Is David Muir Gay? Get the Facts About His Sexuality

But really, is David Muir gay? You know, when a man is easy on the eyes and quite successful but with no associated partner, questions are raised. These questions then give room to speculations and rumors. Consequently, when these speculations don’t go away, they become the truth. In David Muir’s case, it is his sexuality. Arguably one of the finest journalists around, Muir has, over the years, racked up Emmy awards for his outstanding journalism that tackles societal issues. But what about his social life? While we know everything about his works, his private life has remained what it is – private.

is David Muir gay
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A celebrity will always attract attention, especially when he is awfully good-looking and attractive, but with no mention of a woman he says is his partner. This article will examine the question, is David Muir gay? You will find the truth here.

Who is David Muir?

David Muir was born on November 9, 1973, in Syracuse, New York. He was born to Ronald Muir and Pat Mills. His parents have mixed backgrounds as they have ties to Ireland and England. While he was born in New York, Muir spent most of his life in Onondaga Hill. He grew up with an older sister and two step-siblings. David Muir had a particular affinity for journalism at a very young age.

David spent his summer breaks in television studios thanks to his father, who noticed his early yearning for broadcast journalism. His friends would be going to play, but he just wanted to be in a television studio. You know a kid was relentless about becoming a journalist when he dressed up as a reporter for Halloween. David never missed the 6 pm news and would rehearse reporting the news most nights. Here was a boy who was in love with journalism. 

From High School, he found his way to the journalism college in Ithaca. He was destined for it, and he knew it. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Arts. From there, he interned with ABC news and quickly grew into a fan favorite. For one, he is such a good-looking reporter, but he is also hardworking. David started his career as a reporter at WTVH-TV from 1995 to 2000, spending five years honing his skills. He was one of the best reporters at the station and was privileged to travel around America, covering breaking and national news.

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In 2000, Muir left WTVH-TV and joined WCVB in Boston. He carried the same energetic confidence he exuded to this new TV station. 

David extensively covered the tragic terrorist attack on the World Trade Center Twin Towers on September 11, 2001. His intense and thorough journalism about the terror attack won him the regional Edward R Murray award. Now, this is not the first time he would be winning awards. David is such a hardworking guy. In his first year as a reporter, he won an award and has continued with his streak of quality reportage, winning many awards along the line. 

is David Muir gay
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How David Muir Got a Job With ABC

It was only a matter of time before David was going to hit the stars. For a relentless guy and a thorough journalist, it was written in the stars that he would get a job with any of the most extensive TV networks in the country. So when ABC came calling, it was a reward for his hard work. He was the anchor of Works News Tonight and is one of the most loved journalists because of his unbiased and highly professional deliveries. He is regarded as one of the biggest journalists in the United States of America.

But, it is not just his brilliance as a journalist that has caught people’s attention in recent times but his sexuality. Is David Muir gay? 

Is David Muir Gay?

In 2014, David Muir was ranked as one of the sexiest men alive. Yet, for someone who is sexually appealing, no one has seen a picture of him with a woman. This has sent online fans to become detectives to find out if David’s sexual orientation is gay. It goes both ways: it is possible that David Muir is married to a woman but doesn’t see the need to let the world know about this, or he is not married, and the whole gay rumors are true. There has not been a time that David spoke about a woman. 

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Is David Muir In a Gay Relationship?

In 2015, photos of David Muir and fellow ABC reporter Gio Benitez were seen in the public, actually in a gay bar. They sparked debates that the duo might be in a relationship. But there was no evidence. Then, in 2016, the gay rumors died naturally after Benitez married his gay boyfriend. Today, no one knows if David Muir is in a gay relationship. He indeed hangs out more with men, but there is no overwhelming evidence that Muir is in a relationship with a man. 

Is David Muir Gay? What Did He Say About His Sexuality?

David has not said a word affirming or negating the rumors. He is mute about what people say about his sexuality. We will all speculate who his gay partner is and if he has. 

Kate Dries Claims To Be David Muir’s Girlfriend

One celebrity blogger in Jezebel, who goes by the name Kate Dries, has claimed that she is in a relationship with David. She also said that on her first date with David, he said Peter Jennings is like the James Bond of news. Despite the claims, there has not been any picture of Kate and David together. So, it is either a publicity stunt or Dries just playing around. 

is David Muir gay
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Is David Muir gay? This is a question that only David can answer as no one knows what his sexuality is. However, one thing is clear; he is not in any relationship in the public domain. 

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