Who Are Nico Ali Walsh Parents, Career and Biography

It is not common to find people who are willing to do anything to make sure that the legacy of their grandparents is upheld in the highest esteem. However, it appears that this is what Nico Ali Walsh is bent on achieving. Nico is the grandson of the legendary Mohammad Ali, who many believe is the greatest boxer to walk the earth’s surface. While boxing is a lucrative job, it also comes with its side effects which can be lethal. Mohammad Ali’s death from Parkinson’s disease is a testament. Perhaps this is why one of Nico Ali Walsh’s parents didn’t support their child’s boxing dream. Find out who the parent is as you read on. 

Nico Ali Walsh parents
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Two professional bouts, two wins, one knockout in the first round, the second, a knockout in the third round, reminds you of anyone? It looks like we have a reincarnation of Mohammad Ali in Nico Ali Walsh. Maybe it is too early to state this, but from every indication, it appears that this is becoming likely as the days go by. This is not the first time we have seen children of legends redo what their parents have done and even do better. We hope it is the same for Nico, who looks like he is up for the task. 

Who Are Nico Ali Walsh Parents? Meet Bob Walsh

Nico Ali Walsh’s parents are Rasheda Ali, the daughter of the legendary Mohammad Ali and Robert Anthony Walsh. Also known as Bob Walsh, the grey-haired chef was born in the beautiful city of Chicago in October 1957. His family ran a restaurant, and his love for culinary began at a very young age. However, he didn’t immediately jump into the culinary business as he joined the Marine Corps immediately after he graduated from college in Wisconsin. There is no information about where he served, but he is considered a US army veteran. After he served his country, he returned home to take part in the family culinary business fully. 

To further establish himself as a culinary expert, he became an apprentice with the American Culinary Federation. He would later become a chef, working at Jilly’s Steakhouse, Rosebud Restaurant in Chicago, before flying back to Florida. 

Who are Nico Ali Walsh Parents? Meet Mohammad Ali’s Daughter

Nico Ali Walsh’s mother is Rasheda Ali, who is the daughter of Mohammad Ali. She was born in 1970 in Pennsylvania. She is the daughter of Ali’s second wife, Belinda Boyd. The beautiful Rasheda grew up with eight siblings and other half-siblings. Rasheda is a twin; her other twin is Jamillah. Rasheda is an author, public speaker, and Parkinson’s disease advocate. The latter came as a result of losing her father to the disease. She is the author of one of the best-selling books; I’ll Hold Your Hands So You Won’t Fall: A Child’s Guide to Parkinson’s Disease. In this book, she talked about her father’s struggles through the years he was down with Parkinson’s disease. Speaking to The Guardian, she said the effect of the disease on Mohammad Ali was huge, and it made her lose her father’s inspiring speeches. 

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How Did Nico Ali Walsh Parents Meet Each Other?

After Bob moved to Florida to establish himself as a culinary expert, he met Rasheda Ali in 1997. Rasheda was a hostess in Florida. The two met, connected, and it was a bang from the get-go. A couple of dates later, the two fell in love with each other. They married a year later and have two children; Biaggio Ali Walsh, born in 1998, and Nico Ali Walsh, born in 2001. 

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Rasheda Didn’t Want Her Son, Nico, To Go Into Boxing.

One way Mohammad Ali communicated during his Parkinson’s condition was via touch. He had lost his voice and couldn’t talk. Ali expressed by squeezing for a Yes, and doing nothing for a No. As an amateur boxer, there was a time Nico Ali Walsh wasn’t sure if he wanted to pursue a career in boxing. So, Nico sought advice from Ali. When Nico asked his grandfather if he should go into boxing, Ali squeezed his grandson’s height tight. It was all Nico needed to forge ahead.

But there was a problem. Perhaps, it was borne out of concern that her son may end up like her father; Rasheda at first didn’t want Nico to be a boxer. However, she changed her mind and said that she had no choice but to support him in whatever decision he took. She told The Guardian: “He [Nico] had a connection with his grandfather and then he just started loving the sport. I’m not 100% happy with it but I’m supporting him 100%.”

Since she decided to support her son, she has shown support for her son on her Instagram page, where she has quite some followers. 

Mohammad Ali’s Former Promoter Believes in Nico Ali Walsh

After 35 amateur fights, of which almost ended in victories for Ali Walsh, Bob Arum, former Mohammed Ali’s promoter, is an admirer of Nico. Arum believes that the genes of Mohammad Ali reside in Nico, and he too can put up a show just as his grandfather did. Hopefully, Nico Ali Walsh can live up to the expectations. 


Today, Nico Ali Walsh parents are entirely behind their son, and at every given opportunity, they throw their weight behind their son’s decision to go into boxing completely. 

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