June 20, 2024
Emily Ratajkowski parents

If you mention a top model in the world right now, you will list Emily Ratajkowski, and the evidence is there for all to see. But, what you may not know is Emily Ratajkowski parents are the ones who helped them become who she is today. Isn’t that a breath of relief?

Ratajkowski isn’t just known for her unmistakable beauty; she is also very popular on social media, primarily because of her unique content. In all of these, Emily Ratajkowski parents are to be appreciated for spotting her talents early enough and knowing what to do to help their daughter become the global star she is today.

Emily Ratajkowski parents'
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There aren’t many top magazines that Emily hasn’t graced the cover of. If you call her a supermodel, then she is. The name Emily Ratajkowski is a powerhouse in the fashion industry. While she has a grandstanding in the fashion world, this didn’t come to her on a platter of gold. Emily worked for where she is right now. How did Emily become so popular? 

Some circumstances sometimes are almost not noticeable that bring one into global fame. For Ratajkowski, her appearance in Robin Thicke’s music video Blurred Lines. We would later learn that Thicke sexually harassed her in the video shooting. Anyways, the question remains, how did Emily Ratajkowski parents influence her to be on this career path?

A Look At The Superstar Model, Emily Ratajkowski

Emily was born in Westminster, London, on July 7, 1991, to school art teacher John David Ratajkowski and college professor Kathleen Anne Bagley. While Emily was born in London, her parents relocated to the United States shortly after birth. This means Emily grew up in California. The model has several descents, including Polish, German, Irish, Jewish, English. This explains the facial appearance of the beautiful model. Growing up, Emily played soccer; she learned how to dance, she also learned to dance ballet. But, her priority even as a young girl was to appear on T.V. and in magazines. 

Her father, an artist, influenced Emily, as she was exposed to photography and art. Seeing different pictures of models, Ratajkowski aspired to become one someday. What did they say about dreams again? Even with these lofty dreams at the time, Emily still took her education seriously, well, for a while.

She had her high school education at San Dieguito Academy before attending UCLA in 2009. But, her time at UCLA was short-lived. She dropped out and her excuse, almost laughable, was that she didn’t think she could make friends. Well, thankfully, Emily Ratajkowski parents understood her course. 

Emily Ratajkowski parents
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Emily Was Signed Up As A Model

When Emily was 14, Ford Models signed her. She started with commercials for some companies before modeling for German companies, Nordstrom and Kohl. She would be featured in some not as huge magazines, but it was a starting place. 

Is Emily in A Relationship?

Oh yes. Ratajkowski is in a happy relationship with Sebastian Bear-McClard. The union has produced a child, Sylvester. However, it isn’t much known about the baby. Also, the marriage details between Ratajkowski and Bear-McClard are not totally in the open. What the couple has done is keep things private. 

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Robin Thicke Music Video Blurred Lines Brought Ratajkowski To Limelight

Juggle your memory of that video. Okay, there is YouTube. You can check out Robin Thicke’s music video for Blurred Lines. Yes, that lady that was the center of attention of men. That’s Emily Ratajkowski in all her glory. The footage shot her to fame, and she became a sex symbol in no time. Magazines and modeling agencies approached her for collaborations. Emily Ratajkowski became an overnight success. How do you finish above Jennifer Lawrence as Woman of the Year because of a video where you were a vixen? Well, that’s the power of a beautiful face! 

Meet Emily Ratajkowski Parents

Emily’s parents are scholars in their own right. Her mother, Kathleen Anne Balgley, is a literature professor at the University of California. She won the Fulbright Scholarship to teach American literature in Poland from 1987 to 1988, so, yeah, there is a lot of experience there. On the other hand, Emily’s father, John David Ratajkowski, used to be a high school art teacher. However, he later became an artist and had several high-profile clients. John David has several of his works spread across Europe and the world. 

Emily Ratajkowski Parents: Her Mother Has An Obsession.

What if we told you that before the birth of Emily, her parents were on the verge of a breakup. They couldn’t proceed with the breakup after learning that a child was incoming. So, the couple had to stay with each other till Emily was born. After her birth, you would think they would reconsider the breakup idea; well, they didn’t. Kathleen was beautiful when she was much you get and seeing her daughter grow up into a fine woman; she became obsessed with her beauty. Emily told People Magazine that her birth was the glue that brought her parents together. 

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Emily Ratajkowski parents
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Emily Ratajkowski parents’ choice of helping and guiding their daughter on the path of what she wanted to do is the total definition of parenting. Emily must be proud of them.