Where is Hanneli Goslar Now? Is Hanneli Still alive?

Where is Hanneli Goslar now? When Netflix’s documentary My Best Friend Anne Frank became available on the streaming platform, it revisited the friendship between Hanneli Goslar, otherwise known as Hannah Goslar, and the late German-Dutch diarist, Anne Frank. But, Anne Frank passed away a long time ago, so where is Hannah Goslar now? Is she still alive? If she is, what is she up to? These are questions we addressed in this article. But unfortunately, the story of Anne Frank gave her fame after her death. So, how did Hannah Goslar and Anne Frank meet? 

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Who is Hanneli Goslar?

She was born Hannah Elisabeth Pick-Goslar on November 12, 1928, in Berlin, Germany. She is of Israeli heritage. There is not too much information on her parents, but she is famous for her friendship with diarist Anne Frank. Goslar’s father, Hans Goslar, was deputy minister for domestic affairs in Germany until 1933. In contrast, her mother was a teacher.

Unfortunately, Hanneli Goslar’s mother died, giving birth to her stillborn third child. The election of Adolf Hitler made Goslar’s father resign because he was a Jew. In trying to find a place to avoid the Nazi government of Hitler, Hans Goslar settled in Amsterdam, Netherlands. 

It was in Amsterdam that Hanneli Goslar met with Anne Frank. They attended the same school, 6th Montesorri School, in Amsterdam, Netherlands. They also had a third friend in Susanne Ledermann. So where is Hanneli Goslar now? Today, Goslar lives in Jerusalem, Israel. 

Hanneli Goslar Parents Were Arrested

In 1943, Hannah, her younger sister, Gabi, her maternal grandparents, her father were arrested and sent to the Westerbork transit camp. Hannah and Anne Frank reunited briefly in February 1945, when Frank was imprisoned at the other side of the camp. Hannah and her sister, Gabi, survived for 14 months at Bergen-Belsen. However, her father and maternal grandparents died while in the concentration camp. After their survival, Gabi and Hannah emigrated to Jerusalem. The sisters lived there and had their marriages in the capital of Israel.

While, Gabi is no more, Hanneli has defied age and has continued to be a source of information for historians who want to know the details of the Holocaust. Anne Frank was subjected to torture and her story just became a subject of several documentaries.

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Is Hanneli Goslar Married?

Hanneli Goslar married Dr. Walter Pinchas Pick. We do not know how they met, but they had three children who, in turn, had eleven grandchildren. So today, Goslar has over 20 great-grandchildren. Hanneli Goslar is currently unmarried as her husband died a long time ago. So again, the question is, where is Hanneli Goslar now? 

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Hanneli Goslar Has Appeared in Documentaries

Hanneli has featured in documentaries surrounding her friend Anne Frank. She was on the Emmy Award-winning documentary by Willy Lindwer, The Last Seven Months of Anne Frank, in 1988. Also, she made some appearances in Anne Frank Remembered and Memories of Anne Frank: Reflections of a Childhood Friend. Recently, a fictional account of Goslar-Frank’s friendship was released on Netflix in 2021. 

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Where is Hanneli Goslar Now?

Hanneli currently lives in Jerusalem. After recovering from an illness after her liberation from the camp in 1945, she moved to Basel, Switzerland, to study before leaving for Palestine and Jerusalem. 

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Hanneli Goslar is well into her 92nd year, and she is doing fine. Having seen the horrors of the Holocaust, she has warned that even though history usually repeats itself, the Holocaust should never happen again.