April 16, 2024
Rolf-Harris now

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Where is Rolf Harris now? After he attained fame through a smooth career transition from a musician cum songwriter to a renowned television personality. Rolf Harris legacy is soiled by sexual assault scandal. He was arrested for sexually molesting four underage girls in 2014.

Rolf-Harris now
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Within the twinkle of an eye, the goody-two-shoes personality that he put up publicly was smeared in the mud of sexual assault. His hideous act was exposed by the Metro police after an extensive investigation of influential media personalities in the UK.  He was then sentenced to five years and nine months imprisonment for twelve counts of indecent assault. 

Though he got an early release in 2017, he had spent some time in Bullingdon prison before he got transferred to Stafford prison. Almost 7years after the incident, once in a while, the question of his whereabouts pops up. Kindly read this article to know where Rolf Harris is now. 

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Where Is Rolf Harris Now?

After serving his time in prison, Rolf Harris now keeps a low profile.  He lives a private life in Berkshire with his wife, Alwen Hughes. He isolates himself from members of the community and seldom steps out of his house.  However, sometime in September 2020, he was spotted on a walk with his dog within the Berkshire neighborhood.   

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Some Residents Of The Berkshire Community Don’t Think Rolf Harris Is A Threat

Bygone cannot always be bygone. In the case of Rolf Harris, some of his neighbors think he is a threat to the Berkshire community.  In 2019, Rolf Harris was seen within the premises of an Oldfield primary school where he stopped to talk to the sculptor and waved at the students via the window.  Instantly, the school’s principal ordered him to leave the vicinity and reported the incident to the police. 

On the other hand, some residents of the Berkshire community, hold no grudge against him. They do not consider him a threat or danger to the neighborhood in any capacity. Instead, they regard him to be an asset to the community despite his unflattering past. They believe that he is a good member of society who donates generously to charity. 

Living A Reclusive Life Has Affected Harris’s Health

One thing remains certain when it comes to human interaction; no man is an Island. No matter how introverted one might be, we all need each other.  Moreso, we need daily sunlight and frequent locomotive activities for good health and long life.

Due to the stigma attached to his past life, Rolf Harris became a hermit. He has secluded himself from everything and evryone in the society. He seldom steps out of his house, not even for vitamin D from the sunlight. 

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In an interview with The Daily Mail, One of Rolf’s neighbors disclosed that he seldom comes out of his apartment except he is being aided by his caregiver and also, his health is deteriorating. 

Roloff Harris Is Not Remorseful For His Crimes

Though he has served his time and even came out of prison earlier in May 2017, Rolf Harris is not remorseful. While he was still in custody, he wrote a vile letter to a friend, claiming that his victims are pretentious and are only at it because of his money.  He also went as far as hiring private investigators to propagate false information to discredit his victims’ appeals.  However, upon his release, he forwent all plans to overturn his convictions. 

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Fortunately for Rolf Harris, his sexual assault scandal hasn’t impacted his finances negatively. However, it rid him of his merry lifestyle and jovial personality as an entertainer while his health continues to decline. 

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