April 18, 2024
anthony weiner now

So, where is Anthony Weiner now? In the United States of America, once you are convicted of being a sexual offender, the probability of getting employed reduces drastically. After the conviction of the disgraced politician, Anthony Weiner, it has become quite difficult for him to get to the position he was in. But, this is what happens when you become a sexual offender with a minor. Well, it may not be all gloom for the seven-term U.S. Representative, as he is already devising ways of using the new digital technology – Non-Fungible Token (NFTs) to make money from himself. 

anthony weiner now
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Anthony Weiner is known for inappropriate behavior. For instance, in 2011, he posted a picture of his crotch on Twitter. This led him to resign from Congress as it was a breach of the conduct of a congressman. You would have thought that would be it, and the man would have learned his lessons, but in 2013, another scandal surfaced, which all but put paid to his political ambitions. 

Anthony Weiner Sexually Accused Of Sexting A 15-Year-Old

As if revealing his crotch on a public platform wasn’t inappropriate enough, he was accused of sex chatting with a 15-year-old, unfortunately, a federal crime. To face the consequences of his action, he was sentenced to 21 months in prison for the heinous crime. Hence, this abrupt end to his ambition to become the New York mayor in 2013. Several campaigns across the country, with many believing Weiner, should not get a political position again for his sexual proclivities. Well, we await what the decision will be, now that the former U.S. representative is out of prison. 

Where is Anthony Now? He is Trying to Sell His Digital Records as NFTs

With a very tiny chance of getting a job considering his antecedents, Weiner has had to think of a way of making money. Also, with the fact that the United States policy does not favor a sexual offender. In an interview with Ben Smith of The New York Times, Weiner seriously considers selling his digital Records as NFTs. One of his digital records that could be high in demand in the Blockchain industry is his tweet that caused the meltdown of his career. The tweet can be mined into NFT. 

anthony weiner now
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Also, the technology could convert another digital record like the official search warrant to NFTs to get him money. But, that’s not all; Weiner believes he could sell the email Jon Stewart sent to him apologizing for making fun of his predicament. If he proceeds, some people would want to be the sole custodian of these records and would be willing to pay good money for them. 

Where is Anthony Weiner Now? He Stepped Down As CEO of IceStone

After finishing his prison sentence, Weiner used the whole of 2020 to run IceStone, a company specializing in making environmentally sustainable countertops. But, the former New York Mayorship contestant had to step down. His reason for stepping down is to give other people more say in the business. 

You can’t deny that Anthony is brilliant. How else would he be a seven-term U.S. Representative? So it has to be that he is good at what he does. Also, it is said that he may have his skills wasted as no one would want to associate with him considering his past. 

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Is Anthony Weiner Married? 

Anthony Weiner was married to Huma Abedin, and they have a child together. Huma stood by him throughout the accusations and disgrace until she couldn’t take it anymore. According to The New York Post, the worst happened when a picture of Anthony surfaced online, showing him lying down aroused beside their son. This came after Abedin had forgiven Weiner of the sexting scandal. However, the last straw was getting her son involved. She kicked him out of the house. 

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Today, they co-parent their son after Weiner had to join a program for sex addiction. Interestingly, Anthony and Abedin live in the same apartment but in different houses. This is for them to be able to attend to their son. 

anthony weiner now
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With Weiner’s plans to make money from NFTs, it just may open the door for people who are in the same shoes to borrow a leaf from him.