A Walk Through Ariana Biermann Life. The Story Behind Ariana’s Weight Loss

Although every character on the  Don’t Be Tardy show was top-notch. But there was something utterly different about Ariana Biermann.  Apparently,  her mother,  Kim Zolciak-Biermann from Real Housewives of Atlanta, passed down her acting talents and enchanting aura to Ariana.  Also, her father, Kroy Biermann, was also instrumental in morphing her into a smart young woman. However, in 2012,  the early years of the Bravo series, Don’t Be Tardy recounted the story of Ariana Biermann, her parents, and five siblings. Ariana was a growing girl.    

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The show lasted for 8 seasons, through which fans watched Arian Biermann grow into a delectable young lady alongside her sister, Brielle Biermann.  She is currently studying Business administration and Fashion at Savannah College of Art and Design. 

For some reasons best known to her in recent times, Ariana lost a ton f weight that got fans talking about her in the negatives.  Kindly read this article until the end to discover the truth about Arian Biermann’s weight loss and what fans say about her. 

Ariana Biermann Loss: Does She Have A eating Disorder?

During the pandemic from 2020 to 2021, people put on both healthy and unhealthy amounts of weight. The reverse was the case for Ariana Biermann. She lost a ton of weight, tolling to almost 50 pounds in less than two years.

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Though out of concern and lack of proper explanation for her weight loss, fans, well-wishers, and naysayers came to the conclusion that Ariana had an eating disorder. Apparently, the Bravo star was pretty pissed with the rumors, and she took to her Instagram via a post to trash out the issue and put an end to the rumors. She said: 

 “I’m so over everyone acting like I lost 50 pounds overnight. I was 167 my sophomore year. 145ish my junior, started really working out, eating healthy etc. January of 2020. I am now 118 over a year and a half later. I was 125 last summer. Please stop. I do not have an eating disorder. I worked my ass off to get to where I am today. I am not sick. This is ridiculous and awful to say to someone,”

Despite her weight loss, Ariana Biermann is still as stunning as ever. She recently modeled a swimsuit dubbed  Salty K swimsuits.  Check her out on Instagram @saltykswim

How  Ariana Biermann Lost 50 Pounds In Less Than 2 years

After shutting down the rumors about having an eating disorder, Ariana Biermann further explained the strategic steps she followed to shed 50 pounds between 2020 to 2021. Below are the cogent steps the model took

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1. Ariana Exercised Rigorously

like the popular saying, if you want that summer body, you better hit the gym. In a bid to get her desired body Ariana hit the gym with full force. In an Instagram post, she said: 

“I wish I could give y’all some insane secret to get skinny overnight, but I cant; that’s not what I did. I ran 3-5 miles a day with a waist trainer on in 90-degree weather. It was hell. I went to the gym, and worked out.”

2.  The Model Observed An Intermittent Fast

Not so many people have gotten positive results from intermittent fasting. Luckily for Ariana, she happens to be amongst the few who have. While divulging her weight loss process, she freely admitted to embarking on an intermittent fast. However, she charged her fans to be patient and believe in themselves as the journey of weight loss via intermittent fasting is a process that takes time. 

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3.  She Counted Her Calories And Cut Down Junk Foods

One of the fastest ways to gain weight or control weight gain is by eating a certain amount of calories or way more than the required amount. Since Ariana wanted to lose weight, she ate less than the required calories she needed for a healthy weight.  In her own words: “ I went into a  caloric deficit”

In addition to eating fewer calories, she also began to eat healthily and stopped snacking. Ariana quit drinking Soda because the added sugar in soda causes damage. Excess sugar, particularly fructose, can cause high blood pressure and a lot of chaotic heart health conditions.  So you want to put your health first by cutting off junk foods. Ariana said:

” Bottom line: It is a process. It takes time. But believe in yourself. Do it for yourself. You got this s**t” 

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In all of these, Ariana Biermann’s parents, especially her mother, Kim Zolciak, are proud of her. She is also solidly behind her and is ready to clap back at trolls who pick on her, Ariana. In her mother’s words: “Messing with my kids is gonna be a big one, you know?”

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