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OJ Da  Juiceman net worth is certainly not a walk in the park as he has earned every penny that makes up his net worth diligently. Oj Da Juiceman is a seasoned American and the founder of American Vanity Label’  He is also one of the founders of the group, 1017 Brick Squad.

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Oj Da  Juiceman net worth increased exponentially following the success of his  1st music album in September  2009. And in like manner, all his other records particularly his second album, The Otis Williams Jr will rake in millions in revenue that will expound Oj Da Juiceman’s net worth more than what it is today already. 

Apart from his musical career as a rapper, Oj Da  Juiceman has a stake in the film industry. . In 2012, OJ Da Juiceman made his debut film appearance in the pub film ‘Stuck on Broke’. His exceptional acting talent in the film also got him a large following. Hence this equals more streams sales and listeners which has been very impactful on Oj Da Juiceman net worth.  

Nevertheless, this article is set to reveal some salient facts about Oj  Da Juiceman’s net worth,  the awards he has won,  his career progression, brief biography about him,  his wiki, date of birth, age, and his family. So, kindly read this article till the end.

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Brief Biography Of Oj Da Juiceman

Oj Da Juiceman’s birth name is actually Otis Williams Jr. He was born on November 26th, 1981, in   Atlanta, Georgia. Unfortunately, there aren’t any further details about his childhood, his parents, and his siblings.

However, it is known that Oj Da Juiceman grew up with his single mother in eastern Atlanta, Georgia. He also has been grounded in music and his rap career.  The rapper used to stay in the same apartment complex as rapper Gucci Mane. 

Facts About Oj Da Juiceman

  • Real/ Full name: Otis Williams
  • Nickname: Oj Da Juiceman
  • Age: 37 years old 
  • Date of birth: November 26th, 1981
  • Place of birth: Atlanta Georgia
  • Nationality: America
  • Ethnicity: Black
  • Religion: Christian
  • Zodaic sign: Sargattius
  • Height: Unknown
  • Weight: Unknown
  • Hair color: Black
  • Eye color: Black
  • Mother: Unknown
  • Father: Unknown 
  • Brother: Unknown
  • Sister: unknown
  • Marital status: Unknown
  • Sexual orientation: straight
  • Spouse: Unknown
  • Education: Unknown
  • Profession:  Rapper,  Musician, and Songwriter
  • Oj Da Juiceman net worth: $2million

How Old Is Oj  Da Jucieman In 2022?

Oj Da Juiceman is currently 37 years old. However, by November 26, 2022, he would be officially 38 years old given the fact that he was born on the 26th of  November, 1981. 

Oj Da Juiceman Education

In regards to Oj Da Juciemans education, very little of next to nothing is known. This is because the rapper has remained very stringent with details about his personal life. He only puts details about his music and rap career out. Anything about his education, he hasn’t revealed.

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Oj Da Juiceman’s Career Timeline

OJ Da Juiceman net worth Bloom didn’t just start today. It started as far back as his rap career kick-started. In 2007, the rapper launched his own record label called 32 Entertainment, Interestingly, he partnered with Mane who is the CEO of So Icey Entertainment.

 In no distant time, after the birth of the 32 Entertainment record label,  OJ Da Juiceman released six astonishing mixtapes.  Unfortunately, while he was riding the waves of his successful rap career, he was shot eight times in 2008.

And interestingly, he still performed a show in the same week of the gruesome incident. Although one of his legs took a major hit following the shoot-out and it resulting in him limping permanently. Then in  2009,  he signed up with Asylum Records and went ahead to release The Otha Side of the Trap. Oj  Juiceman also appeared on tracks by Jadakiss and R. Kelly. His most recent work/  mixtape was released in 2013.  

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And in that same year, he got into a heated Twitter argument with Gucci Mane. perhaps the reason why his second album The Otis Williams Jr. Story has yet to be released. In 2012 he starred in the independent movie Stuck On Broke. Nevertheless, Oj Da Juiceman’s biggest hit was his 2008 track “Make tha Trap Say Aye” which made it to #13 in the United. 

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What Is Oj Da Juiceman Net Worth In 2022?

Oj Da Juiceman net worth is all the motivation you need to launch your showbiz r rap career. He is a testament to the famous saying that there is money in rap, music showbiz, and in fact the entertainment industry at large.

So, according to some high-ranking media outlets like Forbes, IMDB, and others, Oj Da Juiceman net worth is approximately $2 million. 

Is Oj Da Juiceman Married?

Unfortunately because of how secretive the rapper is, there is no definite question regarding his marital status. 

Perhaps if he is indeed married, then he has perfected the art of keeping his family business away from the media. 

Who Is Oj Da Juiceman Girlfriend In 2022?

It appears that Oj Da Juiceman isn’t one to kiss and tell. Apart from keeping details of his personal life very private, Oj has never been linked to any woman romantically. Even his exes or his present relationships are still mysterious subjects. Hence, for now, there is no news about Oj Da Juiceman’s girlfriend. 

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How Many Children Does Oj Da Juiceman Have?

Like every other personal detail about the rapper is in his safe coffers, there aren’t any details as to whether or not he has children. If indeed he has any children, then certainly, he is keeping them away from the media eye and attention. 

Oj Da Juiceman Body Statistics

Well, looking at Oj Da Juiceman, he is a fine gentleman with a really dashing physique bar from the deformity he suffers on his legs from the shoot which has resulted in him limping. 

But unfortunately, the figures and actual measurements of his height and weight are unknown. Notwithstanding, from his pictures, we can see that he has brown eyes and black hair. 

What Are Oj Da Juiceman Social Media Handles?

Like most rap artiste and personalities in the entertainment industry, Oj Da Juiceman also utilizes the special power of social media for his career growth which in turn serves as a booster for his net worth. However, he is still very much on the track of privacy as he posts content surrounding his music and nothing about his personal life. You can check him out on Twitter @Ojdajuiceman32 he has a total of 139.4k followers on there. You can also check him out on Instagram also @Ojdajuiceman32 where he has a whopping 293k followers.

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Otis Williams Jr. popularly known as Oj Da Juiceman has made quite a name for himself in the rap/ music industry. Haven started his music career with Never Again Records, which is a widely known record label for their 2004 Summer spin-off hit “Black Tee”.

Oj Da Juiceman currently operates independently following the creation of his own label 32 Entertainment. However, he is in close partnership with famous rap artist, Gucci Mane who is also the CEO of So Icey Entertainment.

OJ da Juiceman has successfully released a total of 6 mixtapes under 32 Entertainment ever since the record label was founded.

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