parents for, it is the fact that they gave him so much exposure. Knowing the sports at heart is one thing, but to be given direction is another thing. For Sahith, he can be grateful that his parents exposed him to different sports, which he enjoyed growing up.

5. They Didn’t Impose What He Should Do

It is no news that some parents, especially those who are migrants, prefer that their children consider the more “prestigious” careers. Some others would try to impose a particular career path on their children because perhaps, it was a path they wanted to do but failed at it. Or it is a career they are successful at. Sahith Theegala’s parents preferred to allow their son to choose whatever career path he wanted. Smith’s father introduced gold to him when he was only three years old.

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6. Theegala’s Parents Do Not Have Grandkids Yet

Well, it is the dream of every parent to see the kids of their children. However, Sahith’s parents would have to wait a bit longer to get a grandkid. This is because none of their children has a child. They are also not in a relationship that looks like leading to marriage yet. Sahith is not married. However, we know he is in a relationship with someone. However, there is no information on who the person is.

7. Sahith Theegala Parents Are Not On Social Media

There is no information on if Sahith’s parents are on social media. We have come across pictures of them on Sahith’s social media platforms. Would they have a change of heart to reconsider their position? Well, that remains to be seen.

8. Their Son Was Racially Abused

We may argue that racism is becoming less rampant, but people can also argue that racism still has roots in the US. For example, though with a passion for golf, Smith was refused entry into many golf clubs. This was because of his skin color. To get into a club, he had to do something extraordinary, and that was to win every age-grade competition he could lay his hands on. This was the only way he could get into a golf club.

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Sahith Theegala parents


If there is anything Sahith would be grateful for, his parents made sure that his efforts were complemented with their support. We wish Sahith all the best. Even as he begins his quest to eclipse the records set by the most outstanding golf player, Tiger Woods.