Brooke Daniells Networth, Career, Marriage and Children

Brooke Daniells is famous because of her relationship with star actress Catherine Bell. The two have been living together since 2012. They found a way of announcing that they were in a relationship when the LGTBQ was slowly gaining ground. Even though the revelation meant that the couple faced disagreement from family and friends, the lesbian couple has been happy together.

Interestingly, the couple had been married to men before they finally hooked up and fell in love. In addition, both have had divorces before they found each other. So, two people share similar experiences and find solace in each other while also finding love.

Who is Brooke Daniells, Catherine Bell’s Lover?

The early background of Brooke Daniells is still not revealed. But we know she was born in the 1970s. Today that would mean she is in her fifties. Hopefully, if more information comes out, we will update this article. She had her education from Sam Houston State University, where she earned a degree in psychology.
Daniells is a renowned photographer. But, that is not all about her. She is also a producer, a former model, and an actress. So, she has quite a portfolio.

Is Brooke Daniells An Actress?

Though not as popular as her spouse, Brooke Daniells has featured in some low-budget movies. One of the most memorable of them all is the 2009 indie drama Change of Life. The beautiful woman is also a writer and a producer.

Who is Catherine Bell?

Bell is known for her role as Denise Sherwood in the dramatic ABC series Army Wives. However, fans remember her fiery role as Lieutenant Colonel Sarah MacKenzie in the hugely popular television series JAG. JAG ran from 1997 to 2005. Bell was born to an Iranian mother, Mina Ezzati, and a Scottish father, Peter Bell. Her parents met in the United Kingdom. Sadly, her parents divorced when she was only two years old. This meant she grew up with her mother and maternal grandparents. Growing up, Bell was exposed to Catholicism, Islam, and Baptist.
To date, Bell has appeared in quite a several movies, including all of The Good Witch franchise.

Who Was Catherine Bell Married To?

Bell fell in love with Adam Beason when they met on the 1992 film Death Becomes Her. Two years later, they married each other. They had two children – Gemma and Ronan. However, after several years of being married, the couple filed for divorce. The divorce was finalized in 2011.

How Did Catharine Bell and Brooke Daniells Meet?

After the divorce, there was one person in Bell’s life, Brooke Daniells. Both were Scientologists, and in no time, Bell moved in to live with Daniells. The house Bell moved into was remodeled, with the bills paid by her. Bell and her children moved into a single-story ranch house in 2012.

Relationship Between Catherine Bell and Brooke Daniells

Trust the media to speculate when Bell moved into Daniells’ house. The news was everywhere that Bell was dating Daniells. The couple didn’t come out to debunk or refute the claims. However, they were always seen together holding hands, which cleared their doubts about having an ongoing relationship.
As for Brooke Daniells, rumors abound that she married a soldier before. But we cannot ascertain if this is true as Daniells is very private about her personal life.

The Couple Have Two Children Each

After their respective divorce, both Bell and Daniells were in the custody of their kids. Bell has two, while Daniells also has two children from their previous relationships. Fortunately for the lesbian couple, their children have bonded with each other. However, the kids still get to spend time with their fathers.

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What is Brooke Daniells Net Worth?

Brooke Daniells is currently worth $1 million, according to multiple sources. Her partner, on the other hand, is worth 15 times more.

Brooke Daniells
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Both Brooke Daniells and her partner Catherine Bell have found a way to remain private about their personal lives. Information about how them is rare to find on the internet. They have found a way to insulate themselves from trolls and social media bullies. Hopefully, they are doing well, and they are forging ahead in their careers.