May 24, 2024
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Where is Mary Austin now? If there was one person who stayed by the legendary Freddie Mercury’s side till his death, it has to be Mary Austin. It is pretty interesting that even though Mercury became openly gay, it was a woman whom he confided in the most. But there is a story to this. Austin didn’t just come out of nowhere; she was, in fact, Mercury’s first serious love. Even though he turned gay later on, his love for Mary Austin didn’t diminish. There is a lesson there. In this article, we explore the life of Mary Austin and how she was able to cope with the death of her ex-lover. 

Mary Austin was raised by deaf parents. She met Freddie Mercury in 1969 at a clothing store in London. They immediately struck each other and started dating months later. The relationship improved, and Austin moved into Mercury’s apartment. Freddie Mercury was the lead vocalist of the band of the moment, Queen. After years of dating, Mercury proposed to Mary. Coincidentally, it was also the year Queen released an album that did excellently well. However, the relationship didn’t last long as, along the line, Freddie discovered he was gay.

Freddie Mercury Discovered He Was Gay While in A Relationship With Mary Austin

After more than five years into the relationship between Freddie and Mary Austin, Freddie discovered he was gay. Mary, on realizing, threatened to leave, but Mercury didn’t imagine that he could live without her and begged her to stay, promising to change for the better. But, of course, that didn’t change. Freddie later confessed that he was bisexual. The relationship went sour after that confession as Mary figured she couldn’t keep being the lesser partner. Fortunately, they enjoyed each other’s company, and Austin followed the band wherever. As a result, she became an essential member of the Queen’s band.

Where is Mary Austin Now? 

For a while, nobody knew the whereabouts of Mary till she celebrated her 70th birthday in one of the mansions bequeathed to her by Freddie in March 2021. It was a rude shock to Freddie’s partner and ex-boyfriend that Freddie left the choicest of mansions to Mary Austin. He not only went it to her, but he also willed her to do whatever she wanted with it. Interestingly, three months after the death of Freddie (due to an AIDS-related illness), she sent Freddie’s partner, Jim Austin, ex Joe Fanelli, and his assistant Peter Freestone out of the house in 1991.

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Mary Austin now
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Although, they did have somewhere to go as Mercury willed £500,000 to each of them. This money, in 1991, was more than enough to cater to their needs. Although it was not that Mary was happy to eject Freddie’s friends out of the mansion, she had no choice

Today, Mary lives in the mansion, and it was in this mansion that she raised her children. Although her children have become full adults, Mary Austin still lives in the mansion with no paparazzi and her cats. 

Did Mary Austin Marry?

Where is Mary Austin now? Did she marry finally? Yes. Mary married Piers Cameron. But there was something about Freddie that Mary couldn’t shake off, which also applied to Freddie. The two were like soulmates. When Freddie died, Mary Austin felt that her family died too. Even though she was married and had two kids, there was something about Freddie for her. Freddie kept to his word that he would love Austin until his death. He proved that by giving her more than half his fortunes and future fortunes.

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Where is Mary Austin now? Mary is living in West London in one of the mansions Freddie gave her. She is 71 years old now, and that’s quite impressive for someone who doesn’t like to have the media’s attention. 

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