July 22, 2024
cheslie kryst parents

When the news of former Miss USA Cheslie Kryst’s suicide surfaced, the world was shocked. Finally, here was a 30-year-old who had the world at her feet and was doing fine till the horrible incident. But no one would have been more devastated than Cheslie Kryst parents.

It must have hit them badly because, according to Rodney Kryst, Cheslie’s father, his daughter was not into drugs, and the whole suicide thing must have been a result of depression. So while fans mourn Cheslie’s death, we will be looking at who her parents are. 

cheslie kryst parents
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People saw the Instagram post made by Cheslie on the morning of the incident and took it as one of those celebrity messages. Little did they know that it would be the last message from Cheslie. Again, this is a reminder that people go through a lot behind the scenes, and sometimes what we see on the gram doesn’t show the actual state of something. There have been cases like this where people take their lives or overdose on drugs to drown the depression they feel. Cheslie Kryst’s parents must be having a hard time coming to terms with this realization. 

Who Are Cheslie Kryst Parents?

Cheslie Kryst’s mother is a well-known personality in the HR space. She is also a top voice on LinkedIn. Cheslie’s mother’s name is April Simpkins. She is a professional speaker, Chief Human Resources Officer, and an HR consultant with more than 30 years of experience in her field.

She is revered by her peers and many people in her field worldwide. Her LinkedIn page shows that she is the current Chief Human Resources Officer of TotalHR. This company is dedicated to ensuring small and medium-sized businesses have proper HR. 

April Simpkins also has a business of hers. She is the founder of Thrive Recruiting and Development. 

Cheslie Kryst’s father, Rodney Kryst, on the other hand, is a former bodybuilder. There aren’t so many details about him. Rodney prefers to keep his details private. In an interview, Cheslie revealed that her father introduced her to athletics. In her words, “My dad introduced me to athletics. He took my siblings and me to the track every weekend when we were young when we didn’t want to. And he told us endless stories of his body-building days.”

Cheslie Kryst Parents: Her Mother Was Also A Model

It is true that Cheslie Kryst, before her death, was a former Miss USA. But, as they say, a leaf doesn’t fall far away from the tree. Cheslie’s mother was also a model, which perhaps inspired her daughter to follow that path. April Simpkins was once a state pageant champion herself. She was Mrs. North Carolina in 2002.

Cheslie has often called her mother an inspiration, “My mom is my role model. I always look up to her and ask her for her advice,” she said in an interview. The late TV host said her mother inspired her to follow the pageant career. Watching her mother win and following her to several shows because of her reign as Mrs. North Carolina pushed her to want to achieve what her mother did achieve and even do better. 

Cheslie Kryst Dies At 30

Unfortunately, depression got the better of Cheslie Kryst. On January 30, 2022, news filtered that Cheslie had committed suicide after jumping from her Manhattan block down. Police found her body on the morning of January 30, just outside the Orion condominium building. She lived on the ninth floor, and the theory is she jumped from there. 

It was a rather painful death, considering Kryst was only just in her thirties. Interestingly, she was doing fine in her career as she worked with a TV station before her horrific death. Again, this shows that people aren’t what they go through; some have a way of masking their pain; a typical example of this is Cheslie Kryst.

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While the first assumption of the cause of death said it was a suicide, police investigations have commenced confirming the integrity of the death. Hopefully, if anyone is behind the death, the person will be brought to justice. 

Cheslie Kryst Suffered From High Functioning Depression

Cheslie’s father recently revealed that his daughter suffered from high functioning depression, which she didn’t tell anybody till almost her death. 

cheslie kryst parents
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Cheslie Kryst Parents Released a Statement

The Kryst family released a joint statement after her demise, expressing their shock and sadness over her death. You can read the complete statement here.


It must be really hard for Cheslie Kryst’s parents to take their daughter’s death. However, we hope that they get the fortitude to bear the loss.