Inside the Life of Mary Poole as Robert Smith’s Wife

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All the details about Mary Poole are from interviews granted by one of the greatest rock stars, Robert Smith. You will probably not find a man who gushes about his wife like Smith. Not just the gushes but the longevity of the adulations of his wife. For thirty years, this couple has made themselves the perfect gothic couple, proving that even though you are famous and celebrated, you can have a long-lasting relationship. Mary Poole is a former video vixen, nurse, and model; she has seen it all in the entertainment industry, but her marriage with Robert Smith made her even more popular. This article shares all the information we found about Mary Poole.

Robert Smith was the lead songwriter and singer of The Cure’s now-defunct band. A band that was hugely successful in the 1980s. On the other hand, Smith is regarded as one of the pioneers of the Goth fashion that was rife at the time. A look into Robert Smith’s discography shows that his songs are primarily about his wife, Mary Poole. So what exactly is it about this woman that made a rockstar, to be so endeared to him? What has Mary Poole done to Robert Smith? Why is she deeply the center of his love affairs? Well, you are about to find out in this article.

Who is Mary Poole?

Mary Poole was born Mary Theresa Poole on October 3, 1958. She was born in London, the United Kingdom. There aren’t many details about her parents and her background. Does she have siblings? Well, we have no idea about that. She was a St. Wilfrid Catholic Comprehensive School student, where he had her high school education. Without any doubt about her religion, from the school she attended, it is clear that her parents were devout Catholics.

While she was at St. Wilfrid, Poole noticed that she was much more inclined to the arts. She took art classes and excelled relatively at it. Oh, it was also during the art classes that she met Robert Smith, who would go on to be her husband and one of the best rock stars.

Mary Poole Became a Model

After her high school education, Poole ventured into modeling. Standing at 5’6, she was just the right profile for modeling gigs. Though her modeling career was relatively short, it was a profession that gave her visibility. The next step for Mary was to become a nurse. Even though we do not know what school of nursing she went to get her license in nursing, we know she became a nurse who specialized in taking care of disabled people.

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However, as her husband’s career leaped, she couldn’t keep up with being a nurse. Though unfounded, there are rumors that Mary Poole worked as a stripper. No picture or video has confirmed this rumor. As soon as her husband broke out to be a complete music star, she decided to become a full-time housewife.

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How Did Robert Smith and Mary Poole Meet?

Mary and Robert met for the first time during their time in high school. They were partners in drama class at the St. Wilfrid’s Comprehensive School. In an interview with The Guardian, Robert spoke about how he had to suggest to her to be his partner in his drama class project. Robert, who was 14 then, wanted Poole to be his partner since she had the “good girl” reputation, and he didn’t want her to be stolen by other boys. This became the beginning of their friendship, expanding into decades of a blissful relationship.

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The lovers married on August 13, 1988, in a ceremony at the monastery of Worth Abbey. As a sign of his love, Robert Smith wrote a song dedicated to his wife, “Love Story.” It was released as the lead single in the Disintegration album in 1989. Interestingly, the song became number one on the Billboard Singles Chart on October 21, 1989. Robert Smith has said several times that he depended on his wife for emotional support. Thirty-three years later, the couple is still waxing strong in their love for each other.

Was Robert Smith Inducted Into the Hollywood Walk of Fame?

In 2019, Robert was inducted into the prestigious Hollywood Walk of Fame for his contributions to Rock music. Robert and his beautiful wife, Mary Poole, were in attendance, and one can still see the genuine love that radiated around them.

Why Do Robert and Mary Poole Not Have Children?

Almost 30 nephews and nieces surround the couple, yet, they do not have children, not their own. Their decision, though strangely, is that they feel unfit to raise children. It is a decision that they took together.

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Mary Poole and her husband, Robert Smith, look like the perfect couple. For more than three decades, the couple is still waxing strong, and their relationship is a testament that a long-term relationship is still a thing.

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