Is Morbius A Villain? He Is Struggling With Dark Urges

Is Morbius a villain? Marvel Studio is adept at creating superheroes and rounded fictional characters that grow into a fandom. One such character is Morbius. The character of Morbius is the end product of the deal between Disney and Sony.  Morbius is a living vampire, created by writer Roy Thomas and artist Gil Kane in 1971.  

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Though his first appearance in the MCU was in the Spider-Man comics, in recent times, he has been the focal point.  Unlike other Marvel characters who are either heroes or Villains, Morbius confuses fans as he comfortably sits on the fence. His aggressive yet compassionate nature also makes it difficult to peg him good or bad.  Hence the begging question, is Morbius a villain?  

The question gets harder to answer as we see him team up with the good guys like  Doctor Strange, Blade, and  X-Men. At least one thing is certain, he possesses some superpowers. So, to find out if Morbius is a villain or a hero kindly read to the end. 

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Who Is Morbius?

Morbius is  Michael Morbius, a special needs child who grew up with his mother in Greece.  He was born with a rare blood condition that warranted him to be quarantined for the, most part of his life.  Growing up in Isolation, Morbius had little to no human interactions. He had just one friend named Emil whom he cherished a great deal. 

Like most adventurous young children, Morbius and Emil made it their life’s mission to find a cure for Morbius’s illness. Hence they took science classes seriously and wound up becoming a renowned scientist. They even won the Nobel science prize at some point. 

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The duo was hellbent on finding a permanent cure for Morbius’s illness, they tried out numerous experiments to no avail until the last one that flipped the entire script.   At conception, it was genius to use vampire bat DNA and electroshock for the experiment until things went south. While Morbius instantly became a pseudo vampire with herculean strength, speed, and ability to transvector,  Emil would later die at the hands of the mutated Morbius. Which is another solid reason to ask, is  Morbius a villain?

 Is Morbius A Villain Or A Hero?

The question of if  Morbius is a villain or a hero is quite dicey because of his state before and after he finishes wreaking havoc. . One thing that always stands out is how he intentionally kills just the bad guys like Dracula and his daughter, Lilith, to get his full. But once he is done wilding, he instantly becomes remorseful and displeased with himself. 

But in hindsight, Morbius can be identified as an anti-hero because he is not in full control of his predicament. Though he became a living vampire by accident, he still tries to serve humanity.  He is constantly battling with his dark urges, even though he needs blood to survive.  For all we know, you cannot predict his actions as he is the thin line between good and bad. 

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Fans Waited For 2 Years To Find Out If Morbius Is A Villain

Before Morbius aired in April 2022, fans waited for 2 consecutive years after the movie was postponed in July 2020.  To this day, the reason for the postponement is unknown. But on the bright side, the suspense it created was used to market the character of Morbius. It also left a large room for imagination for fans who didn’t know if Morbius is a villain or a hero. 

Though the rumors making the rounds is that there was a controversy over the ownership of the character of Morbius between the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Sony’s universe.   While Sony maintains that Morbius belongs only to its universe of Marvel characters, it has become more difficult to pick a side for Morbius. 

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The Joker Is Also Morbius 

 During the suspenseful wait for the premiere of Morbius, one of the details of the movie that kept the trail blazing is that “Joker is Morbius”.  For most MCU faithful it is a big shot to have   Jared Leto play the character of Morbius after his Oscar-winning performance as Joker in Suicide Squad.

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It appears that there is a shade of grey when it comes to Morbius. Everything is not white or black as it seems. Yet it is still difficult to answer the question, Is Morbius a Villain?

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