July 22, 2024
Jo Koy wife

If you are familiar with E!’s late-night show Chelsea Lately, you definitely must have come across Jo Koy. He was a panellist on the show, and his touch of comedy made the show a memorable one. In his fifties now, many fans are curious who Jo Koy’s wife is.

Aside from making appearances on Chelsea Lately, the comic also has some stand-up shows up on Netflix and Comedy Central. In this article, we will reveal what the comedian is about and try to expose the relationships he has had in the past. 

Who is Jo Koy? 

Born Joseph Glenn Herbert Sr, but referred to as Jo Koy professionally is an American-Filipino. He was born on June 2, 1971, to an American father and a Filipino mother, Josie Harrison. He was born in Spanaway, Washington. Jo Koy grew up with two sisters; Rowena Herbert and Gemma Herbert. 

As a kid, his parents moved from Spanaway to Tacoma, still in Washington. Koy suffered from his parent’s divorce when he was only 13 years old. He had his high school education at Spanaway Lake High School before moving to Foss High School in Tacoma. The family decided later to move to Las Vegas just so they can take care of their sick grandmother. You would have thought that perhaps, Koy was going to at least finish up his education to college level, but he did not. After enrolling in the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, JonKoy dropped out to pursue his dream of stand-up comedy. 

How Did He Get The Nick “Jo Koy?”

Interestingly, Joseph got his nickname from his family. He shared this at a stand-up comedy show in Phoenix, Arizona on September 22, 2019. According to his story, his aunt gave called him out to dinner “Jo Ko, eat!” In his language, “Ko” means “my.” So, “Jo Ko” translated to “My Jo.” Having misheard it, he thought she said “Koy” and since then he felt it was a good stage name. 

Jo Koy’s Career

A lot of Koy’s jokes are about his mother. It looks like his mother is the inspiration behind his acting and comedic talents. Seeing his talents early on, his mother literally made him join talent shows and asked him to hold performances whenever there is a family gathering. Jo Koy began his comic journey in 1994 at a comedy club in Las Vegas. His performances saw him book a regular spot on the Catch a Rising Star show at the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino. 

To sell out his first show, Jo Koy went from door to door to sell his tickets. 

With diligence and hard work, Jo Koy has gone to feature in other standup specials. The hilarious man has also headlined TV commercials. He was one of the stars of Jamie Foxx Presents: Laffapalooza! He has also won Canada’s Prestigious Gemini Award for his excellence. In Carlos Mencia’s Punisher Tour, Jo Koy was one of the comedians that sold out the 10,000-seat arenas. 

It is also noteworthy that the comic has two highly-rated specials on Comedy Central. 

Jo Koy on Netflix

Before we talk about Jo Koy wife, we need to talk about his exploits on Netflix. Koy has released comedy specials on Netflix like Jo Koy: Live From Seattle. This was released on March 28, 2017. 

Jo Koy on Chelsea Lately

Joy has made appearances in over 100 episodes of Chelsea Lately. If you ask fans of the show, they will tell you, Jo Koy made it worthwhile. Other shows Koy has featured in include: Last Call with Carson Daly, World’s Funniest Fails, The Joy Behar Show, Jimmy Kimmel Live! VH1 and many others. 

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Who was Jo Koy Wife? 

As is common with celebrities, Jo Koy has had his fair share of a failed marriage too. Even though Jo Koy is private with his personal life, we know he was married before. He and Angelika King, popularly referred to as Angie King married sometime. But due to irreconcilable differences, they had to split. Angelika King is an American-Filipino singer. However, they had a son together, Joseph Herbert Jr. 

Who is Jo Koy Wife now?

Today, Jo Koy is in a healthy relationship with Amy Bray. The two have constantly shown their love on Instagram. They got engaged on April 30, 2017. So far, we have not heard the news of them getting married. 

Jo Koy’s Net Worth

According to reliable sources, Jo Koy is worth $1.5 million. No doubt he earned this as a stand-up comedian.



Maybe Amy Bray is going to be the new Jo Koy wife, we don’t know. But the relationship looks like it is sailing in that direction and we wish them all the best as they grow together.

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