May 24, 2024
Freddie Highmore, such a young and talented actor

Not many star actors started putting written words to actions on screen at a very tender age of their lives. It takes only the talented to stroll on stage with legends in the industry. Freddie Highmore is just one of the very few who has made history in the world of entertainment. In one of his early childhood quotes “You’ve got to be lucky enough for people to be asking after you” Freddie had already started paving his mindset towards entering the limelight in the industry. 

Freddie Highmore has explored the hidden meaning of his surname “high” and “more”. He never stop climbing “high” the ladder of affluence in the movie industry and certainly ready to manifest “more” capacities build up in his family acting DNA. This is glaring in his latest top notch 2021 movie- The Vault- released just about two month ago.

Furthermore, despite the diversified views of fans and non-fans about Freddie personality in-built, he never for once counterattacks his attackers or be thrilled by his appraisers. As a result, more questions upon questions and views about his personal life keeps popping. However, it is not very surprising to some fans having that the phrase “more” is part of the construct of his identity.

To answer some of these questions both voiced and unvoiced, especially in tandem with his sexuality we will take a careful look into all that needs to be known about Freddie Highmore. So relax and enjoy.

All to Know About Freddie Highmore.

Quickly before we talk about the peculiarities of Freddie Highmore and answer issues regarding his sexuality, here are salient facts about him that you should table at the template of your short term memory.

  • Name: Alfred Thomas Highmore
  • Nationality: England
  • Profession (s): Actor, Producer, Director, and Writer
  • Gender: Male
  • Gender Identity: Masculinity
  • Date of Birth: February 14, Friday, 1992 (Valentine Day)
  • Age: 29 years
  • Marital Status: Single and Never Married
  • Height: 5 Feet 10 Inches (178 centimeters)
  • Weight: 70 kg (154 lbs)
  • Zodiac: Aquarius
  • Net worth: $8 Million

Early Life of Freddie Highmore

Birth and Upbringing

Freddie Highmore was born on a Friday morning of February 14, 1992 in London, England. A day widely recognized as Lovers day in ten countries of the world. He was raised in the area of Camden Town.

Freddie was born into the atmosphere of entertainment industry as his family had strong interest and connections in the industry. Sue Latimer, his mother is a popular talent agent in London; she has high profile actors as clients. His father Edward Highmore appeared in series like “Doctor Who” and “Howards’ Way” among others.

In addition, owing to the fact Freddie’s parents were a bit well-to-do; he never had much to struggle with. This was evident in his adventurous lifestyle in early childhood.


Freddie completed his primary school education in London Borough of Barnet. His composure and soundness made him qualified for a scholarship to further in his secondary education where he came out with at least 10 A’s in both science and commercial subjects. 

Upon graduation, Freddie took a discipline in language at Emmanuel College in Cambridge and graduated with double first-class honors majoring in Spanish and Arabic. He is equally very fluent in French.

Brief Career Timeline of Freddie Highmore

Early uprising

Freddie first steps in to the superstar journey in the entertainment industry started in his small role in a TV series in 1999. He started at his tender age of seven in a comedy TV series- Women Talking dirty. Freddie gathered more experiences and then decided to take a step further when he later played a young King Arthur in “The Mists of Avalon”.

In addition, he learned more as he starred alongside his father in the TV movie “Jack and the Beanstalk: The Real Story.” His enthusiasm offered him more life-changing opportunities in the industry.

How Freddie Highmore Became Popular

Freddie came in to limelight in 2004 with the release of “Finding Neverland.” The role earned him several awards like the Critics’ Choice Movie Award for Best Young Performer, among others. In the same year, Freddie welcomed more advancement by booking a starring role in the film “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” with Depp. This role won him many accolades and awards, biggest of it being the Satellite Award for Outstanding New Talent.

Again, Freddie booked roles in films like “A Good Year,” “Arthur and the Revenge of Maltazard,” “Arthur and the Invisibles,” and “Arthur 3: The War of the Two Worlds” with several awards and nominations.

