July 22, 2024
Jennifer Rauchet

Jennifer Rauchet is a popular name in the media industry for years now. However, she got her fame after her marriage to Pete Hegseth. Hegseth is an American Fox News Host. He is renowned for his hard talks on politics and is an ardent supporter of former President Donald Trump. However, this article will be focusing on his wife, Jennifer Rauchet. 

Jennifer Rauchet
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Quick Facts About Jennifer Rauchet

  • Name: Jennifer Rauchet
  • Birthday: January 30
  • Birthplace: United States of America
  • Nationality: American
  • Ethnicity: White
  • Profession: Executive producer at Fox News and Friends.
  • Hair Color: Blonde
  • Eye Color: Dark brown
  • Net worth: $1 million

We will be sharing all we know about the delectable wife of Pete Hegseth. It is important to note that before their marriage, they had been in previous relationships. In fact, Jennifer is the third wife of Pete Hegseth who has not had it easy with marriages. We hope this is the last time both of them will marry. 

Who is Jennifer Rauchet?

Today, Jennifer Rauchet is the executive producer of Fox News. She has been in this position for almost 14 years. Over the years, she has built her reputation and has forged her name in the history of Fox News. 

We know that she was born on January 30, but that’s all we know about her. It is rather interesting that she has diligently kept her private life away from the media. There is no information about the whereabouts of her parents or siblings. Nobody knows where she was born to date. There is nothing linked to who her siblings and parents are. Nothing was revealed to the public. 

However, we know she attended high school, the name which we do not know. She is indeed a mystery. After her high school education, she enrolled at Townsend University where she had her degree in Journalism. 

Rauchet’s Professional Career

Jennifer has been around TV broadcast for quite a while. If not, she wouldn’t have gotten to the position that she is now. Nobody with zero experience is made an executive producer for one of the biggest TV networks in the world, Fox TV. Rauchet started her career way back in April 2001 as a producer for WPIX-TV. She left after five years in 2006. 

She joined Fox News that same year working as executive producer of  Fox & Friends. Aside from the Fox & Friends show, she also executively produces Watters World hosted by Jesse Watters.

Who is Jennifer Rauchet’s Husband, Pete Hegseth?

Peter Brian Hegseth is an American TV host. Before his venture into journalism, he was an Army National Guard officer. He also was in charge of political advocacy groups like Vets For Freedom and Concerned Veterans for America. One major highlight of his career was him almost being chosen to lead the United States Department of Veterans Affairs during the chaotic Donald Trump’s administration. However, he was rejected for reasons best known to the veterans. 

Hegseth was born on June 6, 1980, in Forest Lake, Minnesota, US. He had his high school education at Forest Lake Area High School in Forest Lake, Minnesota. He then proceeded to Princeton University, receiving his Bachelor of Arts in 2003. Ten years later in 2013, he received his Master of Public Policy from the prestigious John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. 

Hegseth joined Fox News as a contributor in 2014. He has had many controversies associated with him. For instance, he has been accused of allowing Trump to make false claims without challenging the veracity of such claims. 

Pete Hegseth Had Two Failed Marriages

Pete Hegseth married his first wife, Meredith Schwarz, but the marriage didn’t last as they settled for a divorce in 2009. The reason for this was not made public. The following year in 2010, he married his second wife, Samantha Deering. Together with Deering, they had three children. It was during his marriage to Deering that he had an affair with Fox executive producer Jennifer Rauchet. The affair produced a child. When she couldn’t take it anymore, Deering filed for divorce which was settled in August 2017. 

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How Pete Hegseth and Jennifer Rauchet Married? 

After getting into an extramarital affair with Jennifer Rauchet, Hegseth believed he was in love with Rauchet and would rather end the relationship with Samantha Deering than continue. 

After his divorce, he proposed to Jennifer Rauchet. She accepted and two years later, they married in August 2019. Their wedding ceremony was held at Trump National Golf Club, Colts Neck, New Jersey, United States. 

The Couple Dated For a Long Time

While they say office romance doesn’t usually end well, it wasn’t the case for both Jennifer Rauchet and Pete Hegseth. Yes, we do not accept extramarital affairs, but the two are adults and their decisions are solely theirs. Before they decided to marry, the two had been involved in an affair while Hegseth was still married. It was also during the affair that they had their daughter, Gwen Hegseth. 

Jennifer Rauchet’s Past Relationship

It is true that she hasn’t revealed the details of her past relationship. But it is evident that she was married before. She had three children from the relationship. However, the marriage didn’t last for reasons best known to her. The couple had already settled for divorce before Rauchet entangled herself in a relationship with Pete Hegseth. 

She Has Seven Children She is Taking Care of 

Today, Jennifer is the mother of seven kids. She had three from her previous marriage and one from her relationship to Pete Hegseth. Meanwhile, Pete also has three children from his previous marriages. It appears that she enjoys taking care of the little cuties. She regularly posts pictures of the kids on her social media pages. 

Is Jennifer Rauchet on Social Media?

Yes, she is. However, it appears that she is only active on Facebook and Instagram. She has just about 5000 followers. Her Instagram account hasn’t been verified yet. 

What is Jennifer Rauchet’s Net Worth?

With a career that has spanned over 20 years and most of these years as an executive producer, it will come as no surprise that her income is enough for her to live a luxurious lifestyle. According to reports, Jennifer Rauchet is worth $1 million. 

Jennifer Rauchet
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Jennifer Rauchet is living life with her family while also enlarging her stocks as a TV show producer.