July 22, 2024
Elizabeth Ashley Wharton

When you are the child of one of the biggest musicians on the planet, you will have fame come to you naturally. But when you are the only child of a famous personality, you are like an egg and most importantly exposed to the best things in life early. This is the case of Elizabeth Ashley Wharton, the daughter of Vince Neil.

It shouldn’t sound like an out of the blues thing if you find out that like her father Elizabeth is also a musician. In this article, we will be examining all the details concerning Elizabeth Ashley Wharton and open up all the facts about her. 

Quick Facts About Elizabeth Ashley Wharton

  • Name: Elizabeth Ashley Wharton
  • Birthday: October 29, 1983
  • Birthplace: United States of America
  • Nationality: American 
  • Ethnicity: White
  • Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
  • Profession: Musician
  • Parents: Vince Neil & Beth Lynn
  • Hair Color: Blonde
  • Eye Color: Hazel

Who is Elizabeth Ashley Wharton?

Elizabeth was born to Vince Neil and Beth Lynn on October 29, 1983, in the United States of America. Details about her upbringing aren’t all that available on the internet. But we know her parents divorced two years after her birth in 1985. 

Elizabeth grew up with her half-siblings from her father’s previous relationships. For instance, her half-sibling Neil Jason was a child her father had from his relationship with a girlfriend called Tami. He was born on October 3, 1978. Her other half-sibling is Skyler Lynnae who was born on March 26, 1991. Unfortunately, she died due to cancer on August 15, 1,995 at just four years of age. This means Elizabeth grew up for most of her life with only one half-sibling. 

The Early Career of Elizabeth Ashley Wharton

Elizabeth Ashley always had that music tendency from her younger years. The reason is not hard to come by. Her father is a musician in and out, so her picking up the vibes from her father is kinda expected. There is no particular information about the exact time she started out but today, Elizabeth is a member of the band Mahou Shoujo of Gore. She does vocals, plays the bass guitar. 

Who is Elizabeth Ashely Wharton’s Father Vince Neil?

Vince Neil is a member of the heavy metal band Motley Crue. He joined this band in 1981. It was the same year he became the husband of Elizabeth’s mother Beth Lynn. Neil got his first recording gig with the band when they released their debut album Too Fast For Love in 1981. The band roared to success with many hit albums and singles, winning awards along the way. Today, Vince Neil is revered in that genre, highly. 

The Rocky Marriage of Elizabeth Ashley Wharton’s Parents

Even though Vince Neil had success with his band, his home crashed. After just four years of marriage, both Neil and Beth Lynn decided to put an end to their marriage via a divorce. After the finalization of the divorce, Elizabeth chose to live with his mother for most of her years growing up. However, she did get to visit her father occasionally. 

Elizabeth Ashley Wharton Has a Half-brother Who Sings

Elizabeth’s half-brother Neil Jason Wharton is a musician. He is a lead member of his Crue tribute band, Rock ‘n’ Roll Junkkies. He has Steven Talbot, Patrick Labuda, and Matty Vincent in his band. 

Elizabeth Ashley Wharton
Elizabeth’s father, Vince Neil: Image source

Who is Elizabeth Ashley Wharton Married To?

Yes, Elizabeth is married to the love of her life. The name of her husband is Will Loomis. We do not know when they met but today the two are happily married. Reports say the couple dated for four years before they finally decided to tie the knot.

The couple had their wedding ceremony at the exquisite Four Seasons Biltmore in Santa Barbara, where they exchanged their vows on October 15, 2014, in front of their friends and family. They had one of the best DJs, DJ Darla Bea, to play at their wedding. 

Elizabeth Ashley Wharton Divorced?

It is six years now and the couple is still waxing strong in their marriage. The two look like the perfect match as they have been able to balance their personal and professional lives together without giving too much away. 

Does the Couple Have Children?

Oh well, they haven’t had any children. We believe it is a joint decision by both of them to put a hold on kids for now. Maybe they will decide to have children in the future, we don’t know yet, but the choice is theirs to make. 

Elizabeth Ashley is the Bassist for Her Husband’s Band

Elizabeth’s husband has a band. The name of the band is Loomis & the Lust, a pop-rock band based in California. The band came into existence in 2008. The band has released several songs like Bright Red Chords which won MTV’s “Freshman” music video award. Ashley regularly shares snippets of her songs on her social media handles. 

What is Elizabeth Ashley Wharton Net Worth?

Elizabeth Ashley net worth is obviously from her music career. Reliable sources postulate that her net worth is $200,000. Her father, Vince Neil, has a whopping net worth of $50 million. 

Elizabeth Ashley Wharton
Elizabeth’s husband, Will Loomis: Image source


Elizabeth Ashley Wharton is having the most out of life and is happy with her relationship. So far, there is no news of breaking up with her husband whom she shares the stage with. While they may not have children yet, they still have time on their side and if they decide not to, then it is still their decision and we wish them all the best.