Unraveling Jaiden Animation Sexuality: The Story Behind AroAce 

What is Jaiden animation sexuality? Not many people know that Jaiden Dittfach is the mind behind Jaiden’s animation. Jaiden didn’t become this famous overnight. If there is anything that describes her, it is her consistency. Jaiden is a YouTube content creator and an award-winning animator. Unlike other animation illustrators, Jaiden’s content revolves around body positivity, mental health, anxiety, depression, and toxic relationships. Perhaps, this is why she has won many awards because her works explore humanity. But the buzz around Jaiden animation sexuality these days is growing.

 Jaiden animation sexuality?
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With a large fan base, why is her sexuality the subject of discourse in public? Many fans have questioned Jaiden’s sexuality, but she has not listened to them. After seeing a lot of traction on her sexuality, after a viral video, she decided to add Jaiden animation sexuality to her content in March 2022. 

It may come as a relief to Jaiden’s fans that she has finally come out, but there is this teeny-weeny concern as to whether she would explore her sexuality in her content. This article delves into the truth about Jaiden animation sexuality while also exposing Jaiden’s future plans. 

What is Jaiden Animation Sexuality? Is She Pansexual or Asexual?

Growing up for Jaiden was difficult. While her friends had crushes, she was barely attracted to anyone. Even people her friends were heads over heels for, Jaiden had not even the remotest of feelings. This had her worried, and sometimes, she had to fake attractions to feel among too. She, at some time, thought that she was pansexual and then bisexual and back to Pansexual. She wasn’t convinced of her sexuality. But, somehow, after having an introspective examination of herself, she realized that she was neither of those. She found out on her own that she was asexual and romantic.

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She, today, identifies as AroAce, which is simply a combination of two sexualities, Aromantic and Asexual—being asexual means that the individual has no sexual desire for anyone. While being aromantic means the individual has no desire for romantic relationships. Jaiden believes she is this and hence, has identified as that. With this revelation, her fans now clearly understand that their favorite animator may remain single for the rest of her life. 

 Jaiden animation sexuality?
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Jaiden Can Still Feel Love Despite Her AroAce Claims

Knowing what she stands for regarding her relationship has helped Jaiden see clearly and become herself. Despite not having sexual desires or wanting a romantic relationship, Jaiden can still feel love. She loves her friends and her family all platonically. However, she also wants to be loved not romantically but platonically. So, yes, Jaiden still feels love, only that she cannot express it romantically. It would be dishonest not to say that this identity is relatively new and gaining traction, with Jaiden animation sexuality leading this charge. 

How Does Jaiden Deal With This Sexuality?

Jaiden first opened up about her sexuality in a video that went viral. She stated how she realized that she didn’t feel attracted to someone her friends would probably gush over. For her, she only admires the person’s physical attributes, and that was it. She also revealed that listening to romantic songs made her realize how Aromantic she was. She didn’t know that not getting attracted to anyone was a thing until recently. 

Jaiden Hopes Her Video Helps People in Her Condition

Jaiden believes that finding out about her sexuality has helped her a lot to become confident in her flesh. So, she hopes that this video can help to liberate people who feel in that corner to accept themselves for who they are. She wants them to feel comfortable with their sexualities. 

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Jaiden animation sexuality video is raking in the numbers. She has found a way to create new sexuality that, before now, wasn’t popular. 

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