July 22, 2024
kim Fields

At the age of 5, Kim Fields was already making waves in the movie industry. Unfortunately, it is scarce for child actors to maintain their streak of success until adulthood. It is usually very difficult for actors who broke out very early to remain relevant. There have been several stories where actors who had successful careers when they were younger breakdown or suffered depression. Not Kim Fields. Kim Fields is an American television actress, producer, and director, among many other things. Though she started acting when she was five, her fame didn’t become evident until later.

It had to take her role in a popular sitcom where she played the character of Tootsie Ramsey to get the attention of movie lovers and the media. This article addresses everything you need to know about the life of Kim Fields. Where is Kim Fields now? What is she up to? Is she still acting? Read on to find out more. 

kim Fields
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While many know Fields to be a very talented actress, not many know that she makes music. Fields has released some albums in R&B and rap music. To be fair in her, some of her music albums have done relatively well in the market. But, again, that shows that there is excellence in the career of Kim Fields. Fields can sing, act, and even dance. She has participated in some dancing competitions too. Here is a woman who is doing extraordinarily well for herself. Even at a relatively older age, no performance of Kim Fields is mid. 

Who is Kim Fields?

Kim Fields was born to an actress mother, Laverne ‘Chip’ Fields, on May 12, 1969, in Harlem, New York. Of course, you can say the genes run in her blood. Kim didn’t grow up alone; she had her sister Alexis Fields with her. Unfortunately, like many marriages today, Kim’s parents filed for a divorce. This meant that Kim would have to stay with her actress mother. Having a mother who understands the art of acting means you get to have supportive hands if ever you want to venture into that career path.

This was the case for Kim Fields. The actress was a student of Burbank High School and graduated in 1986. Although she did not act, she was also instrumental in the school’s baseball team, where she served as the coach. 

Kim Fields Career

Kim kick-started her career by making her first appearance on TV at age 5. She embodied the character of Angie in the sitcom ‘Baby, I’m Back.’ Although, unfortunately, the show didn’t last, perhaps we might have seen her genius of Kim even at her young age. Fields would go on to make appearances in commercials when she was seven years old. Then, when she was nine, she was cast in two episodes of the sitcom Good Times. She played the character of the friend of Penny Woods (Janet Jackson). 

Kim portrayed the character of Dorothy Tootie Ramsey in the widely acclaimed sitcom Diff’rent Strokes. Even though she only made appearances in just five episodes, it set a precedent for her career. From then onwards, it was from one level to the other, vertically. Even after the sitcom ended, the role of Dorothy Tootie Ramsey was remembered by fans.

kim Fields
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Kim was later selected for the Tootie when the sitcom producers decided to do a spin-off. This spin-off became the longest aired sitcom on the NBC network spanning from 1979 to 1988. To date, many still remember her spontaneous character. We dare say it was her role in this series that saw her land other jobs she got.

Fields would go on to feature in several more movies. She also made guest appearances in hit movies like The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. However, one of the roles that certainly cemented her legacy is her portrayal of Regina Regine Hunter in the joy Fox sitcom Living Single. 

Is Kim Fields a Singer?

Fields is a bundle of talents. In 1984, Kim Fields took a break from acting to focus on her music career. She was signed to the Critique Records label. She released two music albums, “He Loves Me He Loves Me Not” and “Dear Michael.” Interestingly, the two albums did remarkably well in the market. She hasn’t released any new music since then, though.

Kim has dabbled into rap music, collaborating with groups like Impromp2. She has also made guest appearances in shows like ‘Good Times,’ ‘One on One,’ among others. 

Is Kim Fields On The Real Housewives of Atlanta? 

After years of staying relatively quiet, Kim was cast in the eighth season of the reality TV show, The Real Housewives of Atlanta (RHOA). Her character was great to watch and her colleague, Queen Latifah, testified to her brilliance in handling her character well. Many fans agree with Latifah as Kim’s character was played correctly out by her. 

Are Kim Fields and Queen Latifah Friends?

After their appearances on the screen, the two powerhouse actresses have built a relationship off the screen. The two are seen to have cordial and professional respect for each other, and it is beautiful to see. 

Is Kim Fields an Author? 

Kim has a book she authored. It is an autobiography titled “Blessed Life: Surprising Journey of Joy, Tears, and Tales From Harlem to Hollywood.” Now that’s a pretty long title, you’d agree. However, she published the book in 2017, and it has received a lot of positive reviews. 

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Is Kim Fields Married? 

Kim has had two marriages in her life. She was first married to Jonathan Freeman, who was a film producer. They married in 1995, but their relationship deteriorated, and they decided to call it quits. The divorce was finalized in 2001. They also didn’t have any children together. 

Kim didn’t give up on love and fell in love with Broadway actor Christopher Morgan. They dated for a bit and married on July 23, 2007. They have two sons together, Sebastian Alexander Morgan and Quincy Morgan. 

kim Fields
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Who is Kim Fields’ Net Worth?

Kim is estimated to be worth $8 million. This wealth is from her years of acting in stellar movies and her book sales. Kim is comfortable and living with her family. 

Where is Kim Fields Now? 

Fields is doing fine with her family, and maybe she decided not to show her face in the media; we do not know, but she has been scarce. However, her fans still hope that they get to see her again on their screens. 

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Kim Fields is undoubtedly one of the best actresses of her generation, and this praise isn’t coming from emptiness or flattery; her track records speak for her. 

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