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Michelle Malkin daughter, Veronica  Mae Malkin is her first child and only daughter from her marriage to her husband, Jesse Malkin. Michelle Malkin is a  famous conservative columnist and political commentator while her husband, Jesse Malkin is an ex-associate policy analyst and economist for RAND cooperation.

Michelle Malkin daughter
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However, he made the hard decision of quitting his job to be more available for his family. To this end, he left the bulk of the family finances in Michelle Malkin’s care. 

The democrat couples have come a long way together, especially amidst the health challenges that befell Michelle Malkin,’s daughter.  Kindly read this article till the end to know more about Michelle Malkin’s daughter and her family. 

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How Michelle Malkin Met Her Husband Jesse.D Malkin

Michelle Malkin’s daughter’s father, Jesse. D Malkin is old love flames. They started dating as far back as the early 90s.  The couple met while they were still in Oberlin College where she majored in English and he Majored in Politics.

Michelle charmed her husband with her extroverted personality. Meanwhile, he is introverted.  And the rest became history as they started dating shortly after.  

Michelle malkin husband
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But they were faced with some relationship hurdles when Jesse had to transfer to the University of Oxford where he received his Ph.D. in Public Policy Analysis. But somehow, they managed to scale through and eventually got married in 1993. Their wedding ceremony was was private and exotic with just close friends and family members in attendance. 

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Who Is Michelle Malkin Daughter, Veronica Mae Malkin?

Michelle Malkin daughter is  Veronica Mae Malkin. She is her first child and only daughter.  Veronica was named after St. Veronica. St. Veronica is reverenced as an epitome of valour for her bravery displayed in adversity when Jesus was on his way to Calvary.  So, her parents picked out the name for her because of how strong and brave she was at birth and to this day. 

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How Old Is Michelle Malkin Daughter in 2022?

Michelle Malkin daughter, Veronica Mae Malkin is currently 23 years old in 2022. She was born in 1999. 

Does Michelle  Malkin Daughter Have Other Siblings?

Apart from Michelle Malkin daughter, Veronica Mae Malkin, Michelle has another biological child. The name of her second child is Jullian Malkin. He was roughly over four years after  Veronica was born in 2003.  

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Michelle Malkin Daughter, Veronica Mae Malkin’s  Health Condition

Unlike her brother, Jullian Malkin who was born healthy and strong, veronica was born fray with a disease at birth.  The name of the disease is Jaundice. Jaundice is quite common amongst newborns and often requires immediate attention to treat it effectively.  Apart from jaundice, veronica was also underweight at birth.

 She was placed in the neonate ward under surveillance for a couple of days before she was discharged. Thankfully, Michelle Malkin daughter Veronica Mae Malkin was able to overcome the infancy stage and its attendant illnesses. she grew up wittily, and smart. According to her parents, she is a pristine mathematician. 

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But in the summer of  2015, Veronica was faced with a big health challenge which she still battles to date. For some unexplainable reason, she contacted Costochondritis. Costochondritis is a respiratory disease related to the inflammation of the cartilages that joins the breastbones.

It can also be viewed as a situation where the patients have more than the required amount of oxygen in their lungs which almost feels like they are drowning.  Costochondritis leaves patients at the mercy of gasping and struggling to breathe to the point of exhaustion.

According to Michelle Malkin in one of her blog posts, veronica sometimes experiences difficulty in breathing and the pain is usually soul-wrenching, especially at night. Though she is still ill but not as chronic as before and still receiving the standard medical attention needed to soothe her pain. 

Veronica Mae Malkin Social Media Presence

For some reason, Michelle Malkin daughter has been pretty much sheltered her whole life. She doesn’t have a social media presence. The most you can get a glimpse into her social life is via her mother’s Instagram handle  @Misstripleem. She often posts happy and hearty pictures of herself and her family having a good fun time during their exotic vacations and family time. 

Fun Facts About Michelle Malkin Daughter, Veronica Mae Malkin

Despite having really famous parents, Michelle Malkin daughter lives a very private life. However, her mother takes pride in her and often talks about her with her consent on her blog. It was on one of her blog posts that she released some really intriguing fun facts about Veronica. Some of the facts include;

  • Veronica Loves to go fishing
  • She finishes the Rubik cube in less than 35 seconds
  • She doesn’t like shallow-minded people 
  • Michelle Malkin’s daughter has a huge crush on ice hockey players 
  • Veronica Mae is a great artist, makeup artist  and photographer
  • She is gifted and very good at maths
  • Veronia  Malkin loves Tru-crime novels to a fault.

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Michelle Malkin daughter Veronica Mae Malkin is indeed a fighter. And she doesn’t in any way looks like all her health struggles and challenges. Thankfully, she is better now but still conquering the illness, one day at a time.