8 Quick Facts About Ava Maybee Parents

Like most parents, Ava Maybee parents have the most influence on her. Ava Maybee is currently in the top 14 of the  American Idol haven charmed viewers with her iconic voice and unconventional song choices. During the top 20 rounds, Ava blew our minds away with her audacious renditions of Demi Lovatos Anyone, which became a defining moment of her talent and prospect on the show.

Ava Maybee
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While she seems to be on a streak swooning both fans and judges like pop Singer Katy Perry. Ava is in for a royal rumble with the other 13 top contenders who are also noble talents and deserving of the win too.

But not worry, Ava Maybee parents, particularly her father, rock and roll legend Chad Smith, have set her up for success. However, without her parent’s input, There is no doubt that Ava will not win as she is ostensibly talented. Hence this article will divulge 8 quick facts about  Ava Maybee parents and how they have been instrumental to her musical career success. 

1. Who Are Ava Maybee Parents?

Ava Maybee parents are  Chad Smith and Trisha Cardosoher.  They gave birth to Ava On February 19, 2001.

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2. Ava Maybee’s Father Is A Legendary Drummer 

Ava’s father, Chad Smith, has been a drummer for the award-winning band Red Hot Chilli Peppers since 1988. He is an impeccable drummer. Ava’s father is also famous for his charisma and unique finesse on the drums worldwide. 

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3. Ava Maybee’s Mother Is A Philanthropist 

While Ava and her father, Chad Smith, her musical geniuses, Ava’s mother, Trisha Cardoso, is an empath who loves to give to society. Trisha is a philanthropist with the Chuck Lorre Family Foundation. However, not so many details are known about her; you can also read the little known in her  Bio. 

4. Ava’s Father Is Her Biggest Cheerleader

Though the love they share and experience is a natural phenomenon as they are bound by blood. Ava’s father doesn’t take it lightly. He is intentional about her and loves her fiercely too. He takes his time to coach her and influence her rightly in her musical career, setting her up for success.  Ava’s father also goes the extra mile to rally votes from his fans on social media for her.

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5. Ava’s Mother Helps Her Through Stage Frights  By Encouraging Her

Being a public figure in any capacity can sometimes be daunting with occasional whiffs of stage frights. In Ava’s case, Her mother usually helps her get through it by encouraging and reassuring her, as she did on the American Idol.  Every step of the way in her musical career, her mother is always there to walk her through her emotions and boost her confidence. Ava’s mom has had a significant influence on the musical journey of her daughter. And just like her husband, Trisha harnesses her social currency to buy votes for her fans for Ava. 

6. Ava Maybee Parents Are Certain She Would Win The American Idol

There is a stereotype about kids with already established parents like Ava Maybee parents in the entertainment industry. People often believe that their parents call all the shots, and often times they get favors and deals based on affiliations.

The reverse is the case for Ava. While her parents strongly believe in her and her talents. Ava likes to earn her victories independently. And notwithstanding, her parents are certain she would win the American Idol. Even her band members attest to the fact that she is hardworking to a fault and doesn’t rely on her father’s influence. 

7. Ava Maybee Parents Are Divorced

Despite being divorced, Ava Maybee’s parents put their differences aside regarding issues concerning her. However, before Ava’s father, Chad Smith, met and married her mother, Trisha. He had been married has been previously married twice. His first marriage was to Maria St. John in 1996. Then the second one with Justin Smith. Then after his divorce from Ava’s mother, Trisha Cardoso, he married his current wife, architect Nancy Mack. 

Ava Maybee parents
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8.  Ava Maybee’s Father Has 6 children From His Blended Family

Apart from Ava Maybee, her father has 5 other children from his previous and current marriages. His first child is Manon from his first marriage, then Justin Smith from his second marriage. Ava Maybee is his third child from his third marriage. While his last and current marriage of almost 20 years produced his last three daughters, Beckett, Dashiell, and Cole.

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The family is the smallest and strongest unit of society. A good family with supportive [[arents like Ava Maybee parents is a treasure that should be forever cherished. While they pour in all the love and support, she needs to win. It is also certain Ava adores her parents as much too. 

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