Everything We Know About Ryan Dunn Death

Although it’s been over 11 years since Ryan Dunn death, it still hurts like a spear piercing through the heart of the Jackass fans. Ryan Dunn was a  prominent member of the Jackass TV show famous for orchestrating pranks and stunts in the early 2000s. He found the show alongside his childhood friend Bam Margera in West Chester, Pennsylvania where he eventually settled down after living a nomadic life with his parents.

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 Before the Jackass TV show became famous, it used to be skating clips of  Bam Margera infused with little humor from his errors. While Bam was the pro skater, Ryan recorded and document the process till they got their big break in October 2000 when the first premiered on MTV.

More than anything, the show put the two friends on the map and even afforded Ryan the opportunity to break into Hollywood. But unfortunately, Ryan Dunn death in June 2011 put an abrupt stop to his fast-rising fame.  To this day, the metrics of his death are still a mystery hence the question of what caused Ryan Dunn death? Kindly read to the end to find out. 

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How Did Ryan Dunn Die?

After rocking our screens for over a decade, his reign was cut short by his untimely death from a ghastly motor accident in June 2011.  His  Porsche 911 GT3  skipped over a guard rail, flew into a ravine, struck a tree, and caught fire. The fire burnt him beyond recognition safe for his tattoos and hair that was used to identify him. 

What Is The Cause Of Ryan Dunn Death?

Some reports state that Ryan Dunn death wasn’t a mere accident as it was a premeditated suicide. However, there aren’t enough supporting shreds of evidence except for the fact that he was drunk and driving over the speed limit.  His blood-alcohol level was 1.96, way past the limit in Pennsylvania. His speed limit before the crash was insanely high at over 130 miles per hour. 

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To further buttress the fact that the ghastly motor accident that caused Ryan Dunn death was aided by his drunk driving.  A few hours before the crash, he tweeted a photo of himself, Zachary, and another man drinking. Even the Manage of Barnaby’s bar,  Jim O’Brien,  also, confirmed that Ryan had a few shots but was sober  

In addition to this, Ryan Dunn had a reputation for overspeeding and had his driving license suspended once. Between 1998 to 2011, he received 23 violations. Dunn also earned ten tickets for reckless driving 

Ryan Dunn Death: He Died Alongside His Childhood Friend Zachary Hartwell

Unfortunately, Ryan  Dunn death wasn’t solo. He died alongside his childhood friend, Zachary Hartwell who also doubled as a production assistant on the Jackass show. As usual,  They went to celebrate their successes at Barnaby’s bar and drank a  little too much which resulted in the crash that claimed their lives. 

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Ryan Dunn Suffered  From Depression

Though his death was the last straw that broke the caramel’s back, Rayn Dunn fought so many storms before his untimely death. At a point in his lifetime, he was thrown into the dark hole of depression.  He had an accident on set that resulted in broken shoulders which led to a blood clot in his arms. 

While he underwent treatment for the injury, he was diagnosed with Lyme disease. It was a very depressing time  Ryan.  Thankfully, the Lyme treatment was successful But he went through some lifestyle changes that required him to take a long break from work. It was during the break that he spiraled into depression. 

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To this day, fans are yet to get over Ryan Dunn death. He was cheerful, talented, and loved by all. May his soul continue to rest in peace.

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