July 22, 2024
lincoln riley wife

Who is Lincoln Riley wife? When Riley announced recently that he was leaving the position of head coach at the Oklahoma Football team to join the University of California football team, shock waves were sent to fans of both sides. It was sad for the Oklahoma football team fans to see a man who has led them to many successes leave. On the other hand, it was a welcome development for University of California football team fans they didn’t see coming. Either way, it was a decision Riley made for his career. While all of Riley’s successes can be attributed to his intelligence, there is someone behind all of this – Lincoln Riley wife, Caitlin Riley.

lincoln riley wife
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There is a lot to talk about in the shocking move from Oklahoma to the University of California. Still, the focus of this article will be on Caitlin Buckley, who is also called Caitlin Riley, Lincoln Riley’s wife. The story of the two lovebirds is inspiring and captivating. Fun fact, did you know Lincoln and Caitlin were born on the same day? When you think two lovers born on the same day is rare, this lovely couple takes it a step further – they were born in the same year. 

Let’s look at some facts about Lincoln Riley’s wife, some of which you have not heard about before. 

1 Lincoln Met Caitlin in High School

It is not that the couple attended the same school. We needed to clear this out. However, the first encounter between the duo was while they were in high school. They attended high schools that were fierce rivals. Lincoln attended Muleshoe High School while Caitlin, on the other hand, attended Dimmit High school. The schools were rivals at everything because the distance between them was just 45 miles. 

2. Lincoln Shares The Same Birthdate With His Wife

Are they twins? Well, in a manner of speaking, yes. But isn’t it fun when you share the exact birthdate with your partner? Lincoln Riley’s wife was born on September 5, 1983, the same day. Both were also born in Texas, United States of America. 

3. Lincoln Riley Wife Was a Former Soccer Player

While Lincoln was passionate about football, his wife, Caitlin, was even passionate about soccer. In fact, at some point in her life, she thought she would follow that path to become a professional soccer player. So, who knows, she just may have become a member of the USWNT if she stuck to the goal of becoming a soccer player. But, you know how life sets us on a course we did not see coming. 

4. Caitlin Became Lincoln Riley Wife in 2007

Knowing each other and liking each other as far back as from high school has a way of endearing one another. For Caitlin and Lincoln, after Caitlin earned her degree from Texas Tech, she decided she wanted to settle down and who else to settle with than her lover of many years? Well, the duo tied the knot on July 14, 2007. 

lincoln riley wife
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5. The Lovers Have Two Kids

After their marriage, the couple took a break of five years before they settled down. They had their first child Sloan Riley in December 2012. They waited for another four years to have their second daughter, Stella Riley, born in 2016; the same year, her father took up the coach position at Oklahoma University. 

6. Lincoln Riley Wife is A Sports Management Graduate

It is interesting how the couple has the same values and almost the same drive. While the husband, Lincoln Riley, was finding his feet in football coaching, his wife, Caitlin, earned a degree in exercise and sports management from the prestigious Texas Tech. Two lovers, one career path – sports. It must be nice. 

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7. The University of California (USC) Bought a $6 Million House for Lincoln Riley

Reports are spreading that to secure the signature of Lincoln Riley, USC; they bought a house worth $6 million. We do not know if these allegations are true, but what a contract if it is true. We doubt anyone would have rejected the offer. 

8. Lincoln Riley, Caitlin’s Husband Earns $7.5 million

No one employs the services of someone who has no track record of success. For Lincoln, his success was there for all to see, and for anyone to take him away from the job, they had to offer better. This is precisely what USC did. Today, Lincoln Riley earns about $7.5 million in a year. 

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lincoln riley wife
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Lincoln Riley wife, Caitlin, has been a source of support for her husband. Despite the nature of his job, Lincoln is glad he has a homely wife.