Is Khonshu a Real Egyptian god? Here’s Everything We Know

Is Khonshu a real Egyptian god? This is not the first time Marvel would come up with Egyptian gods, all of whom have traces of existence in Egyptian mythology. For instance, there is Hathor, who is regarded as the goddess of love and beauty, and then there is Ammit, who is a god of divine retribution. So, there is a rich history between Marvel and Egyptian gods. But none is as rich as the incorporation of Khonsu.

So, the question is, is Khonshu a real Egyptian god? In the latest offering by Marvel, Moon Knight, there is an exhaustive look into the character of Khonsu, and it has sparked debates about whether this god indeed did exist in Egyptian mythology or it is just another fictional character by the network. 

Is Khonshu a Real Egyptian god
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Is Khonshu a Real Egyptian god?

When we researched, we found out that Khonshu is a real god. According to Ancient Egypt Online, he is the Egyptian god of the moon and has his name accurately called Khonsu. While there are several variations of his name, like Khons, Chons, and Khensu, Khonshu is the most popular of the names. In Egyptian culture, he was revered and feared. For instance, he was revered for his healing capacities and feared because he was violent. 

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Is Khonshu a Real Egyptian god
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There is a general depiction of Khonshu as a bird even though he often appears in a human form. He was a contradiction. So, while he has power over evil spirits and can cleanse their land of them, he also uses these same spirits to oppress the ground when he is wronged. In Moon Knight, the Marvel series, Khonsu appears as a huge figure with flowing bandages (must hit the Egyptian notes, right?), then he has a bird skull for ahead, while also wielding a terrifying staff. It must be said that Marvel did try their best to recreate one of the most fearsome gods in Egyptian mythology. 

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How Much is Moon Knight’s Khonshu Similar to Egyptian Khonshu?

In Moon Knight, a very close semblance to DC’s Batman, Khonsu does have a very impressive feature. The team fleshed out the details with some level of accuracy. Khonshu was played by Marc Spencer (his avatar), his real name, Oscar Isaac, and boy, did he kill that character? Is Khonshu a real Egyptian god? Somehow, when you look at how Marvelnwas able to interpret the character of Khonshu, it is not so different from the real god depicted in Egyptian mythology. He is aggressive, just as the god in Egyptian mythology showed. In the series, he has healing abilities, just as the mythology illustrated. 

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So, is Khonshu a real Egyptian god? According to mythology, he is. In the rave of the moment new series from Marvel, there are a lot of similarities between the god of the Egyptians and what he is depicted to be in the series. 

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