July 22, 2024
Olivia rodrigo sexy

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Olivia Rodrigo sexy allure is one of her brand’s strongest trademarks. Apart from rocking our worlds with her debut album, Sour, and her Topreated breakout single, Drivers License, Olivia Rodrigo is a gorgeous gorgeous girl. She has not only gotten us hooked with her serenading voice and edge-cutting lyrics but her signature “Olivia Rodrigo sexy-sassy” fashion style has also grown on us all.

Olivia rodrigo sexy
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The poise and elegance in the Olivia Rodrigo sexy style have also got female fans wondering what boys really want? Like, why would you break the heart of a branded chick like Olivia Rodrigo? We mean, she is drop-dead gorgeous with a starstruck voice, magnificent acting skills, $5million net worth, and an exotic fashion sense. To top it off, Olvia Rodrigo sexy is also a huge Swiftie. So, you know The Olivia Rodrigo sexy fashion game is bespoke and top-notch.

It didn’t even come off as a surprise in 2021 when her wardrobe choice and style influence was at their peak on most young adults and even some adults. But, it is 2022 now, and it’s not too late to Jump on the Olivia Rodrigo sexy style. So, we’ve curated five exciting facts that inspire her fashion sense, giving us an Olivia Rodrigo sexy ambiance; perhaps it might also encourage you to curate your fashion style. Kindly read on.

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1. Olivia Rodrigo Has An Undying Love For Merchs

Yass! Olivia Rodrigo looks sexy in everything, including merch. Perhaps this is borne out of her undying love for merchandise. Interestingly, in 2021, she pulled an Olivia Rodrigo sexy on the fashion world wearing her merchandise.

Olivia Rodrigo Merch
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For context, you can rewatch the “Driver’s License” video to take in the look one more time where she was dressed in a tee with a funky pair of I.Am.Gia trousers and a fuzzy stole. This look was perfect for the scene and brought out the chaos and drama in her elegantly. So, if you like Merches like the sexy diva, don’t slack, don’t slouch, you can create your Merch with your face on it, visit her website, at OliviaRodrigo.com, to get the Customisable “Driver’s License” T-shirt, for approximately £25.

2. The Diva Pays Attention To Little Fashion Details; She Enunciates Them Well! 

There are divas and divas, and Olivia Rodrigo is amongst the top fashion divas opening this decade. This is because it takes a real fashion killer goddess to enunciate a fashion style effortlessly. In her words, Olivia Rodrigo told Jimmy Kimmel: Give matchy-matchy a punkish twist by pairing heritage checks with chunky boots. How Stunning!

Her ability to take in and express little fashion details can also be seen in matching her Wildflower phone case to her green Reformation top in March 2021. She also stunned in a vintage Jean-Michel Basquiat-inspired jeans by Jean Paul Gaultier for an off-duty day in London, styling them with a Marc Jacobs Heaven tee and a Saks Potts coat, taking all the tiny details in a fashion piece and expressing the elegantly in an effortless manner. 

Olivia Rodrigo Fashion
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3. Olivia Rodrigo Has A Strong Affinity With 90s Fashion

Although she is not a 90s baby, Olivia Rodrigo has a strong affinity for 90s Fashion. The early 20s baby has marked her spot with 90s Fashion with classic outfits like the Marc Jacobs skirt, Dr. Martens, and quips. Olivia’s 90s fashion reference is solid with to white T-shirt in a tank vest style and high-waisted distressed jeans with subtle turn-ups. Her 90s fashion sense is also inspired by older divas like Taylor Swift and Mariah Carey. She imbibes 90s Fashion in her outfits by approaching evening wear with a classic allure. 

4. Olivia Rodrigo Is Apathied Towards Bras

It appears that Olivia Rodrigo is also anti bras. In her case, she has taken it to the next level by letting it influence her clothing choice and fashion sense. You honestly wouldn’t blame her. Bras are pretty uncomfortable, especially when you have to wear them for donkey hours. Olivia Rodrigo took her apathy for bra and turned it into her signature Olivia Rodrigo sexy look, which is always elegant to behold. One of her proud braless moments was during the Museum of the Motion Pictures opening gala on September 25; The diva “ate up the look in” a black Saint Laurent dress with her alluring bosom. 

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5. Olivia’s Passion For Sustainability Influences Her Wardrobe Choice

According to her stylist, Laura Sophie Cox, on  PopSugar in January 2021. She and Olivia share the same love of Depop, thrift stores, vintage, and she also has a great sense of style. So in treatment of her sustainability, her second SNL look, in a pink slip dress at the Museum of The Motion Pictures Opening gala, was the perfect depiction. 

Her sustainability haunch has also made her bold and fearless to make certain fashion decisions in the face of negativity against all odds. One of such decisions is showing up to the Opening Gala for the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures in Los Angeles in a black strapless Saint Laurent column with an imaginative, plunging neckline and a thigh-high slit. That Hailey Baiber has been spotted wearing before. Well, the pop diva couldn’t care less about the awful comparisons of who wore it better and snide comments, rumors, and even pitiful media headlines. 

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Be like Olivia Rodrigo today! Be bold, fearless, and pay attention to little details in your dressing to better enunciate them. And honestly, we are loving this Fashion reformed Olivia Rodrigo. She went from being a typical Disney Olivia to a fashion diva Olivia, and we hope to see more of her bespoke Fashion in the coming years.