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The Little People, Big World is a TLC reality TV show. The show first premiered on TLC in 2006.  And ever since then, it has grown enormously in terms of the fan base, seasons, and “drama.” The Little People Big World series mirrors the daily reality of the  Roloff family. While they are mostly dwarfs,  and people of average sizes, their lives are quite interesting. Hence the reason why fans are earnestly invested in their story. 

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Though the new season of the Little People Big World, which happens to be the 23rd  season, premieres on May 17 at 9 p.m. ET on TLC. Fans have been left on a cliffhanger by a controversial tweet made by  Jacob Roloff. The air of suspense is even denser as he deleted the tweet within a few seconds after tweeting. 

Notwithstanding the rumors, while we wait for the 23rd season to air on the 17th of May. This article will divulge Jacob Roloff’s tweet and give some further insights into the top stories of Little People Big World.  So, kindly read till the end if you don’t mind some spoilers. 

Jacob Roloff’s Controversial Tweet

For a while, Jacob Roloff has maintained a modest profile alongside his wife, Isabel, and their son, Mateo. But recently, he seems to be spiraling out of control in subtle ways like making suggestive and trolling social media posts. Earlier in April, he threw a jab at his family via Twitter in a tweet that stated: 

“Did I screw up not selling my soul for TV & ad money? Hope not lots of laughs, but rent is too damn high, and I work too damn much. Life is for vibes.”

More recently, on May 4, he made another shocking revelation that was more like a declaration in a tweet he deleted almost immediately after posting. The tweet reads:

” Me preparing the farm for sale: Yes… Haha hell yeah!. Me realizing the farm is for sale. Well this sucks, and What the f**k.”

Rightly so, Jacob’s tweet has evoked a myriad of emotions and reactions from fans of Little People Big World. Some fans believe that Their father, Matthew Roloff was knee-deep in debt hence his last resort to sell the house. Others believe that  The show will end, thus the talks about selling the house. 

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Is The Little People Big World Show Coming To An End? 

As earlier stated, The TLC reality TV shows Little People Big World will premiere its 23rd of season 23 on May 17 at 9 pm.  But Jacob Roloff’s tweet opened channels of new possibilities in fans’ minds. Also, the previous series has mirrored the Matriarch of the family,  Amy Roloff, struggling to be around her ex-husband, Matt Roloff, and his new girlfriend, Caryn Chandler. 

These and many more awkward happenings in the family have been suggestive towards the end of the Little People Big World TV series. And as if on cue, Amy made a mystical revelation about the show in an interview with Entertainment Tonight. Amy said that the family had signed up for two more seasons. 

However, it is still uncertain whether the family farm will be sold or not. We all have to wait for the new season to premiere on May 17 to find out. 

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Matt Roloff Pefers Jacob To Take Over The Farm Instead Of Jeremy Or Zach

Another cogent reason why Fans are a little bit worked up by Jacob’s tweet is that he is the most preferred amongst the three brothers who are in line to inherit the farm. The has been a subtly aggressive campaign for Jacob to take over the farm instead of his twin brothers, Jeremy and Zach, who are both older than him. while Jacob is 25 years old, his twin brothers are both 31 years old.

Interestingly, the three brothers have all indicated their interest in inheriting the family farm from their father.   Even though their 60-year-old father, Matt Roloff, is due for retirement and currently lives out his days in his vacation home in Arizona with his girlfriend, Caryn Chandler. He s yet to decide who would inherit the farm and take over the family business. 

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However, the words on the street are that his number one preference is Jacob instead of his older twin sons, Jeremy and Zach. But he is still uncertain about Jacob’s capabilities of running the farm smoothly because he senses that Jacob is still young and probably unready for such a great mantle. 

Nevertheless. Matt Roloff is still positive about handing down the farm to Jacob. Though he is particular about teaching Jacob many things, he is yet to learn before his retirement since they spend a lot of time on the farm together. However, the subject of whom would inherit the farm still plagues Matt heavily as he had once affirmed Zach’s interest at some point that negates his preferences for Jacob. 

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So, fingers crossed till May 17 at 9 p.m. ET  to get all the answers to the questions bugging our minds concerning Little People Big World TV show. 

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