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jennifer capriati now

Where is Jennifer Capriati now? You know you were a big deal when the biggest gaming company at SEGA created a whole game dedicated to you. Jennifer Capriati is a woman who was at the center of worldwide tennis fame at a young age.

But some people are cut for fame and can handle the pressure. But some other people, will crack with that enormous pressure. This is where Jennifer Capriati comes in. So, where is the hugely talented tennis player today? Where is Jennifer Capriati now? What is she up to these days? Read on to find out.

jennifer capriati now
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At 13, Jennifer was talking tough and was following the harsh speech with equally tough actions. She told the New York Times in 1990, “Even though I’m going to be playing older ladies when I’m out there playing, I’m as old as they are.” This was a statement of intent and purpose. A statement from a teenager who believed in her abilities. Capriati would go on to shatter tons of “youngest-ever” records.

Jennifer Capriati Became A Star At 15

When Jennifer was 15, she was already heralded as the next big thing in the world of tennis. To further cement her status, she defeated the then world number one, Monica Seles, in San Diego in a thrilling match. With this feat, her stocks rose. She would reach two more semi-finals among many records she already broke. A year later, Capriati won gold at the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona. The highlight of her victory was beating the legendary Steffi Graf in the final.

With this feat, Jennifer Capriati was on the pages of every sports media and even other form of media. The star of the show. The star of the moment. She became the youngest player to get one million dollars in prize money—still 16. But, with fame comes the pressure of the media attention. These resulted in a decline, or they didn’t? Continue reading.

Where is Jennifer Capriati Now? The Teenage Star Fell On The Roadside

This subheading is a manner of speaking. But, the media obsession with Jennifer became her greatest undoing. A year after her incredible run, she was charged with shoplifting, an incident she said was misinterpreted. With this happening, Capriati took a break from the sport. Sadly, she contemplated suicide seeing that she couldn’t deal with the pressure of the media. She announced that she was returning to the sport three years later, but Capriati was never the same girl with grit and poise when she made a serve. Instead, her game became the hallmark of unforced errors.

Jennifer Capriati Regained Her Magic Again

When it looked like her career was going down the drain, Capriati recovered and mustered five wins at the Australian Open in 2000. She finally lost to Lindsey Davenport, but one thing was for sure, she had gained her composure and drive back. Later in 2000, to prove that she was no longer a pushover, she defeated Serena Williams. Then, she defeated world number one Martina Hingis in the Australian Open final. This saw her win her first Grand Slam title. For the next three years, Jennifer hovered between the number one and number 10.

Jennifer defended her title at the Australian Open to retain her title, which brought her total Grand Slam wins to three. Were it not for injuries, perhaps, Capriati would have gone on to become one of the greats with her blistering talent.

jennifer capriati now
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Jennifer Capriati Retired in 2004

Different injuries prevented Jennifer from reaching the heights she wanted to get to. So she finally announced her retirement from the sport. Anyways, she had left her mark in the sport and would be finely remembered for her brilliant serves and aggressive styles.

She Was Inducted into The Tennis Hall of Fame

Starting her professional career at quite an early age may have caused the early retirement as her body gave way to nature to have its course. However, Jennifer Capriati still was recognized for her outstanding contribution to the sports and inducting her into the Tennis Hall of Fame in 2012, befitting a worthy champion on her day.

Where is Jennifer Capriati Now?

Well, Jennifer lives in Florida today. She lives behind the camera and hasn’t even posted anything on her social media platforms for a long while now. Her last post on Twitter was in March 2020, thanking people for sending her birthday wishes.

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Jennifer Capriati Was Charged For Stalking Her Former Boyfriend

It wasn’t until the early 2010s that Capriati became popular again on the news. This time around, it was for negative information. She was charged for stalking her boyfriend. She avoided conviction, but it didn’t stop her from doing 30 hours of community service. It is assumed that she lives in Florida with her family. But the identity of their family still remains under wraps.

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jennifer capriati now
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Jennifer Capriati’s case of burnout and depression because of early and meteoric rise has allowed the regulatory board of tennis to create structures that will enable teens between 13-16 to avoid competing on the circuit full time.