July 22, 2024

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Who is Keanu Reeves son?  Most celebrities are secretive; they do not like to reveal details about their personal lives, which is quite understandable. For this reason, random people claim to be their family members or affiliated.  Even worse, all manner of rumors gets carried about these celebrities.

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 Recently, TikTok user Dustin Tyler claimed to be Keanu Reeves’s son.  To this day, Keanu Reeves has neither come out to confirm nor discredit his claims. In this article, we will explore the truth about Keanu Reeves son and Dustin Tyler’s true identity; kindly read to the end. 

Who Is Dustin Tyler?

Dustin Tyler is a famous  36 years old TikToker born on the 13th of October 1985 in Mankato, Minnesota.  Dustin became TikTok famous during the lockdowns in July 2020.

His earliest contents were centered on making reaction videos and popular trends.  Recently, the TikToker claimed to be Keanu Reeves son. This claim has raised different reactions from Reeves fans. 

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Dustin Claims To Be Friends  With Other Celebrities 

In addition to claiming to be Keanu Reeves son, the famous 36-year-old TikToker claims to be friends with other A-list celebrities. He also claimed to have dated Ariana Grande and Taylor Swift. According to Dustin, his decision to break up with  Swift tore her heart apart and is the inspiration behind her songs, Bad Blood and We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together. Thankfully, we are not left in the dark as the singer has already revealed that she wrote these songs about Katy Perry and Jake Gyllenhaal.

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Who Is Keanu Reeves Son?

Dustin Tyler is not Keanu Reeves son, as Keanu Reeves doesn’t have any children as of 2022.  His TikTok and Instagram bio clearly states that his content consists of jokes and satire. 

Does Keanu Reeves Have Any Children?

Keanu Reeves does not have any children. Unfortunately, he had a stillborn daughter,  Ava Archer, in  2000 with his then-girlfriend Jennifer Syme, who died in a vehicle collision 2001. Jenifer drove her 1999 Jeep Cherokee into a row of parked cars en route to Marilyn Manson’s party. It is believed that she was under the influence at the time. Syme was also an actress and  Reeves personal assistant. The duo dated from 1998 to 2001, when she passed on. Since the death of Archer, there hasn’t been any news of Reeves having children.

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 Who Is Keanu Reeves Wife? 

For all we know, the actor is not married. However,  has been dating artist Alexandra Grant for a few years. Although they have been good friends since 2011, the news of their relationship became public in November 2019.

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Dustin Tyler’s claim to be Keanu Reeves son is a joke, as the multitalented actor doesn’t have any children.  

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