May 24, 2024
Mountain Monsters net worth

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Mountain Monsters net worth became an extensive discourse since it first premiered on June 22, 2013. Mountain Monsters is an American tv series that borders on wildlife  Vacation spots, mostly mountains in  America. The series aired on Destination America and was first shot in 8NSup Seize. And as of today, over 50 episodes and counting have been aired.

Mountain Monsters net worth
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The key actors of the Mountain Monsters series are a group of six hunters from West Virginia, namely;  John Tice, Jacob Lowe, Joseph Lott, William Neff, Jeff Headlee, Willy McQuillan, and their producer Clot Straub. The hunters are original members of the Appalachian Investigators of Mysterious Sightings (AIMS). 

The Mountain Monsters series is primarily about how these hunters and trappers are responsible for inspecting and capturing unprotected creatures within the Appalachian Mountains.

Mountain Monsters net worth is quite an attention grabber given the fact that diverse actors receive diverse pays based on their expertise or talent quality. Mountain Monsters net worth is quite a fortune, especially with the milestone the show has amassed of over 11 years. Hence the Mountain Monsters net worth will be extensively reviewed in this article. So, kindly read to the end. 

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 What Is Mountain Monsters  Net Worth

The first time Mountain Monsters aired on Destination America was on June 22, 2013. And ever since then,  over 50 episodes of the show have aired, and the viewership has also increased accordingly.  To this end, Mountain Monsters net worth has risen collectively over the years. Mountain Monsters net worth as of 2022 is approximately $2.5million. First, however, each of the six hunters and trappers has their individual Mountain Monsters net worth, which will be discussed. 

Mountain  Monsters Cast  Net Worth

The Mountain Monsters cast consist of six hunters and trappers from west Virginia, namely;  John Tice, Jacob Lowe, Joseph Lott, William Neff, Jeff Headlee, Willy McQuillan. They all have diverse net worths, which will be extensively reviewed alongside some salient details of their personal lives.

1.  Trapper John Tice  Net Worth And Personal Life

John Tice is one of the solid of the Mountain Monsters show.  Since it first aired on Destination America, he has been on the show on June 22, 2013. John Tice is currently 74 years old and was born in 1947 in West Virginia.  He has an inquisitive personality and has a knack for adventure. He likes to dive into the unknown and enjoys his role as a trapper.  He started out hunting for strange animals in the woods ever since he was a child.  

John Tice
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John Tice served in the military for a while until he retired in early 2000. He then decided to answer the call and satisfy the curiosity surrounding his takes on the existence of weird wildlife creatures. Luckily, he had a few friends with similar interests, so they came together and formed the Appalachian Investigators of Mysterious Sightings (AIMS).  John Tice has aired in all the episodes of the series and even more. His Mountain Monsters net worth is approximate in the range of $700 000 to $800 000. 

2.  Huckleberry Joseph Lott 

Like John Tice, Huckleberry Joseph Lott is also solid on the Mountain Monsters. He was also featured in the show since its premiere in 2013. He serves in his capacity as the head of security for the AIMS. Unfortunately, not much is known about Huckleberry Joseph Lott regarding his personal life. However, he is over 50 years old and a native of Virginia, born and raised. 

Joseph Lott
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 As a child, he spent most of his time in the woods playing; hence it isn’t a surprise that he is adept in his role as the AIMS chief security officer. Joseph Lott is a very private man. He has no social media presence. Nevertheless, Huckleberry has made quite a fortune from the series. His mountain monsters net worth is a rough estimate of $500,000. However, his monthly take-home is $16,000. 

3. Willy Mcquillan The Carpenter And Tapper 

Willy Mcquillan is an adroit hunter with decades of experience in hunting, trapping, and carpentry. He is also amongst the cofounders of AIMS and an expert trap builder invents, and expert trap builder invents. In addition, he is responsible for building unique traps for the team to use in hunting down wild creatures on the show. 

Willy McQuillian
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 Because he is also a secretive fellow like his colleague Huckleberry Joseph Lott, details about his personal life like marriage status or age are unknown. However,  His mountain monsters net worth over the years is within the acceptable range of $600,000.

4. Tracker William Neff ( Wild Neff)

William Neff, also known as ‘wild bill’ Neff, is currently 32 years old. He is an expert tracker and hunter of large animals. In addition, he has the most powerful physique amongst all the six casts of the Mountain Monsters. To this end, he is charged with doing most of the work regarding lifting the team’s massive traps and heavy stuff.

Neff William
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Apart from his enjoyed fame on Mountain Monsters as an expert tracker, William Neff is also a famous comedian. He used to work as a producer for Buzzfeed in the past. Although his family lives in Hollywood, California, he doesn’t like to publicize details about them in the media. Lastly,   Will Neff’s Net Worth is approximately $500,000.

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5. Researcher  Headlee Jeff

Headlee Jeff is a prominent member of theAIMS. He is amongst the founder and the team of the AIMS research department.  He is very adept at interviewing eyewitnesses for the show and documenting the very salient details required for the team.  Headlee is also very skilled with technological equipment and handles most of it for the team.

For example, he is in charge of the thermal camera for the hunters during night hunts. Unfortunately, his age, marital status, and family details are still deep secrets. This is because he is also as big on privacy as the rest of his teammates.  However, his net worth is known and is around $700,000. However, it will still increase in the coming years because of his other business, the H&S trading post where he works as an operator. 

Jeff Mountain Monsters
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6.   Clot Straub

 Clot  Straub is the Mountain Monsters cast with the highest net worth.  He is worth $10 million.  However, he isn’t new to fame. He is also famous as an astute writer and producer of several blockbuster movies and shows such as; Rat Bastards, Diamond Diver, Alaska monsters, including Mountain Monsters. He is happily married to  Kasey Miller Straub alongside their three children, whose names remain secrets.


 From Clot Straub’s perspective, Mountain Monsters net worth is immense fortune seeing that he owns the most extensive net worth amongst the troop of six.