April 16, 2024
is jaden smith gay

Is Jaden Smith gay? These rumors have stayed for too long for it not to be true. But is it true that Jaden’s sexual orientation is gay? For someone who is the son of the legendary Will Smith, who the Oscars Academy recently banned, many people are curious as to what Jaden’s sexuality is. Jaden has come a long way, and while he is not as much of an actor as he was in the late 2000s, he has maintained his relevance and fame. He still has a strong fanbase.

His first role was playing his father’s son in the hit movie, The Pursuit of Happyness, before going on to star in the lead role in Karate Kid. Jaden Smith has had quite a career, from acting to music, in which he has had relative success. But, it is his sexuality that many want to know about. So, is Jaden Smith gay, or is it just a mere rumor? Read on to find out more about the eccentric star. 

is jaden smith gay?
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After his appearance in the award-winning movie, The Pursuit of Happyness (2006), he also featured again with his father in After Earth (2013). In between, he was the star of the hit film Karate Kid. Jaden did a song with the Canadian superstar Justin Bieber, “Never Say Never,” which also did the numbers on the Billboard chart. He and Justin Bieber bonded so much that they went on to do projects together.

One of the musical projects, Justice Crew, had a Grammy Award nomination for Album of the Year. Undoubtedly, Jaden Smith is one of the most talented stars of his generation. But over the years, he has embroiled himself in controversies. This has done quite a thing (negative, mostly) on his image. 

Is Jaden Smith Gay? 

You will not find Smith’s comment on any media outlet about his sexual orientation. But somehow, the rumors keep getting stronger, no thanks to subtle hints Jaden Smith gives. For instance, in 2016, Smith partnered with Luis Vuitton to become the face of the brand. In an ad campaign, Smith wore skirts, which he later admitted as part of his non-binary fashion line. This incident again blew up rumors about his sexuality. 

Has Jaden Smith Dated Women?

While Jaden Smith hasn’t revealed if he is bisexual, we have seen him flaunt women and even date some of them. She once dated Cara Delevingne, Kylie Jenner, Selena Gomez, and Jennifer Lopez, who is older than him. While with some of these women, it is a rumor, there is absolutely no doubt about him dating women. 

Did Jaden Smith Date Tyler The Creator? 

Jaden Smith’s tweets recently have pointed out that he is in a relationship with Tyler the Creator. Many people actually believe that something is going on with them. But, in an interview, Tyler the Creator didn’t mainly give an answer if he is in a relationship with Jaden Smith. Tyler and Jaden’s interactions on the Twitter timeline answered the Jaden Smith gay question for so many people. In one of the videos posted online, Jaden was categorically clear when he said, “Tyler the Creator is my f–king boyfriend. It’s true!” 

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What is Will Smith Saying About His Son’s Sexuality?

It doesn’t seem Will Smith’s family is taking these tweets and videos between Jaden and Tyler the Creator seriously. There has not been any comment so far. Why should there be, by the way? Jaden Smith is an adult and is obliged to choose whatever sexuality he wants. Although Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith have always said they didn’t mind if their kids identify as LGBTQ+, they mentioned to Gossip Cop that there is no truth in the rumors. So, could it be Jaden Smith trying to get some attention? 

Is Jaden Smith Dating Someone in 2022?

So far, there isn’t anyone linked to Jaden Smith apart from Tyler the Creator. Oh, wait! A picture circulated in February 2022 of Jaden Smith and model Sab Zada after they were seen together in Beverly Hills on Valentine’s day. Could they still be together? That’s rather difficult to tell as that was the last time we had seen pictures of them together. 

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is jaden smith gay?
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Is Jaden Smith gay? Considering that only Tyler the Creator, has been seen with Jaden and no other man, it is hard to say Smith is gay. Again, the whole stunt could be for publicity. But then again, we never know. 

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