Where Is Candy Montgomery Now? Everything We Know About Her Life After Acquittal

Where is Candy Montgomery now? Candy Montgomery is the human definition of” frIends can break your heart too” Even though she claims that the murder of  Betty Gore, was self-defense, it doesn’t change the fact that her motives for Betty were shady still. Candy and Betty were best friends. They met at the Methodist Church of Lucas in their local community.   And as time went by, their friendship blossomed and their families grew into each other. 

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Somehow,  Candy managed to ruin their friendship by having an affair with Betty’s husband. The icing on the cake was when she murdered Betty.   After so much back and forth during the trial, a judgment was reached and Candy was acquitted on grounds of self-defense. Ever since then, she adopted a low profile. But ever since Hulu released  Candy earlier this year. The recurring question from viewers is, where is candy? 

Candy Claimed She Killed Betty Gore In Self Defense 

Candy’s lawyer was Don Crowder, a law firm partner who attended the same church as Betty and herself. It was Crowder who brought it to the notice of the court that Candy couldn’t remember the unfortunate incident. According to her, this was because of a dissociative reaction that was triggered by trauma. To this end, Candy was subjected to multiple lengthy hypnosis sessions with psychologist Dr. Fred Fason to extract her memory. 

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Eventually, she confessed to killing Betty in self-defense. She said that she had dropped by Betty’s house to pick up a swimsuit for betty’s daughter who was at a sleepover at her place then she accosted her of her affair with her husband.  Given that the affair was a long time ago, Candy told her the truth which led to a change of events. Betty went into the room and brought out an ax to hurt Candy. Then in self-defense, Candy struck Betty with an ax 41 times, with close to 30 blows landing on her head.

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Where Is  Candy Montgomery now: She Was  Acquitted By A Jury’s Verdict 

After eight days of trial,  Candy was acquitted by a jury made up of nine women and three men.  the verdict was that she was not guilty.  Apart from Texas stand your ground law that permits the use of deadly force to prevent a violent crime, Candy was able to get acquitted by the Jury in less than 3hours because the Victim( Betty) was the owner of the weapon.

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Where Is Candy Montgomery Now?

Shortly after she was acquitted which brought her trial to an end,  Candy relocated to Texas but eventually settled down in Georgia where she adopted a private life with her daughter Jenny.   According to The Daily Mail reports, Candy Montgomery changed her name to her maiden name, Candace Wheeler. She also worked as a mental health therapist. 

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 Where is Candy Montgomery now? Almost 40 years since Candy committed the crime and she has refused to say anything about it. The producers of the Hulu show didn’t contact her or Betty’s family either. 

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