Furthermore, in 2007 Freddie developed higher endeavors as he booked a voice acting role in “The Golden Compass” ‘a Fox’s Tale”, popular “Astro Boy” and several other video games. Freddie also featured in “The Spiderwick Chronicles” in 2008, winning more and more awards of the season.

In Addition, Freddie in 2010 appeared in films like “Toast,” “Master Harold & the Boys,” and “The Art of Getting By.” He had many voice acting contract and featured in several TV series and drama.

Transition to Adult Roles and Directing Roles

Freddie took on more tasking adult roles by playing Norman Bates in “Bates Motel.” which led him to win a People’s Choice Award along with numerous nominations for other awards. Also, Freddie started directing for the first time, after advancing in adult roles.

He started with a number of episodes of “Bates Motel.” Freddie kept on evolving as he succeeded as a screenwriter. After another film role in “The Journey,” Freddie booked the lead role in “The Good Doctor.” Through effectively playing his role, he was nominated for a Golden Globe in 2017 applauding his performance.

A more recent of Freddie’s career advancement is the 2021 movie produced by him titled “The Vault”. Nevertheless, Freddie’s role in most movies raised several questions on people’s minds and several critics. For instance, some of his roles in Bates Motel affected the reputation of his Christian parent. This led to a partial disown as his mother had to forbid him from calling her mom in the same year.

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Is Freddie Highmore Gay?- Relationship and Sexuality of Freddie Highmore

Ever since Freddie started acting in more intriguing movies and series, a lot of questions arose from all nook and crannies, especially regarding his sexuality. Questions like, Is Freddie Highmore gay?  became the most obvious in the minds of everyone.

Just so we don’t deviate from the subject, let’s look again at the word gay. Gay is a term that primarily refers to a homosexual person. A homosexual is someone with romantic attraction, sexual attraction, or sexual behavior toward members of his same-sex or gender. From this, we can place a major feature of a gay to be the sexual attraction to same-sex.

Freddie doesn’t seem to care about the conflicting questions about his sexuality. Perhaps this is because of his reserved personality who seems to enjoy his private life. Nevertheless, in 2006 Freddie dated Sarah Bolger, an Irish actress for at least three years.

A more noticeable relationship was in 2009 between Freddie and actress Dakota Fanning. Furthermore, an American actress Abigail Breslin was noted to be in a relationship with Freddie in 2016.

Although people are of the opinion that Freddie relationships were purely work relationship, but it should call for reasoning. No one knows the reason behind the failures in the past three relationships of Freddie, but what type of work relationship can last for 3 years as with between Freddie and Sarah Bolger?. Thus sexually Freddie is attracted to women, and perhaps star actresses and this supports the fact that he is not a gay. So from all indication Freddie Highmore is heterosexual and not a gay.

Social Life of Freddie Highmore

As shocking as it sounds especially when it has to do with someone who has won many international awards courtesy of his diverse roles, Freddie does not use social media. Although he has a verified Twitter and Instagram accounts but doesn’t have any posts or tweets. Moreover, he is not following anyone.

In addition, in an interview session, Freddie revealed his biggest phobia on “Kimmel”. According to him, he is afraid of being put on the “kiss cam”. That may sound very funny especially for someone who played a role in many intriguing emotional movies and drama.

Hobbies of Freddie Highmore

Freddie even from his childhood enjoys traveling.  He had always said that he’d like to travel around the world, and more specifically see the world’s rainforests. In addition, Freddie in his spare time gets much inspirited with music. As an accomplished musician, he enjoys spending time playing his clarinet or guitar.

Furthermore, Freddie is also a massive supporter of football. At his comforts, he watches soccer especially when it is his club Arsenal playing. In fact, when in interviews Freddie often finds himself off course talking about Arsenal and football.


Freddie had not made any comment regarding his sexuality or other aspects of his life. Nevertheless, colleagues and friends around him often testify about Freddie’s charisma and focus personality.

Notably, he sustains a positive relationship with those around him. Freddie is driven by inner desires to satisfy the eyes of fans with worthy drama series. That’s why his talents and charisma have undoubtedly earned him several accolades and awards and even more to come.