May 24, 2024
Arthur Clutterbuck

Arthur Clutterbuck

Arthur Clutterbuck is famous for being the son of a popular English actor, Andrew Lincoln, and Gael Anderson (his mother). He was born in London in 2010. Arthur’s father, Andrew Lincoln, is famous for his portrayal of Rick Grimes in AMC’s The Walking Dead. In addition, Arthur Clutterbuck has an older sister named Matilda Clutterbuck, and James Anderson is his great-grandfather. Andrew Lincoln and Gael Anderson married on June 10, 2006, in New York City.

Quick facts about Arthur Clutterbuck

  • Full Name: Arthur Clutterbuck
  • Nickname: Arthur
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Birthplace: London
  • Ethnicity: White
  • Nationality: American

Arthur Clutterbuck’s Education

Arthur Clutterbuck is of English, Irish, Scottish, and Afrikaner ancestry, and his nationality is English. There is currently no information about Arthur Clutterbuck’s education. However, we believe he is in elementary school based on his age.

Arthur Clutterbuck’s Net Worth

Although Arthur Clutterbuck does not have a net worth, his father, Andrew Lincoln, does. Andrew Lincoln has a net worth of over $16 million.

Arthur Clutterbuck’s Career

Arthur Clutterbuck is far too young for a job. So he’s having a good time with his folks. Because he is the son of a renowned father, he has become a well-known celebrity child. 

Who is Arthur Clutterbuck’s Father

Andrew James Clutterbuck, better known by his stage name Andrew Lincoln, is an English actor born on September 14, 1973. His first notable part was in the BBC drama This Life (1996–1997) when he played the character Egg.

Lincoln went on to play Simon Casey in the Channel 4 sitcom Teachers (2001–2003), Mark in the romantic comedy Love Actually (2003), and Dr. Robert Bridge in the ITV series Afterlife (2005–2006).

In 2010, Arthur Clutterbuck’s father gained international fame as Rick Grimes, the protagonist of AMC’s hit post-apocalyptic horror television series, The Walking Dead. Lincoln won the Saturn Award for Best Actor on Television for his portrayal of Rick Grimes in 2015 and 2017. He left The Walking Dead cast in 2018 but is set to reprise his role as Rick in a trilogy of The Walking Dead films to be released by Universal Pictures.

Early life

Arthur Clutterbuck’s father was born in London, son of a South African nurse and an English civil engineer. When he was 18 months old, his family relocated to Hull and then to Bath, Somerset, when he was eight or nine years old. He went to Beechen Cliff School, where he played The Artful Dodger in a school production of Oliver at age 14.

He cited John Scrine and Tony Lawdham as two of his most inspiring professors. After graduating from high school, he attended the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA) theatre school and adopted the stage name “Andrew Lincoln.” 


Arthur Clutterbuck’s father made his first on-screen appearance in the Channel 4 sitcom Drop the Dead Donkey episode “Births and Deaths” in 1994. Shortly after graduating from theatre school, He got his breakthrough in 1995, with his first major role was Edgar “Egg” Cook, one of the main characters in the popular BBC drama “This Life.”

He starred in a variety of British television dramas and series, including The Woman in White, The Canterbury Tales, and Wuthering Heights, most famously as probationary teacher Simon Casey in the Channel 4 sitcom Teachers.

Lincoln featured alongside Vanessa Paradis in Pascal Chaumeil’s Heartbreaker and acted in other films such as Human Traffic and Gangster No. 1. His portrayal of Mark in the 2003 film Love helped him receive more attention. Lincoln has also been in plays such as Hushabye Mountain in 1999, Blue/Orange in 2000 and 2001, The Late Henry Moss in 2006, and The Parlour Song in 2009, as well as radio projects.

He’s done voice-overs for documentaries, commercials, and government campaigns, among other things. In 2004, he received a BAFTA nomination for Best New Director (Fiction) for two episodes of the third season of Teachers.

