July 22, 2024

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People get famous for different reasons. For some, it can be because of their successful careers, their family name, or a crime committed. While for others like Heidi Van Pelt, it could be because of marriage. Though Heidi Van Pelt was already famous as a vegetarian chef, she became even more famous because of her marriage to  Taran Noah Smith.  Taran Noah Smith is a popular American child actor. He is famous for his role as Mark Taylor in one of the 1990s sitcom.

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At the time of their marriage, Heidi and Taran shared a solid 16 years gap which was worrisome. Of course, they received lots of criticism from the public, they were fine at first but a few years later, the duo separated for some unknown reasons. Since their separation, Heidi Van Pelt resulted in private life. 

Who Is Heidi Van Pelt?

Heidi Van Pelt is a popular American entertainer best known as Taran Noah Smith’s ex-girlfriend. She is also a renowned Vegetarian chef.

 Heidi Van Pelt Grew Up In Missouri

Though not so much information is known about her childhood, it is known that Heidi Van Pelt was born on 11 July 1968 in the Midwest of Missouri, USA. No details about her parents and siblings, however, sources say that she grew up In Missouri, where she attended her elementary school

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Heidi Van Pelt  Left Her Degree In Design To Study German And Philosophy 

Though she started high school at  Blueprint high school, she graduated from Oak Park high school. Then she enrolled at Stephens college to pursue Design and fashion. Interestingly, she did not complete the design course. Instead, she transferred to the University of Missouri, where she studied German and Philosophy. still following her dreams of becoming a Central Intelligence Agent (CIA), Heidi went to the University of Washington, where she pursued a degree in Russian Studies. For some reasons best known to her, she dropped out of the program again when she was one semester shy of graduation. It was then she set up her firm Emergent Films.

Heidi Van Pelt’s Career As A Vegetarian Chef

Heidi Van Pelt was a Prop Master and Production Assistant before she settled down to pursue a career in Nutrition in Los Angeles. Although from time immemorial, Heidi Van Pelt was a vegetarian which made it easier for her to start her career as a Vegan Chef. She is part of an animal rights activists group too.

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 To get certified Heidi took an online course from the American Academy of Nutrition to broaden her knowledge. Then she became a certified Nutritional Counsellor before securing a job at a clinic in Los Angeles. And in no time, Heidi’s popularity grew even more as she became the co-host of a radio program, “Raw Health” in the city.

Heidi Van Pelt Body Statistics 

Heidi stands at a solid 5 feet 8inches and weighs 55 Kilograms. Her eye color is Blue and her hair color is Blonde.

What  Is Heidi Van Pelt’s Net Worth?

The food business is very lucrative especially one as a vegan chef in a world where vegan chefs are rare. Hence Heid’s net worth is definitely a fat sum.  Coupled with her career as a radio host, she is definitely raking in millions in revenue.  As of June 2022, Heidi Van Pelt holds an estimated net worth of $300,000.

Does Heidi Van Pelt Have Any Social Media Presence?

Heidi Van Pelt is active on Instagram, @hmvanpelt, with 83 followers and 786 Following with 63 posts. She is also active on Twitter, check her out at @hlvanpelt.

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Heidi Van Pelt’s Marriage To Taran Noah Smith

Love can be found in the most unsuspecting places and people. Heidi, she found love at the age of 34 with then 18 year old Taran. Their relationship got a lot of criticism and unfortunately, it didn’t last long. The duo got married in 2001 and six years later, they filed for a divorce.

Why did Heidi And Taran Divorced?

Six years after Heidi and Taran tied the knot, they got divorced in 2006.  This is partly because  Heidi cautioned against Taran’s unnecessary partying and extra marital affairs. Moreso, Taran accused  Heidi of moving their grocery business money to her private account.

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During the course of her marriage to Taran, there was no news of the couple having children. Perhaps, Heidi has children but they are certainly not for Taran.

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