May 24, 2024

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Who is Jared Keeso wife? Jared Keeso is quite famous for his outstanding career in the entertainment industry, and he is a two-time Canadian film Award winner and two-time nominee. Jared’s stardom went a notch higher with his stupendous comic series “Letterkenny.” The series also won the  Writers Guild of Canada award.  Jared starred in other interesting movies like “White Noise: The Light,” “I Love You,” and “The Marine 3: Homefront”. 

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Despite how famous  Jared is, he has managed to lead a private life away from the media house, making it quite difficult to fathom the details of his private life. For instance, not many people know his marital/ relationship status.  This secrecy has prompted fans to ask, who is Jared Keeso wife?  

Who Is Jared Keeso Wife? 

Jared Keeso wife is Magali Brunelle Keeso. She is an attorney and lawyer.  A  Canadian citizen was born on April 10 in Montreal, Quebec. Magali currently works as an intellectual property attorney for “Coveo,” a Canadian technology company situated in Quebec.  Like her husband, Magali is secretive with details of her personal life.

How Old Is Jared Keeso Wife? 

 The exact age of Jared Keeso wife, Magali Brunelle, is unknown. However, it is unknown that she was born on April 10. Her zodiac sign is  Taurus. 

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Magali Brunelle Educational Timeline

In 2011, Magali Brunelle graduated from the University of Montreal with a bachelor’s degree in International Studies and Political Science.  Then In 2013, she bagged her LL.B. degree from the same university. Magali graduated from York University’s Osgoode Hall Law School in 2017 with a certificate in Intellectual Property Licensing the same year.

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Magali Brunelle Keeso Career Progression 

Before she became a full-time attorney at Coveo. Jared Keeso wife had a decent career progression. She started out working as a social rights counselor at Project Genesis while she was still a student at the University of Montreal.  Before she graduated in 2013, Magali was an undergraduate research assistant in the Faculty of Law at the University of Montreal. 

Jared Keeso And Magali Brunelle Keeso Relationship Timeline 

Before they married on July 4th, 2018,  Jared Keeso and Magali Brunelle dated for some time. They did a long-distance relationship with her boyfriend from early 2016 to when he proposed to her in 2018. As usual, they had a private wedding with exclusive guests in attendance. Likewise, the details of their relationship, marriage, and personal life are scarce on the internet. 

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Jared Keeso Wife And Children 

Ever since they tied the knot in holy matrimony in 2018, there has been no news of an addition to their family. Perhaps they have children but have decided to keep their identities and the news of their existence private like every other aspect of their lives. But by and large, Jared Keeso wife is yet to birth a child in their marriage. 

What Is Magali Brunelle Net Worth? 

Jared Keeso wife, Magalia Brunelle, is worth approximately $126 000 from her legal profession. While Jared Keeso is worth a whopping sum of $4 million from his career in the entertainment industry. 

Magalia Brunelle Social Media Handles 

Despite her private lifestyle, Jared Keeso wife is active on social media. She is more active on Instagram with the user name @magalibiki. However, her Instagram profile is private, with 602 followers. She is also active on Facebook and Twitter with followers, respectively.

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Despite how famous the couple is, Jared and Maglia have managed to keep their personal lives away from the public eye. Most people do not even know that Brunelle is a lawyer, as she is more famous for being his wife. 

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