June 20, 2024
Rose Dorothy Dauriac

There are few women who have the influence that Scarlett Johansson has in Hollywood. You definitely must have come across her name in a favourite or something. Unless you have been a monk for the better part of the last decade, then you are excusable. Scarlett has built a brand for her name that is so strong that it has commanded respect from far and near. Many don’t know she has a daughter. That’s right! Rose Dorothy Dauriac is her baby’s name and you may be shocked to find out Dorothy is closer to being a teen. This is why this article was written for you. 

 Rose Dorothy Dauriac
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Johansson didn’t become the highest-paid actress for no reason, she is one of the few actresses in the industry that oozes class in whatever role they play. If we put insanely talented and Scarlett Johansson in the same sentence, we do not think we would be wrong. For the best part of 2018 through 2019, no woman comes close to the gross income Scarlett received. This was even after she had just had her baby, Rose Dorothy Dauriac. 

Who is Rose Dorothy Dauriac? 

Best known for her role in Black Widow recently, Scarlett Johansson had her baby with then partner Romain Dauriac. Rose was born on August 30, 2014, in New York. All efforts to keep her pregnancy and baby away from the public proved to be abortive. The media swooned in no time after getting information about the birth of Rose Dorothy Dauriac. We understand where Johansson is coming from though. No mother wants her baby to be the centre of media attention at such a young age. The effects are going to be devastating in the long run. However, Johansson STK talks about her on occasions that warrant it. 

Rose Dorothy Dauriac is seven years old now. She is obviously still in the child school where she is having her elemental education. Several pictures that have surfaced online show Dorothy loves wearing princesses’ clothes. This tells us perhaps she loves fairy tales. Didn’t we all love fairy tale movies? 

Who is Rose Dorothy Dauriac’s Father?

Even though her mother and father are not together, Dorothy still cherishes the presence of her father. So who is Rose Dorothy Dauriac’s father? His name is Romain Dauriac. Dauriac was born in France in 1982. He was an editor of the French Urban art magazine known as Clark. After working with the firm for several years, Romain Dauriac left. He then started his own advertising agency back there in France. 

How Did Scarlett Johansson and Romain Dauriac Meet?

The duo met through a friend. After their first meeting, the two clicked together and began talking. Later, they found out they would want more than just being friends, so they decided to date. They dated for only ten months before Dauriac popped the question of marriage. Of course, Johansson agreed. In October 2014, the couple married in Phillipsburg, Montana. It is worthy of note that Rose Dorothy Dauriac had already been born before their marriage. It was as if her birth cemented their relationship. 

For years, Dauriac and Johansson were an item. They were constantly seen together at red carpets and other places where they needed to catch fun. 

Aside from being married, the two became business partners. They co-founded the gourmet popcorn shop Yummy Pop in 2016. The company is based in Paris, France. 

What Happened to Scarlett and Dauriac’s Marriage?

In today’s marriages, a lot of sacrifices need to be done. With Scarlett and her ex-husband, it was clear that the differences were too big to ignore. Even though the two knew each other since 2012, and that’s a long time to get to know your partner, the entrance of a third party for which both are responsible for seemed to be the deal-breaker. Even though one cannot deny they tried to mend the relationship, as Johansson would reveal in subsequent interviews, the damage was already done. 

Another factor that caused the barrier in the relationship moving forward is their language. Scarlett speaks predominantly English while Dauriac speaks French. The truth is, even if the couple made efforts to learn each other’s language, it may not be enough. 

We can not also discount the fact that Johansson got to the peak of her career after her marriage. This meant she would be on movie sets more, which will reduce the frequency with which they see each other. They couldn’t balance work and family. 

After trying to remedy the problem to no end, they ended their relationship in 2017 with a divorce. 

Scarlett Johansson’s Failed Marriages

Scarlett Johansson has had her fair share of emotional and relationship problems. First married to Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds in 2008, the two couldn’t hold onto the fort of their marriage. Six years later, she married journalist Romain Dauriac. This marriage also collapsed after three years. 

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Today, Johannson is married to Saturday Night Live anchor, Colin Host. They announced their marriage in October 2020. It looks like they are the perfect couple. Hopefully, their marriage lasts for a long time. 

Rose Dorothy Dauriac Parents Battled For Her Custody

In Romain’s defence, he wanted full custody of their baby because he believed the tight schedule of Scarlett Johansson would hamper the development of the child. While the matter was taken to court, we do not know the outcome of the decision. But, it looks like the two parents settled amicably after a series of court proceedings.

Is Rose Dorothy Dauriac On Social Media?

Of course not. Dorothy is only but a child and allowing her to own a social media account will be bad for her growth. However, there are pictures of her on her parents’ pages.  

Rose Dorothy Has a Baby Brother

After Scarlett’s marriage to Colin Jost, she gave birth to another baby, Cosmo. This makes it two children that Johansson has. 

 Rose Dorothy Dauriac
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Rose Dorothy Dauriac is lucky to have wealthy parents, but while this is a good thing for Dorothy, we wait to see how she turns out. Not having a father figure in her life can also have its adverse effects but it seems Scarlett Johansson’s new partner is already providing that for her. 

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