Leah Askey Husband: Where Is Leah Askey Now?

In addition to retelling the horrific story of  Betsy Faria’s death, The Thing About Pam on NBC gave rise to the question, where is Leah Askey now? After Betsy’s death, her husband, Russ Faria, was falsely arrested.  Russ’s life changed forever that night after a night out with his friends to find his wife  Betsy in the pool of her blood. Betsy was stabbed 55 times with a knife lodged in her neck.

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 Things took a tragic turn during the trial as a prosecutor, Leah Askey, blatantly accused Russ of killing his wife, Betsy. She claimed that Russ became bitter when he discovered that Betsy had replaced him with Pam Hupp as the beneficiary of her life insurance policy.  Prosecutor Leah Askey also indicted Russ’s friends in the incident. He accused them of enabling Russ’s murder quest against his wife.

However, NBC’s mini docuseries have recently led to the digging up of Leah Askey’s past. Kindly read till the end to find out interesting facts like where she is now  

Leah Askey Wishes She Did Things Differently 

10 years after the fatal incident, in an interview with KSDK,  Leah revealed that she had been hunted with the possibility of securing a conviction for Russ Faria.  This thought can only be made a reality because the then-seated judge didn’t sentence him. Also, Leah admits feeling bad about her actions and the choices she made in the past. Even though the cruel decision was made due to misinformation from her reckless investigators, Leah still feels bad about it and wishes things panned out differently. 

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According to Leah’s grandfather,  the only thing worse than a guilty person walking the streets is an innocent person going to prison. Though Russ didn’t go to prison, she still feels hurt and blames herself.  Thankfully, his successful petition for a new trial before a different judge vindicated him, and the court found him innocent and acquitted him. 

Russ Faria Filed A Civil Suit Against Leah Askey After He Was Released 

You cannot begin to imagine how heartbroken Russ was during the trial period. After finding his beloved wife in the pool of her blood, he was accused of being the murderer of a woman whom he loved and cherished. It was indeed a traumatizing experience for Russ. 

Shortly after he was dismissed and acquitted by the court, Russ filed a civil suit against the police,  Leah Askey and Lincoln County, and everyone who handled the case earlier for passing a wrong judgment on him. 

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Interestingly,   Leah was exempted from the suit by the judge, who ruled that she did nothing illegal or unethical during the case.  However, it was rather unfortunate that the people she worked with didn’t do a thorough investigation before rounding up all their pieces of evidence against Russ.  in addition to that, Leah was entitled to ‘prosecutorial immunity,’ Hence the lawsuit  Russ filed didn’t have a hold on her as he had expected. 

The Thing About Pam Was A Diluted Version Of The Story 

Over the years, Leash Askey didn’t get so much attention until NBC’s The Thing About Pam airing. However, there is a little bit of misinformation. According to Leah, the  Thing About Pam didn’t highlight the original account. Instead, it was a half-baked story told with fictional fillers. This is because all the information used in the miniseries was gotten from the defense and defense attorney.

Leah also revealed that she wasn’t romantically involved with  Pam Hupp at any point in time. Besides, he was the prime suspect in Betsy’s murder and was thoroughly interviewed before Betsy’s husband, Russ Faira, was brought on the spot as a suspect. Leah Askey isn’t pleased with how the mini docuseries depicts her character and role in the story. 

Perhaps the misunderstanding of her character came to be because she never got t to speak to Judy Greer, who played her character in the series. However, Leah was opportune to speak to the show’s producers over zoom.

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Mike Wood  Became The  County Prosecutor  Over Leah Askey 

Leah Askey was a four-year law graduate when she won the Lincoln County prosecutor against a 20-year incumbent. Shortly after, she took up Betsy Faria’s murder case, which affected her career negatively. Due to the mismanagement of the case, Mike Wood got the votes that helped him overthrow Leah from the county prosecutor position. 

Mike used the advantage of the Betsy Faria murder case to triumph over Leah. He claimed that he would re-prosecute the case during his campaign. Then after his election, he sought an investigation into the conduct of the police and prosecutors who handled the case.  He claimed that the case was the worst investigative work he had encountered. According to him, Leah put her ego and agenda first instead of seeking out the truth, which led to poor judgment. 

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 Is Leah Askey Disbarred In 2022? 

Leah Askey’s career has been difficult since  Russ Faria’s prosecution. Even as the county prosecutor, there were so many false allegations against her, ranging from involvement in a child sex-trafficking operation to alleged embezzlement of a non-profit, amongst others. 

It was a trying time for her; she had to request that the county commissioners investigate all allegations against her. At the end of the investigations for child sex-trafficking allegations, there were no substantial proofs and pieces of evidence to back them up.  According to Leah, her ex-husband and his partner,  Roman Buddemeyer, were fixated on tarnishing her image because she had knowledge of their dirty secrets. Despite facing the serious threats of disbarment, Leah hasn’t been disbarred. 

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Where Is Leah Askey Now?  

Following the entire saga of the case and her dramatic divorce, Leah Askey was forced to lead a low-profile lifestyle.  She remarried with a new identity; Leah Wommack Chaney. She now owns and works at a private law firm dubbed the Chaney Law Group. 


While Leah is enjoying her new life with her new identity, we bet she is grateful Russ’s case was reexamined, and he didn’t go to prison. 

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