July 22, 2024
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When a series of mugshots of a woman who looked like a meth addict posted by a Sheriff, Adam Bieber, went viral in 2019, it became a source of lesson for drug abusers. The pictures were those of Misty Loman, as we later found out. So what happened? Where is Misty Loman now? What could have caused this? Is the story by Adam Bieber true? It is easy to subscribe to rumours if the truth is not in sight. In this article, we will examine the real story behind the transformation of Misty Loman. 

misty loman now
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There are times that a person’s view of a situation becomes the reality of every other person, especially if the individual is an authority. This was precisely the case with the Misty Loman picture posted by Bieber, an ill-informed sheriff from Wisconsin. Naturally, when you see the picture, the first thing that may pop up in your mind is the picture is someone who is a drug abuser.

People judge without verifying the facts. It is a pandemic to humans. When the photos first came out, people thought. Fans made many snide remarks about Loman without even knowing the truth. Sadly, this became the legs everyone was willing to run with. Where is Misty Loman now after all these accusations? Did she debunk them? Was there a mistake in the passage of information? You can read on to find out the truth. 

Who is Misty Loman? 

She was born Misty Dawn Loman in Bowling Green, Kentucky, United States of America. Misty is married to one Gary Glass Jr. The couple has two children, Corey and Jacob. It is unclear when she was born. Aside from the fact that her mugshots received much public attention, we probably wouldn’t know who Loman is. Getting into groups and friendships that were bad allowed Loman to explore a lot of vices. 

Loman has a severe drug addiction. Her addiction was so bad that she lost three of her children. One of them was stillborn. The other time she was pregnant, it was with twins. Unfortunately, they both died, even though at different times. One of the twins died in the womb, while the other died less than a month after it was born. It must have been tragic. However, contrary to what people may think about Loman, the children didn’t die due to her drug abuse – at least according to medical reports. 

misty loman now
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It is traumatic when you lose not one or two but three children. For Loman, the only way to ease her mind of the pain and loss was to resort to drugs. While we disagree with her choice, we really cannot dictate how a man or a woman deals with grief. 

Misty Loman Now: Loman’s Mugshots Went Viral

After the sheriff posted the pictures of Misty Loman, the photos went viral. Misty was arrested for drug possession. However, the mugshots taken of her by the police went viral. Many thought it was a result of the drugs she had abused. While it is true she has a drug addiction; the addiction caused her face to be like that. After medical experts who saw the pictures realized that Loman’s face wasn’t really about her drug addiction but that she had bone cancer, scleroderma, and lupus. But you know how people online do; they have already slain the victim without finding out if the truth is hidden. 

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Where is Misty Loman Now? Is She Free From Drugs?

In an interview with WBKO, Loman planned to use drugs till she died. For her, her solace was in the drugs she took, and she didn’t mind if it killed her in the long run. However, her problems led her to drugs and crime. 

Unfortunately, there is always a consequence of an action. In Loman’s case, she was diagnosed with cancer and other diseases. With no job to treat, she decided to live recklessly, taking even more drugs till she was caught in possession and arrested. Interestingly, while she was detained and had her pictures go viral, she also got help as it became clearer that it wasn’t the drugs that made her look hapless because of cancer she was battling. So, where is Misty Loman now?

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Loman decided to give her recovery a shot and enrolled in a treatment center. Also, she found God, and today, she is living a brand new life. According to her, “If you are struggling and you see no way out, and your mind, body, and spirit is broken, just ask God. Prayers work; they do. I’m living proof of it. God will help you in your weakest moment.” Today, Loman is two years drug-free, and her physical appearance is getting way better. You can check her pictures on her Facebook page here and see how different she looked from the mugshot she took. 

misty loman now
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Where Misty Loman now is, is a good place. And it is great to know that people took an interest in her recovery phase, which is a good thing. There is a lesson there, though, and we will leave you to figure it out.