Jack Mckinney Death: He Succumbed to Old Bike Accident

It took an untimely head injury to end the tenure of Jack McKinney as coach of the Lakers. Even when he was eighty years old, he somehow still had it in him. Jack McKinney death is one that many have not come to terms with, especially Lakers fans, who still believe he might have gone to win even more titles with them. He was that good! His successor, Pat Riley, became successful because he used the same style as McKinney.

Unfortunately, the best of us are taken from us. Even though in his later years, Jack still commands some form of respect for his achievements. But what caused Jack McKinney death? Did he die from an accident, as numerously published across media houses? You can only read to find out. 

jack McKinney death
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To be the coach of one of the most successful basketball teams in the world 13 times can only boast of excellence. Jack is credited as the author of the “up-tempo style,” which is referred to as Showtime in today’s parlance. He was such a talented coach, and the success is there to prove it. But, he didn’t get to become an NBA legend with ease. Instead, he found his way to the top. He has had stints with Kansas City Kings, Indiana Pacers, and Portland Trail Blazers, where he had considerable success.

But, somehow, he was involved in a bike accident, which became the beginning of the end for him. 

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Jack McKinney’s Accident

There are a lot of questions surrounding Jack McKinney death. How did it happen? He had an accident on a motorbike, and somehow, he didn’t recover from the accident. To understand the story of McKinney, HBO made a documentary about his life. The documentary’s title is Winning Time: The Rise of The Lakers Dynasty. What we know Lakers to be today was made possible by men like Jack McKinney, who was hugely successful with the team, dominating games. But what exactly happened to Jack McKinney?

That fateful day, McKinney was riding on his bicycle in the city of Los Angeles to see his friend, Paul Westhead, and probably play table tennis. Then tragedy struck. He lost control of the handlebars and hit his head on the concrete pavement. McKinney suffered a concussion and was hospitalized for three days. As if that was all, little did he know that the accident would be a problem. Though he recovered from the accident, the effect of the fall had fatal results later on. 

jack McKinney death
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Is The Cause of Jack McKinney Death Still Unknown?

It is pretty hard to get over an accident that disturbs the head. Aftr the accident, Jack was required to have multiple surgeries, which slowly deteriorated his health and, in effect, had a severe impact on his coaching skills. Since the time of the accident, Jack was not the same person. He slowly degraded and was sacked in 1974 after a horrible showing in the NCAA men’s championship. He was forced into retirement to take care of his health. He finally passed on on September 25, 2018, at the age of 83.

There have been several rumors as to the cause of death. Until Jack’s daughter told them that her father died from brain complications, nobody knew. Jack McKinney death shook the world of basketball and sport in general because McKinney had built such a reputation for himself that people didn’t see him retiring that early. 

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Does Jack Have Children?

Jack was married to Claire, and together they had four kids; two boys – John and Dennis McKinney, and two girls – Susan and Anne McKinney. Fortunately for them, their father made enough money to live their lives until they became adults. No doubt, Jack McKinney death must have left a hole in the hearts of his family, but this will not bring him back. 

jack McKinney death
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Jack has contributed his quota to developing the sport he so much adored as a younger coach. His impact and legacy precede him, which is why he is still a celebrated sportsman in the sport. 

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