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Walking Dead

Arthur Clutterbuck’s father was cast as Rick Grimes in AMC’s live-action television series adaptation of the post-apocalyptic horror comic book “The Walking Dead” in April 2010. Grimes is a sheriff’s deputy who wakes up in the middle of a zombie apocalypse caused by an unknown pathogen after a month in a coma.

He is then compelled to lead a group of relatives and friends in a never-ending battle against flesh-eating zombies and hostile humans. Lincoln signed a six-year contract with the show in 2010. After that, he renegotiated a contract for two more seasons. On November 4, 2018, Lincoln made his final appearance on the show, stating that he wanted to spend more time with his children.

Following Lincoln’s departure from The Walking Dead, Scott M. Gimple started on The Walking Dead that Lincoln would reprise his role as Rick Grimes in a trilogy of feature-length films released by Universal Pictures in theaters. Sadly, the film was postponed due to the continuing COVID-19 outbreak.

Lincoln’s work on The Walking Dead also gained great acclaim. TVLine named him “Performer of the Week” in 2012 and 2015 for his roles in the fourth episode of season 3 (“Killer Within”) and the fifteenth episode of season 5 (“Try”), respectively. In regards to Lincoln’s performance on the campaign trail, “We always knew Lincoln could play the living daylights out of anything that was thrown at him,” TVLine said.

But it wasn’t until last week’s episode of The Walking Dead that we realized he could act his way from A to Z in under an hour; Lincoln’s performance in the first episode of season seven, according to Jacob Stolworthy of The Independent, was “amazing.”

Personal Life

Lincoln married Gael Anderson, the daughter of Ian Anderson, Jethro Tull’s flutist and vocalist, on June 10, 2006. Matilda, their first child, was born in 2007. Two years later, Arthur was born. 

As a child, he went to Bath High School and was friends with Paul Tisdale, the former Exeter City manager. Lincoln also stated in 2017 that “Paul Tisdale happens to be one of my oldest and closest friends. So I’ve been following him closely throughout his career and am incredibly proud of him. ” 

Who is Arthur Clutterbuck’s Mother

Arthur Clutterbuck’s mother, Gael Anderson, is the daughter of Ian Anderson, a Scottish musician who is a member of the British rock band “Jethro Tull.” Also, she is the wife of Andrew Lincoln, a well-known English actor. Gael has worked on several films and television shows as part of the crew.

She also appeared in a couple of 1970s movies. Gael has been married to Andrew for over a decade and has two gorgeous children with him. She is now a stay-at-home mom who looks after the family.

Birth & Education

Arthur Clutterbuck’s mother was a British actress who was born in the 1970s. However, her precise date of birth is unknown. Ian Anderson, Gael’s father, is a singer, songwriter, musician, and multi-instrumentalist from Scotland. He is also a member of ‘Jethro Tull,’ a British rock band. Shona Learoyd, Gael’s mother, is a stay-at-home mom. Shona is Ian’s second wife, having married him in 1976. 

James Duncan Anderson, Gael’s younger brother, is also a musician. He is a founding member of the ‘Hole Agency,’ a company representing various artists. Like his father, James is a member of ‘Jethro Tull.’ Gael went to Thatcham, England’s ‘Downe House School.’


Gael got her start in the film industry. However, she has worked mainly as a random crew member in films throughout her career. Gael had a brief appearance in the 1972 film ‘Gone Up North for a While,’ where she made her acting debut.  She later appeared in the 1975 drama film ‘Landfall,’ playing the role of ‘Elizabeth.’

Gael then starred as a cop in the 1976 television film ‘The God Boy,’ based on Ian Cross’s novel of the same name. Gael served as a floor runner for ‘Teachers,’ a comedy-drama series that aired on ‘Channel 4’ in 2001. She’s also been a part of some other films and television shows as a crew member.

Marital Life

Gael first met Lincoln in 2001 on the television show “Teachers,” where she was a member of the supporting crew. Andrew visited the set of ‘Teachers’ often. He noticed Gael serving tea to the crew members and was immediately taken by her attractiveness.

They began dating each other following their brief encounter. After a four-year relationship, Andrew married Gael quietly on June 10, 2006, and little is known about the ceremony.