July 22, 2024
Alexandre de Meyer

Alexandre De Meyer may have designed the blueprints of the Michelin Museum, which without a doubt made him quite popular, but it was his relationship with famous actress Danielle Coulby that shot him to more fame. The French graphic artist would have just made the news for his arts but marrying a famous actress at the time projected his name more in media outlets. 

Quick Facts About Alexandre De Meyer

  • Name: Alexandre De Meyer
  • Birthplace: Voiron, France
  • Birthday: N/A
  • Profession: Graphics Designer
  • Nationality: French
  • Ethnicity: White
  • Height: 5ft 11 inches
  • Weight: 80kg
  • Hair Color: Light Brown
  • Eye Color: Dark Brown 
  • Tattoos: Yes 

Alexandre is not just a graphic designer, he is also an artist and has some of his paintings in major museums in France. Safe to say he is one hell of a creative artist and perhaps that drew Danielle Coulby to him. What did they say about artists being some of the best lovers? Well, it can be true but we know this isn’t set on stone.

Anyways, Danielle Coulby and De Meyer met and fell in love, even though it didn’t last long, but they were in love. In this article, we will examine the life of Alexandre De Meyer and his love life with Coulby. What could have gone wrong? Why did they split? Was it a case of infidelity? Or maybe they just didn’t fit anymore? Get to find all the details here.

Early Life of Alexandre De Meyer

So much information about De Meyer’s background is enshrouded in secrecy. Like, details about his parents aren’t known. Even though he has mentioned that he has a sister, there are no details about her or even any of his siblings. Alexandre De Meyer was born in the small village of Voiron, in the center of France, sometime in the 1970s. According to interviews he granted, De Meyer was raised alongside his sister by his middle-class family. From an early age, De Meyer took an interest in the arts. We do not know what high school he went to, but he studied Commerce at Lycee Édouard Herriot. When he graduated remains unknown. What a private man! 

The Early Career of Alexandre De Meyer

After recognizing that he wants to take graphic designing professionally, he decided to relocate to the United States of America. He started by working at a print shop (Going Blind). After working for a substantial number of years, he decided to go solo. He started his printing brand, owning a shop in Chicago. At his shop, he designs t-shirts, stickers, postcards, and other forms of artwork. Truth be told, he was good at what he does. His works were so good that he received a contract to supply his art to the Michelin Museum. He also designed the blueprint, so yeah, he was solid at what he does. 

Alexandre de Meyer
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Professional Career of Alexandre De Meyer

After starting on a small scale, he decided to go global by putting his art on the internet. The internet is a big place to sell your goods and the fact that the world is all interconnected makes it even easier to get your clients from any part of the world. We bet this is what made his net worth swell over the years. 

Who is Danielle Coulby?

Danielle Coulby is a 42-year-old actress famed for her role in the TV show Pickers. Aside from acting, Coulby is also a comedienne. She is also one of the major faces on the TV show, Davenport. Before getting into the media entertainment scenes, she was a professional Roller Derby player. But, when acting jobs came calling, she couldn’t resist because it was to be a job for her, but because she does have acting talents. 

Coulby isn’t just an actress, she is also a fashion designer. She has her fashion clothing line ‘4 Miles 2 Memphis’. The logo for her fashion clothing line was designed by Alexandre De Meyer. 

How did Danielle Coulby and Alexandre De Meyer Meet?

It all started from a professional deal! So, as two creatives usually do; meet and share ideas or sometimes to tie up a deal, Coulby and De Meyer met in 2011. But as fate would have it, the two developed romantic feelings for each other. They then decided to date for a few years. In 2015, the lovers tied the knot. They flaunted pictures about their love on the internet much to the drooling eyes of their respective fanbases. Before their marriage, Danielle had two kids from her previous relationship. So, they moved in to settle together in Chicago. 

Two years later, the couple separated due to irreconcilable differences. This kind of thing happens anyway. They didn’t have kids together in their short-lived marriage. 

Danielle Coulby Has Moved On.

In recent posts by Danielle Coulby, it appears that she has moved on from Alexandre De Meyer as pictures surfaced indicating she is dating a man said Jeremy Scheuch. We do not know how true this is, but the cosiness of the duo in pictures suggests there is something going down with them. As for De Meyer, we do not know if he has moved on and gotten someone else. Hopefully, the veil will be removed. 

Alexandre De Meyer’s Net Worth

Reliable sources have stated that De Meyer is worth $2 million, and that is definitely going to be because of his arts and works as a professional graphic designer. He still lives in Chicago where he runs his business.


Alexandre De Meyer and Danielle Coulby’s marriage may not have worked out, but both seem happy in what they do now. This is all that matters.