May 24, 2024
Rory John Gates

Being the only son of a celebrity comes with its almost insane pressures. But, when you are the only son of one of the richest men in the world, that’s another level of pressure. But Rory John Gates, the son of technocrat Bill Gates has taken the whole pressure in his stride. However, we must commend the training of Bill and his now ex-wife Melinda Gates. The case would have been different, had it been they raised their children as spoilt brats.


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In this article, we will be looking at the life of Rory John Gates and what he has become today. Is he married? What is he doing? Is he also following his father’s steps? Where is he going to end? All of these questions would be given answers. 

Who is Rory John Gates? 

Rory John Gates was born on May 23, 1999, in the beautiful city of Seattle, Washington, United States of America. He is the only son but the third child of Bill and Melinda Gates. The other children are; Jennifer Katherine Gates and Phoebe Adele Gates. 

Rory John Gates had his high school education at Lakeside High School. He then proceeded to Duke University where he earned his Computer Science degree. In later years, Rory got his MBA from the Fuqua Business School. It looks like he is following in his father’s footsteps. 

While Rory John Gates is yet to make any career, he is most likely going to follow his father’s path. Without any iota of doubt, it is sure that he is going to inherit the massive wealth of his father, but Bill Gates, his father looks like someone that would make him work for it. 

Rory John Gates Can Speak Many Languages

If you are the son of the richest man in the world, there is one thing you will never lack– exposure. However, it is one thing to be exposed, it is another thing to utilise the exposure. For Rory John Gates, he utilised it. John Gates can speak about four languages; Spanish, Irish, German and English. Maybe he may not have the fluency like the native speakers, but he can communicate in these languages which is enough if we are honest. 

You Won’t Find Rory John Gates on Social Media

This is rather strange. You are the son of a technologist. That’s us being modest. Bill Gates is one of the frontrunners of the new technology age we are in. But, his son Rory isn’t on any of the social media platforms. It could be that it is a distraction or he is just point-blank an introvert. However, this points to a social media-shy individual is Rory John Gates. One thing we know for sure is, even though the young Gates isn’t on social media, he hasn’t granted many interviews either. This shows that Rory John just doesn’t fancy the media space or limelight, if you may. 

Rory John Gates is a Philanthropist

One of the greatest philanthropists in the world is  Bill Gates. It is quite refreshing that one of his children has taken after their father. It is so exciting to see. Rory John Gates, like his father, loves to give. According to reliable reports, Rory gives a third of his allowance to special donations. Of course, we know he lacks nothing in the true sense, but isn’t it heart-warming to see that someone gives heartily like his father. For context, the Bill and Melinda Foundation is the biggest charity organisation in the world. They donate in their billions to several causes, especially for the health situation in Africa. The foundation has received several awards for its relentless giving towards causes that have changed lives across the world. 

Rory John Gates is a Poet!

Okay, so you may be wondering; if Rory doesn’t have a social media account, how does he tell the world about his poems. Oh well, easy. Rory’s father is a big fan of his son’s writing. Rory wrote his first poem titled the Diamante Poem at the tender age of ten. The poem was about the physics of light and black holes. The poem was published on his father’s website. His father, as every good father should do, speak glowingly of his son’s art. Hopefully, one day, Rory can come out and serenade us with his poems, this time, by himself. 

Rory John Gates’ Parents Are Strict

What if Rory’s parents weren’t strict, what would have happened? The answer to this could go two ways. As the son of one of the top wealthiest men in the world, you would think, it should come with privileges and all of that. Not with Bill and Melinda Gates. Everything Rory has now, he earned it. Morals and ethics of living a good life were shown to him while he was still young. In fact, Rory had his first phone at the age of 13. Speculations say Gates’ kids were restrained from using social media for a while. That also explains why they aren’t on social media. 

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It is also no news that Bill Gates isn’t planning to bequeath all of his wealth on his children. He plans to give a large chunk of his wealth to charity organisations. We could say this has been played to his kids, which is why everything the kids have today or are today, were earned. According to Bill Gates, his job is to set his kids on the right path and they should take it from there. 

Rory John Gates is a Feminist

Every mother’s joy is that their son reckons with the rights of women. For Melinda, we believe she would be joyous to find out that her son, Rory is a feminist. The young man is never shy of telling the world how he supports gender equality whenever he gets the chance. 

Is Rory John Gates In a Relationship?

There is no known love life of Rory John Gates. He also hasn’t come out to state if he is in a relationship. Strangely, the eagle eye of the media hasn’t caught him with any woman. The 22-year-old is single and he looks like he isn’t going to be in any relationship.



It isn’t clear if Rory John Gates would follow in his father’s footsteps. But every indication looks like he is going through that path. Whatever decision he takes, one thing is sure, he ain’t going to lack anything to fulfil his dreams. Whether he will be as successful as his father, that is left to be said.

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