Brian Kilmeade Wife: Who Is Dawn Kilmeade? 

Who is Brian Kilmeade wife? For many fans of the Fox & Friends show, you cannot overemphasize the longevity of Brian Kilmeade in the news business. The star has been on Fox News since 1997. He first started with co-hosts like Steve Doocy and Ainsley Earhardt every morning. But ever since then, he has grown and now owns his own Fox News Talk Radio show, Kilmeade and Friends, every day except weekend. Brian Kilmeade’s wife, Dawn Kilmeade, became famous due to her husband’s fame. 

brian kilmeade wife
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Who is Brian Kilmeade Wife? 

Dawn Kilmeade was born on April 17, 1964, in New York, United States of America. She had her degree from New York University. There are many things about her husband, but details about Dawn are scanty and rare to find on the internet. She would rather stay off the media and support her husband in the eyes of the public. Dawn was born to Diane DeGaetano, the mother. However, information about her father is unknown. But, we know she didn’t grow up alone as she had a sibling, Denise Durso. Dawn and her husband live with their three kids in Massapequa on Long Island. 

When Did Brian and Dawn Kilmeade Marry?

While it is relatively hard to find information on the private life of Brian Kilmeade and his wife, we know via his IMDb profile that they married on December 3, 1993. However, we do not know how long they dated or how many years they were together before they were finally married. The union has produced three children; Bryan, who is 25; Kristyn, 20, and the last child Kaitlyn, 18. Bryan is a graduate of Syracuse University, as his LinkedIn bio states. He also has a degree in Sports Management. Kaitlyn, I’m the other hand, is a music enthusiast and was a member of the Body Language Dance Studio. 

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Brian Kilmeade Wife: Where is She Now?

Dawn Kilmeade has tried her best to stay out of the limelight and would rather stay behind the curtains. No one knows what she does, but we know she and Brian are still married. Brian Kilmeade wife is an understanding woman. Having a husband who is always on the move and seldom has time for the family must be challenging, but she has played the role of a homemaker well, which is the hallmark of a woman who understands the family bond. 

What is Brian Kilmeade’s Net Worth?

According to several sources, Brian Kilmeade has a net worth of $2.5 million. Brian over the years has trained to be a news anchor. He has always had the dream of becoming one of the leading news anchor since he was a child. He steadily grew in his career, starting as a reporter before climbing the ladders to where he is today. Kilmeade made his money from working as a news anchor on one of the biggest TV networks in America. He has businesses and also invest every now and then.

brian kilmeade wife
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Though she isn’t a public figure herself, Brian Kilmeade’s wife, Dawn Kilmeade, has warmed her way to the hearts of Brian’s fans. 

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